Our reviews May 18-22 & 28-29


A Disney Planaholic!
Jul 24, 2003
It's long so I apologize.

Breakfast-small cafe at airport. Food and service was bad.

lunch-Earl of sandwich DTD
DH had The Earl's Club - roast turkey, bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato
I had Caribbean Jerk Chicken - grilled chicken with a spicy jerk sauce and roasted red peppers
We shared a fruit cup.
Both were GREAT. I would return in a heartbeat. Even though the place was swamped we got in, ordered and had our food in no time. My only complaint with Earl is there is no discount for DDE or AP.

Dinner-had ps for Tony's. Was susposed to be our anniversary dinner but an hour wait with PS and two rude wait persons ruined it. We just left after getting seated. I wasn't hungry any longer. Also, if you ever have a complaint at Tony's don't bother talking to the manager. She really doesn't care. There's always the next person that can take your place. We ended up eating crackers and peanut butter in our room.

Breakfast-Crackers and peanut butter

lunch-Rainforest DTD
We shared the Ultimate appetizer (it was too big to have a meal with) and both had the Rainforest burger. Food was great. Service was wonderful. We voweled to eat at the rainforest again and we did. My only complaint is a 30 min wait.

dinner-Yakitori House
We both had the Tonosama Combination - teriyaki chicken, sukiyaki beef, tempura shrimp and steamed rice. Not a lot of choice because they were closing (we ate after Illuminations). We were being kicked out. The food was great though, and the guy doing the bouncing was very funny. He kept telling the people behind us, no food, no food. They didn't see to want to leave though. He finally got a closed sign and put it on all the registers.

Breakfast-Crackers and peanut butter (See a pattern)

Lunch-50s Prime
I had the fried chicken and DH had the pot roast. Both very good. The green beans were a little cold but the rest made up for anything that wasn't great. We shared the smores, for desert and he had a PB and Jelly shake. Both very good. Service was good but there wasn't a lot of the interaction that we've read about at Prime. It was our first visit and our "Uncle" was pretty tame. My DH loves the banter so I wish that it hadn't been so busy maybe there would have been more.

Dinner-Fantasmic package at Mama Melrose. Very good. Great service. We shared the grilled chicken flatbread. I had Charred Sirloin Steak and DH had the Veal osso Buco.

Breakfast -Same

Lunch-Rainforest AK. I had the ultimate appetizer as a meal this time and DH had the pastalaya except he chose rice instead. We had purchased their club membership so we got 7.99 off an appetizer and we got to walk right in. No wait this time.

Dinner-Whispering Canyon.
We both had the skillet. It was just too much food and not as good as last time. The one food option that I look forward to in all of Disney is the apple dressing. The dressing had no flavor this time. None. I probably wouldn't go back for awhile but my DH loves the place. Our server had us lead the races because we were celebrating our anniversary with this trip. She decided that since we didn't have kids that we needed a bunch. It was fun and alot embarrasing. I was also instructed to give out the race certificates.


We tried for Chef Mickey's and a few other places but everything else was booked. The concourse was not good.

DH had the Petite Filet. He indicated that petite filet must be french for shoe leather at this place. It was very touch and it had NO TASTE. It didn't have a bad taste, it didn't have a good taste. It was literally tasteless. We did tell the server who supposedly told the chef and manager. I had the Buffalo chicken sandwich. It tasted bad. I don't know why, but it just wasn't right.


We got a last minute (right at 10pm PS). It was literally the only thing available and the only thing she could schedule. I am so glad it was. It was wonderful. The server was very good. Watching the fireworks from the patio was amazing. Also, PLEASE don't smoke on that patio. Wait until the fireworks are over and those of us that don't have gone back in. It's not that long of a wait!.
I can't believe it but I have no idea what I had. It was GREAT. I also had the brocolini. It's a side order. Very good. My DH had Grilled Filet Mignon. His was also great.

Breakfast -Counter service at Comtemp. Both had Sausage Egg and Cheese croisant. Neither of us liked it at all. It was cold and appeared to have Nacho cheese instead of traditional breakfast cheeses.

Lunch- Eaten at Universal Studios

Dinner-Fast food at airport.

We had gone home and decided that we wanted to come back for Chewbacca at Star Wars weekends. That is why there's a week in between. We jumped in the car on Friday night and arrived on Sat. morning.

Sat 28th

Morning-Crackers and Peanut butter and pears

Lunch- Hollywood Brown (just walked in, no PS, 5 min wait)
DH had the Cob salad with Chicken. I had the barbeque chicken salad with green goddess dressing. Both were GREAT! We've put it off because everything on the menu is a little overwhelming. I'm glad we finally did it. Service was friendly but very slow for no more tables than I think she had.

Dinner- Wolfgang puck express DTD
DH had the Margherita pizza and I had the Roasted chicken and Mashed Potatos. I'm diabetic so I don't eat mashed potatos much anymore. I picked the right potatos to have for the first time in awhile. GREAT!
The lines were horrible but the guy that brought it to our table was very good.

Sun 29th

Morning-Crackers, PB, and Waffles (continental breakfast)

San Angel Inn I usually love it here. I didn't like my food at all this time. I had Pork tacos and my DH had a chicken plate with potatos and carrots. I didn't like either. The pork was very dry. My DH potatos and carrots tasted if they had been cooked with beef. It was a chicken plate. I had a margarita. It wasn't very good either. Service was ok.

Dinner-don't remember, something on the road as we headed home.


DIS Veteran
May 19, 2005
Thanks for your great report. I always want to know what people didn't like as well as what was fantastic. You can't judge anything by one experience, but when lots of people say something is not so great (like Concourse Steakhouse), I know to avoid it!


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