Our Magical Christmas Vacation - Part 1

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  1. BWVPam

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    Nov 23, 1999
    I will try to break this up a little since we were there several days. (December 17 -28)

    Cast of Characters:

    Me/Mom - 39 Disney Fanatic & Trip Planner (6th trip)
    Hubby - 41 (Converted Disney Fanatic)
    Son - 10, Daughter - 6
    Brothers - Ages 43 & 31 (2nd trip/1st trip)
    Parents - Ages 64 (2nd trip for mom/1st for dad)

    I started planning this trip almost 2 years ago. My dear oldest brother converted delta miles and got us all airline tickets. Please note we all are from different cities so trying to get everyone coming in around the same time was tricky. I used remaining DVC points for 6 nights at OKW and we bought remaining points for 4 nights from NUTHUT (Great to work with). Last night we moved over to a La Quinta by the Airport for 7 a.m flights ($54 a night)

    Day 1

    We are scheduled to Leave El Paso at 3:45. Because of problems with Delta Pilots we call before leaving and have been told flight won't leave until 5:00 p.m. Okay, I am already panicking we won't make connection in Dallas and meet up with parents. We go ahead and get to airport and have been told we might leave by 4:30 p.m. Finally get to board and we get to sit on airplane for an additional 45 minutes. I am really worried right now as we are on the last flight out of Dallas to Orlando. Of course I have all of the rental car info and hotel info. I check with stewardess and she tells me not to worry she will look into it for me. She comes back and tells me it looks like plane will be delayed a little in Dallas, so we SHOULD make it.

    We land in Dallas and luckily they make an announcement to try and let everyone off first that has a close connection. We get off the plane running. We only have 20 gates to go. Luckily a little transportation car picks us up and literally flys honking his horn through the airport. We get to our gate and they make an announcement that the plane is delayed further (another hour). Well, least we met up with my parents.

    We land in Orlando almost 2 hours late. Oldest brother from San Diego is waiting for us. He has already gotten his car and we go to national to get our car. I highly recommend National and the Emerald Club. We got to go pick out our car from Emerald Aisle. We had reserved an intermediate for 12 days at a great rate ($220 with all taxes) We got a great premium car at the same rate.

    We finally get out of airport and we are on our way to OKW. It is after 3 a.m by the time we get all of our stuff in room and settled for the night.

    Day 2 - Monday

    This is an off day. The guys are playing golf (LBV) and they loved it. Me, Mom and the Kids go get groceries, unpack and settle in. Temperatures were pretty cool (no shorts on this trip). I took the kids up to the lobby area and we find the room (don't know what it is called) where they are doing activities in the afternoon for the kids. They really like this.

    After the guys returned from golfing, we went over to the Winter Summerland and played miniature golf. We had a great time and the kids really enjoyed this. They had always wanted to do this on our previous trips, but we never had time. We went back to the room and fixed dinner in the room and everyone tried to make it an early evening.

    Day 3 to follow
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    Aug 18, 1999
    I'm glad you made your connection. I know that must have made you crazy. Now that the guys have played golf, they should be ready to enjoy the parks.

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    Mar 25, 2000
    You were lucky with your connection. On our flight home our plane was taxing down the runway while the plane we were on was landing. Oh well. Thanks for posting!
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    Feb 27, 2000
    BWVPam, Happy to hear you made the connector. Sounds like a great week ahead. Looking forward to reading all about your families trip. :)

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