Our Magical Christmas Vacation - Part 3

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    Nov 23, 1999
    Day 5 - Thursday, Dec. 21

    We are are MGM shortly after 9:00 a.m. We went right on Tower of Terror and got FP for Rock & Roller Coaster. The drops have really been improved on TOT. We loved it. It was the first time for my daughter and I was worried it would scare her. Not a chance. We still had too much time to get on RnR, so we did great movie ride next, 5 minute wait. By the time we got off of this, we got on RnR. Again, the 6 year old loved it. I think she is my thrill seeker. Son wouldn't go on TOT, but did like RnR. We decided on early lunch at Sci Fi. Got FP for Star Tours and headed over to Muppet Vision. Went back to Star Tours, and then headed to back lot. After back lot, daughter got her hair wrapped and everyone else went to stunt tour. After wrap, we headed back to Little Mermaid show. Got a FP and waited to see Mulan Parade. She loved it. As soon as parade was over, went to Little Mermaid and then it was time to meet everyone at Hollywood & Vine for dinner. We did the Fantasmic Package so we had an early dinner. Buffet was better than the last time we were there. We headed over to Fantasmic as soon as we got through with dinner. We had great seats and sure are glad we didn't wait in line. I highly recommend this. Everyone was impressed with the show. As soon as show was over, we headed to back lot to see the Osborne Lights. There is only one word, SPECTACULAR. We had a great time and everyone really enjoyed the walk through. Well, by now it is 9:00 pm and we have been at MGM all day. We went home and to bed.

    Day 6 - Friday, Dec. 22

    This is another golf day for Husband and Dad. Little Brother headed off to parks on his own, and the rest of us went outlet mall shopping and DT Disney after that. I found great buys at Character Warehouse. Lots of WDW T-shirts for $7-10 dollars. I spent $200, but probably had $500 worth of merchandise. the guys actually beat us back to the room after their golf outing (Magnolia). This was their favorite course.

    We had late show reservations at the Hoop de Doo. What a great show. We had wonderful seats almost in the center right at the front. They asked if anyone was celebrating anniversaries and we pointed to my parents, and there were others to. My parents were the oldest at 45 years. Then they asked everyone to get up and do a special dance. Once again, the tears flowed. It was a really happy moment for me. and what did we forget, the video camera, still in the hotel room. My son was so tickled by the show, he actually fell out of his chair laughing. One of the girls came up to him after the show and talked to him and said how neat it was that he really liked it that much. During the show, the redhead really picked on my husband. She came over and kissed on him several times and sat on his lap. He was a little embarassing. And several times during the show, she would call out his name (Charley) and asked if he missed her yet. We all loved it.

    Another late night, so we headed back to the room.

    Day 7 - Saturday - Dec. 23

    We get up and around and head towards Kennedy Space Center. This is really a fascinating place. I was really glad that we did this because of all of the history. My son is really into rockets and science and he really enjoyed it. We did the total access tour. Unfortunately, all of the fast pace and late nights is catching up to my mom. She is not feeling too well late in the afternoon (diabetic) so we head back to hotel and leave the guys behind. We stopped at a store along the way to pick up additional groceries. I dropped her off at room and headed up to lobby with daughter. Mickey and Minnie were going to be in lobby at OKW for pictures. We get there and stand in long line for Mickey. Minnie was not there yet. Mickey was dressed to the nines in his red holiday outfit with black tophat. They told us Minnie was coming out next, so was very near the front of that line.

    We went back to room and by this time the guys are back. We ate in room and rested a little before heading over the the Boardwalk for our Illuminations Cruise. NUTHUT (Jerry & his wife) met us for the cruise. This was very nice. I am sorry to say I forgot our driver's name but he was great. He had hot chocolate and lots of blankets for us. It was very cold. Unfortunately, we were the first boat docked under the bridge to the far right and I feel our view was a little blocked. But all in all, it was worth it for the experience. Another teary eyed moment taking pictures of my whole family there together.

    Oh, by the way, My daughter had her picture taken with Santa in the lobby of the Boardwalk. Also very beautiful lobby.

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Its funny how that video camera is never around when you need it. How special to have a dance for the couples celebrating their anniversaries.

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    Mar 25, 2000
    You are having a great Disney time. Thanks for posting!
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    Feb 27, 2000
    BWVPam, This sounds like a very magical trip for your family. Especially for Mom and Dad.

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