Our special "last day" at WDW!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by BeanoC, Jan 17, 2001.

  1. BeanoC

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    Sep 15, 2000
    I wanted to share a memory of a wonderful day from our recent trip to WDW. I am a compulsive planner, and I had EVERYTHING planned out for our first trip to the world. Every day was mapped out, PS's in place, etc. Well, we stuck to the plan pretty well, but as any of you who've been there know, plans ALWAYS get altered!

    First of all, the first evening we arrived, I turned in our tickets for the free Millennium pins... BIG mistake! :) Ok, it wasn't really, but it turned out to be expensive! All 4 of us got bitten by the Pin Trading bug! We worked on our individual collections off and on all week long! By the next to last day of our trip, we had done everything we planned to do. We went to all the parks, restaurants, shows etc. that we wanted to see. We knew we were heading home soon, and had one more day for fun! So, that night in the room, I proposed an idea for our last day. This is what we did:

    Everyone still had pins they wanted to find. So I suggested we spend the day resort-hopping and park-hopping. What fun!

    We got on the first bus that came along (an Epcot bus) from our bus stop at CBR.We went straight to the huge Pin Station there, and there were 2 Super-traders there also. After a couple of quick trades (and a Mickey Bar!), we headed for the bus stop. We jumped on a bus for DxL. This was also giving us a chance to visit many of the other Disney resorts, to help us find a place we might like to stay next time! We took a self-guided tour of this resort, and stopped by their Pin Station. We didn't score anything here. Back to the buses!
    We caught a bus for the Sports Complex. Big hit for my wife! She had been frantically searching for the 'wedding' pins, and scored 2 of them from a CM at the pin station here! We didn't stay here long, and next we caught a bus for the All Stars.
    Again, we took a self-guided tour of the resort, and stopped at each and every Pin Station throughout. My son made of couple of trades to improve his Toy Story collection :) Ok, enough of this, let's catch another bus!
    Next stop was the MK, and we went no further than the Pin Station you come to just as you get to Main Street. My daughter made a nice trade with the CM there, and we retreated to the Monorail station to go to the Poly! We looked over this beautiful resort, and visited their Pin Station too of course. Nothing here we wanted. We walked over to the GF, but didn't score any pins here either. After a brief tour of this incredible resort, we got on the Monorail there and got off at MK, where we went straight to the bus stop. First, a quick bus ride to DxL again. The next bus we got on took us to Disney Studios. We went through most all of the stores to check out the lanyards on the CM's, and managed to make 3 trades. By now it was mid-afternoon, so we decided to catch a bus for Coronado, then from there to DD. We didn't find anything at CSR, and quickly got a bus to DD, where we took a lunch break at Planet Hollywood. After a delicious lunch, we walked the entire length of DD, stopping at every store and every stand, not missing a single lanyard or station! We also allowed for a quick diversion, and had some fun in DQ! Several more trades were made here by all, and our day was all too quickly coming to an end, but we were going to make it last as long as possible! We decided we wanted to go to AK, so we would just catch the first resort bus we saw, then get on a bus from there to AK. We ended up back at the All Stars, then waited almost no time for a bus to AK! We bought some drinks there to have while we walked. We didn't score any pins here, but enjoyed our second look at this park. From here, we took a bus back to CBR, and got off at OPR rather than at our village, so we could go right to the Pin Station! My daughter made one more trade here, and that proved to be the end of our fast-paced, "See the World" pin trading day!

    We walked back to our room, and just kinda flopped down on the beds! After removing our heavy lanyards and discussing the fun day we'd had, we headed down to OPR, refillable mugs in hand, for one last dinner at WDW!

    This unplanned, spontaneous day of fun was one of the best days of our entire trip! It was full of smiles and the kids had a ball! (So did Mom and Dad). It wasn't about going on rides or waiting in any lines - it was just great family time, and we got an incredible tour of WDW :)
    It's a special memory that will makes us smile for many years. :)

    Just wanted to share it with y'all!!!!


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    Jan 8, 2000
    Yes that does sound like you made some special memories!! Thanks for sharing!

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    May 15, 2000
    Hey Ben!
    Sounds like you had an exciting day of pin trading!! I am so glad that I listened to you and didn't change my CBR ressies...I absolutely love the resort...Thanks for sharing this with us!! :)

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    Aug 18, 1999
    What a neat idea! I've heard of takng the first bus that comes along in the morning, but your entire day sounds so special! Of course, this is coming from someone who loves the idea of being spontaneous. I once took off for an amusement park about 100 miles from here, without having a clue -- other than general direction -- of where it was. You run into such neat surprises when you do the unexpected.

    Plus, some of my best memories of our December trip to WDW are of times that I was doing nothing but wandering, exploring, and talking to the CMs. They're a great group of people, aren't they?

    Thanks for sharing! If you don't mind, I think I'll steal your idea for October. Who knows where I'll end up. Wherever it is, I'll send a thought your way. (grin)

    282 days and counting (again)

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  5. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun "pin" day for all. My dd got somewhat into the pin trading but I once I traded a pin I found I didn't want to give it up. Thanks for posting!

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