Our reviews from 8 days on Dining Plan (sorry no pics)

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    Our group of 6 (DH, myself, and 4 teenagers) spent Spring Break (March 20 - 27) at Disney World. We were on the DeLuxe Dining Plan for the first 3 days (first 2 nights at the Poly, but we spread out our meals over the first 3 days) and then on the regular Dining for the remaining 5 days (stayed at Boardwalk Inn for 5 nights). We had several very good to great dining experiences, just a few mediocre ones, and happily none that were bad. Unfortunately, being with 4 teenagers, I was not allowed to take any food pictures. My rare attempts at taking pictures, even outside of the restaurants, were met with groans, so I resigned myself to doing this review without pictures. Sorry for my failure :guilty:. So anyway, here is a brief overview. We did a lot of meal sharing between the three girls and myself (two of the girls were concerned about still fitting into their prom dresses when they returned, lol) and had no problems doing it at any of the restaurants. In fact, some of the restaurants actually split the meal and served it on two plates. However, my son (age 14) never shared and usually ate most or all of his meal... which was usually some kind of steak, so we definitely got our money's worth from the meal plan with him. Since he ordered steak at almost all of the sit-down meals, I will have him do "rate the steaks" at the end of the review. Our group also tried many different desserts, so might try to come up with a list of our overall favorites.

    So here is the list of sit-down restaurants we will be reviewing:

    1. Narcoossee's (dinner)
    2. Liberty Tree Tavern (lunch)
    3. Kona Cafe (dinner)
    4. San Angel Inn (lunch)
    5. Les Chefs de France (dinner)
    6. Coral Reef (dinner)
    7. Sci-Fi Dine-In (lunch)
    8. Teppan Edo (dinner)
    9. Le Cellier (lunch)
    10. Cinderella's Royal Table (breakfast)
    11. Garden View Lounge (afternoon tea)
    12. Tutto Italia (dinner)
    13. Raglan Road (dinner)

    Counter service meals/snacks include:
    1. Captain Cook's (lunch, breakfast)
    2. Main Street Bakery (breakfast snacks)
    3. Boardwalk Bakery (breakfast, dinner, snacks)
    4. Yak & Yeti (lunch, snacks)
    5. Yorkshire County Fish House (dinner)
    6. Tangierine Cafe (dinner)
    7. Wolfgang Puck Express (lunch)
    8. Earl of Sandwich (dinner)
    9. Main Street Ice Cream Parlor (snacks)
    10. Hey Howdy Hey Snack Cart - across from TSM at DHS (snacks)
    11. Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe (snack)
    12. Crepes de Chefs de France Kiosk (snack)

    Ok, I think that's about it. I'll start the reviews shortly.
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    Looking forward to hearing more!
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    Oops, apparently my first post accidently went twice. Please see the other one listed for the reviews. I have quite a few done ;) Thanks for tuning in!

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