Our Rock-n-Rollin’ Disney Vacation – Day 2, Cindy’s Table, MK, Chefs de France

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    May 21, 2000
    Cast of Characters:

    Lisa , me – 31
    Lynn, partner – 37
    Emily – 3
    Leah – 20

    Day 2, January 14, 2000 (Sunday)

    We had an 8:30am breakfast PS at Cinderella’s Royal Table. We arrived at TTC just before 8am and needed to exchange our AP vouchers into real passes. This took less than 5 mins and we were on our way. We took the monorail and were inside the Magic Kingdom within just a few mins. Right off the bat we saw the Main Street Vehicles and decided to ride up Main Street. This was pretty neat and Emily enjoyed watching as we got closer and closer to the castle. We spent several mins taking pictures and video in front of the castle with virtually no one in sight. Once inside the castle we gave our names and were shown in to see the Fairy Godmother. After only mins we were called to go upstairs.

    The castle was absolutely beautiful inside. We were seated and served very promptly and we all enjoyed the food. The potatoes and the stuffed french toast are high on the list for us. We also like that this restaurant is served to you and it makes things very relaxed. The characters were Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, Aladin, Jasmine, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty. Each one spent plenty of time with Emily, posing for pictures and talking for the video. Snow White’s voice is wonderful! We enjoyed this breakfast very much and I will be up early to try to get this again for our June trip.

    After breakfast we headed for FantasyLand. We rode Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Carousel, It’s A Small World, and the Tea Cups. Tweedle Dee and Dum arrived at the tea cups and tried to ride with Emily. She went nuts and wouldn’t get near them. I don’t think she really knows them. Tweedle Dum rode with Leah and we got great pictures and video. We then headed to Tomorrow Land, where in June Emily had wanted to ride the cars, but never could find the time to wait in line. With no wait we rode twice. Emily is a terrible driver. We then hit Astro Orbiter, Buzz Lightyear, Leah and Lynn did Space Mountain while I took Emily back on Buzz and the Tomorrow Land Transit Authority (which we both loved). Leah and I then traded off Emily and they headed back to Fantasy Land to hit the carousel and Dumbo again while I went with Lynn to ride Space Mountain. I had never ridden this ride and sat in the front. It was great.

    We all met back up rode Snow White, Peter Pan and It’s a Small World (again), then caught the Lion King Show. It was after noon and the park was getting a little crowded. We headed over to Adventure Land and Frontier Land catching Pirates and the train. Emily saw Splash Mountain and went crazy wanting to ride. We went to get fastpasses, but she was measured and told she was too short. I confirmed that the height requirement was 40 inches and I explained that she is over 40 inches, but they said she had to be the height of their “stick”. I fully understand about height requirements, but find it very frustrating when actually you have to be more than what is stated. It makes it difficult to explain these things to a 3 year old. We had been telling her she could ride since we knew she was over 40 inches – she had recently seen the doctor so we knew exactly how tall she was. We left with Emily crying and off to find something to distract her. We stopped in at Diamond Horseshoe Review for sandwiches – ham and turkey – fine but $17.00 to two sandwiches and a handful of chips was a bit pricey. We then got a great seat in front of Liberty Tree Tavern to view the parade. This parade was one of our favorites. Emily danced with the Lion King float and beat the drums.

    We headed back to the resort immediately after the parade to rest up for our evening in Epcot.

    We headed over to Epcot about 6pm. Leah and Emily would split up from Lynn and I at 8pm, while Lynn and I would enjoy a dinner a Chefs de France. We took the buses for this evening so Leah would have a car if she needed one once back at AS Sports. We spent a little time in Innoventions sending out postcards and then slowly walked to World Showcase. I had booked Chefs de France as a surprise for Lynn. This past year has been a bit of a struggle for us as she has tried to maintain all household duties and Emily’s care, as well as working full time while I’ve been sick. This past November we celebrated our 8 year anniversary, with no celebration. I had decided to surprise her on this trip with an anniversary ring. On Saturday when making our plans for today she figured out we were having dinner. She prodded Leah to tell her where and thus the two of them made a surprise for me, without my knowledge.

    When we arrived at Chefs the host immediately said, “Oh, we are looking for just the right spot for you, one moment”. I had asked for a seat to view Illuminations and figured that was it. Once seated we were treated like some kind of royalty. I felt this was just how the servers were at Chefs de France and really liked this place. We ordered the warm cheese appetizer (we had no idea how to eat it once it arrived, it was “wrapped” in this little “bag”), we finally figured out the “bag” was an onion peel that had been deep fried and placed on a field of greens with tomatoes and this wonderful oil based dressing. Lynn had the chicken and mashed potatoes and I had the beef tenderloin with a potato casserole. We both felt out meals were outstanding, great food, large portions and wonderful service. As we were completing our meals, Illuminations had just ended, and about 12 of the servers were heading our way. They were singing something in French and carrying this huge platter of desserts! Lynn had called ahead and told them about our celebration and they were singing something about “happy good health”. It was so sweet. Our server was Maryline (pronounced Mer-Lean) and she overhead us raving about the Chocolate Puffs and rushed us out another order – yikes! We ate for what seemed like hours and were the last to leave the restaurant. It was a wonderful night.

    We took the boat from International Gateway to the Boardwalk then caught a bus to DD, then back to AS Sports.

    Next: Animal Kingdom, Rainforest Cafe, Illuminations Cruise

    Zip-a-dee-do-dah..Tip for Today: For our Mickey wake up call, I wanted to get up earlier than I wanted Emily up. I set the alarm for us and then had Mickey call later when I knew Emily would be getting up.

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    I have to know, did you give her the ring ? :)

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    May 21, 2000
    Yes, I put in on the salt shaker and when the appetizer came, I asked her to pass me the salt. She gave me a big lecture about not salting before I tasted. She goes, "this is French food, you don't even know if it needs salt", I was laughing and finally she noticed the ring. It was a great night!!


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    Mar 25, 2000
    A great Disney day for all. Thanks for posting!
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    Jan 17, 2000
    Your reports are great! I can't wait to read more.

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    in March....any recommendations... ;)


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