Our Rock-n-Rollin’ Disney Vacation – Day 7, Wonderland Tea Party, AK, Chef Mickey’s

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    May 21, 2000
    Cast of Characters:

    Lisa , me – 31
    Lynn, partner – 37
    Emily, daughter – 3
    Leah, sister – 20

    Day 7, January 19, 2001 (Friday)

    We had trouble getting up early and could tell right away that the temps were going to be high. We found out later that a record high of 85 degrees had been hit. We went over to All Star Movies for some photo ops and to have stuffed french toast for breakfast. We then headed back to pack up for check-out tomorrow. Since we had a late breakfast, we opted not to have lunch and just snack.

    Emily went to the Wonderland Tea Party and absolutely loved it. We took pictures before we set out for Gasperilla’s (sp?) for snacks and to wait for Emily. When we returned she had a beautiful arrangement of flowers and the cutest picture of her with Alice and the Mad Hatter. She had obviously had a great time.

    There were a few things in AK that we had not made it to in this trip or June and we wanted to catch them before leaving. We rode Dinosaur – Emily and Lynn loved it, I actually thought it a little too intense. Then Emily and Lynn spent over an hour in the Dino-Dig Playground thing. I just sat and people watched and had a nice time talking to this family from Australia. We headed over to catch the last Lion King Show and were seated on the front row. Emily was asked to join the parade, but was too shy. I got to “roar” like a lion in the microphone several times – fun. We love this show and today was no exception!

    After a quick stop at the resort, we headed over to the Contemporary to catch the fireworks from the 15th floor – beautiful as always. Then it was time for our finale – dinner at Chef Mickey’s. We were seated within 5 mins (just enough time for autographs with Goofy and Donald who were waiting at the front). We absolutely love this restaurant and this night would be no exception. The food and service were great, and yes, we even bought the pictures. How many pictures of this same set do we really need?!?!

    After dinner we rode the monorail for a bit, even catching glimpses of the water parade. Emily was able to “drive” at one leg of our tour, she always enjoys this. We got out at the Poly and shopped a little, then headed back to the Contemporary. Emily had been wanting to swim, but fell asleep before we got back. We’ll squeeze it in first thing before we check out in the morning.

    Zip-a-de-doo-dah…Tip for Today: Chef Mickey’s is a great to start or end a vacation.

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    I would love to see the fireworks from the Contemporary. I'm sure they are beautiful! Poor Emily, just couldnt stay awake for that swim could she.

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    Mar 25, 2000
    We loved our dinner at Chef Mickeys. Thanks for posting!

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