Our Magical June 9th Cruise - Castaway

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    Aug 2, 2000
    Friday, Castaway day dawned sunny and clear. We had the T.V. tuned to channel 50 to see how far away we were, and we were only 10 miles away. DW & I went up to deck 10 to see if we could see C.C. and we could. As we got closer we could see one of the beaches which turned out to be the family beach.

    We dashed down to Lumiere's to eat a quick breakfast and then back up to see us dock bow first. We went back to the cabin, grabbed our stuff and headed down to disembark and got as far as the landing between decks 2 & 3 and hit gridlock. After waiting a few minutes we made our way slowly off the ship. Hint here, they no longer swipe your cards when you get off or when you re-board at C.C. We made our way along the trail and stopped twice for pictures before heading to the family beach.

    It was very hot that day with hardly any breeze and we were glad to be in the water. We all played volley ball for awhile and the boys went on the rope apparatus. Around 11:30 we went to Cookies for lunch. The lines were very short then. After lunch and some more beach time DW, DS17 & I went over for our Banana Boat ride. We all had a great time doing this and no one fell off of the boat.

    Following this DW & I went over to Serenity Bay and the boys went to the teen beach. It poured for about 15 minutes after we arrived. Then we walked on the beach and sat on chairs in the water. I walked over to get a drink and was told that the bar closed at 3:00. Why does DCL close this bar so early when we still had 90 minutes until we had to be back on the ship??? We continued walking in the water seeing crabs, sting rays, and a large konk. Reluctantly we headed back to the tram and to the Magic.

    Went to deck 10 for the sail away and the final chance to hear the Mickey horn before going to dinner at Parrot Cay. Tonight is the It's A Small World dinner and it was great. We all had the Prime Rib, Baked Alaska, and Chocolate Apricot tar and enjoyed them all. The waiters marched around the room carrying flags from their own countries. We gave out the tip envelopes, took pictures, and bid a sad farewell to out great wait staff.

    We stopped one last time at Shutters, (a mad house) bought one of the C.C. pictures and headed up to tackle packing. We stopped packing long enough to see the Farewell Show which we all enjoyed then back to the cabin to finish packing and get the bags out in the hall by 11:00. The boys left to attend the teen party and DW & I headed up to deck 10 to stroll around one last time.

    Saturday found us back at the Port and the Magic shrouded in smoke from one of the fires. We ate at Topsiders and were off of the ship by 8:45, found a porter and were through customs in minutes. I left the family by outside the Port with the luggage and boarded the Avis van to get our rental van then it was off to WDW and five nights at All Atars.

    We all had a Magical time and can't wait for our next cruise!

    I will try to answer any questions that you nay have. Also, thanks to DW for her trip notes. I couldn't have written this report without them.

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