Our Rock-n-Rollin’ Disney Vacation - Pre-Trip

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    May 21, 2000
    Pre-Trip Planning and Casting

    First about the title. In June, our favorite thing was Fantasmic, so we titled that trip our Fantasmic World Tour. Well, you guessed it… this time Rock n Roller Coaster ruled, so hence the title.

    This trip was kind of spur of the moment. We had just gone to WDW in June, 2000 and were planning a return trip this June, 2001. I heard about some fantastic rates at the All Stars ($49/night) and decided if we got AP’s (since going in June) this trip could be really cheap. I had also just found out that my chemo would end in December so this was a great excuse to celebrate!

    Most of you remember I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 last March. The planning for our June trip had helped keep me sane and busy during my chemo and surgeries. I was very excited to start planning another trip. Some things we really wanted to do this trip: Cinderella’s Royal Table, Illuminations Cruise, and ride more rides than in June!

    Cast of Characters:

    Me, Lisa – 31 – major planner and addicted to the DIS – spent literally hours getting my notebook in order for this trip.

    Lynn, partner – 37 – also loves Disney, just not into planning, loves that everything is all worked out and she just has to pack and go – announced on this trip that she wants to “re-do” our entire house in DISNEY!

    Emily – 3 – first trip to WDW was June 2000. She loves Tigger, Pluto, and Mickey Mouse especially. Loves to ride EVERYTHING! This time she would be tall enough to actually get some good stuff in.

    Leah – 20, my youngest sister, decided at the last minute to join us. She was going on the cheap, so didn’t do most of our dinners, but enjoyed each day in the parks with us. She was a big help with Emily and allowed Lynn and I a night out.

    Lynn and I had have both been to WDW several times with our parents when we were younger and Lynn once in college. However, June was our first time as adults with our own family. We soon realized that we were deeply addicted to Disney and wanted to plan another vacation right away. We traded our timeshare again and had a trip all set for June, 2001. That seemed so far away though, so we set out to squeeze in another trip. Lynn had some time off for MLK Day and we would work that in. The rates were incredible and this would allow us to stay onsite. Yea ! We were on our way!

    With everything planned and in order we set out Friday, June 12 to head to Charleston, SC and stay one night with my middle sister and her family. This would give us a break in driving and only 6 ½ hours to drive on Saturday.

    Next: Check-in All Star Sports, Boardwalk, ESPN

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    I hope this trip is all that you hope it to be. What a great distraction, planning a trip to Disney.

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    Jan 25, 2000
    Oh Lisa, I'm glad you are going again! I remember your trip reports from June - and I'm very glad you are doing well! Look forward to the rest of your reports!
  4. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Can't wait to read your reports. Thanks for posting!

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