Our Magical June 9th Cruise-St. Martin

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    Aug 2, 2000
    We came down to deck 4 and discovered that we were tied up at the new dock across from the Monarch Of The Seas. I was disappointed that there were not more ships there as I would liked to take pictures of them. The water in the port was in beautiful shades of blue & green. We took the water ferry over to Great Bay Beach, paid $10. for two lounges and an umbrella and relaxed for two hours at the beach and after a brief rain shower, and many women trying to sell us things, we went back to the Magic for lun Lumiere's.

    After lunch we headed back over to town and walked along Front St. and looked in the shops. Imagine my surprise when neither DW or I liked the famous Guavaberry colada. Guess we will have to stick with Bahama Mama's. We did find some things st Del Sol that all changed colors when exposed to the sun.

    DW and I enjoyed some time in the sun on deck 10 before getting derssed in our tropical attire for dinner.

    Dinner that night was in Parrot Cay which was the perfect setting for Tropical night. The waiters all marched around the restaurant to "Hot Hot Hot", and Jelidi wore an outrageously colored wig and cart wheeled down the aisle. DW, DS17 and I all had the Terryaki Beef Tenderloin and the triple choc. cake with choc. sauce which was very good. DS13 had macaroni and cheese and ice cream. While we were at dinner we saw the Monarch pull out.

    We then went to shutters as there was no show that night and bought two pictures and also stopped at one of the stores before going up to the cabin where we found a turtle made out of a blanket with sunglasses on it. Grinda had also surprised us with two swans and a snake on previous nights. DW and I went to deck 10 to watch the party on deck 9 and had the Emerald Green drink of the day. Deck 9 was very crowded with mostly kids dancing over the Goofy pool.

    At 11:00 we watched the Captain on the wing bridge as the Magic backed out of the port and turned towards St. Thomas (no horn), then on to the beautiful desert spread on deck 9. There were cookies, cakes, an ice carving and watermelons carved with the name Magic. After that it was off to bed and thoughts of St. Stomas.

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