Our Magical June 9th Cruise - Thursday

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    Aug 2, 2000
    Another sunny warm day with calm seas. Breakfast was in Parrot Cay today with the characters. We decided to go to this after being assured by our waiters that the food was served a la carte and not the buffet that we had read about. Mickey, Minnie and Dale stopped at our table and we stopped for a picture with Goofy on the way out. DW and I then walked/ran the mile on deck 4 (she ran and I walked). We go up to deck 10 for some sun before heading down to Rockin Bar D and the 30 minute Q&A session with Capt. Hans and senior officers. This was the final in the Navigators series and the room was full. After the meeting we were given a Navigators Series poster and two tickets to the 3:30 bridge tour.

    You MUST attend this meeting to get bridge tour tickets (adults only) for either the 3:30 or the 4:00 tour.

    After lunch at Lumiere's we went back up to deck 10 and spent the rest of the afternoon at the Quiet Cove pool. DW went to the mixology and ice carving demonstrations at the Goofy pool while I stayed at the adult pool. At 3:30 we went to the forward part of deck 9 for the bridge tour overlooking the bridge on deck 8.

    This is the first time that we have attended this meeting on deck 9, they used to have it on deck 8. Some interesting questions were asked and the first officer provided the answers. Some things we learned were that each of the ships 5 engines are as large as the bridge only twice as high, and the two DCL ships have the most advanced fire control systems at sea.

    Following the meeting we get ready for the last formal night at Animators. DW and I have the Halibut and we all enjoy a desert bonanza. In addition to the lava cake and cheese cake Jalidi brings us the infamous Chocolate souffle desert from Palo's. Yum!

    Then it's off to Disney Dreams. (Yesterday was Pearl Harbor and not Dreams, sorry I goofed ) None of us went to Pearl Harbor figuring that we could see it at home on tape.

    After Dreams we stop at Shutters and the two stores before heading up to bed with our fingers crossed that we would make it to C.C. tomorrow.

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