Our L&M Car rental report.


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Aug 21, 1999
After much research on the boards, we made a reservation with L&M for our trip. We had the car 8 days, feb 4-12. We reserved a mid-size car. Upon arrival, I left my DW to grab the luggage while i went down to see about the car. As i walked up to the counter, I saw no one in line, and only one customer at the counter. i was greeted immediately by a lady at the counter. She pulled up my reservation, and asked about my insurance. I told her that i had full coverage, but was using my AMX anyway. She offered me an upgrade for $5 a day, which i declined. 5 min later, i had my paperwork, keys to the Mitsubishi Lancer, and was on my way bak to the family and luggage. We made our way to the garage, and found our 2002 Lancer just a few spaces past the booth. the car was clean, and only had 3,900 miles on it.
We wad a great week with the car, put 500 miles on it.
Return took only 5 min, and we were on our way.
overall, great service, friendly people, and zero problems!
I will rent from them again!:smooth:
I wholeheartedly agree with an L&M recommendation. On our September trip, I had reservations with Hertz. The rep at the counter had trouble with his credit card machine and finally decided that it must have been my card. I was 100% certain that the card was fine and asked him to try it again. He refused, saying that I would have to call my credit card company.

I went over to L&M without a reservation and asked for the rate. It was a couple dollars a day higher, so I asked if they would match the rate I had with Hertz. They agreed, and in less than 15 minutes I was on the open road on my way to Lake Buena Vista!

I used the credit card that Hertz didn't seem to be able to use (continued to use it throughout the week) and couldn't resist making the trip over to Hertz to let them know L&M took care of me. I'm sure the reservationist at the desk didn't care, but it made me feel better.
Umm, don't you have to take the shuttle to Hertz?

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I had the same problem with the Travelocity site last week. I was trying to book a hotel in the White Mountains in New Hampster. Travelocity said the credit card was not good. So I tried another card. Same result. I did an internet search and found the hotels own web site and booked the room (same price) with the first card without any problem.
You are correct. Just went back through my records after reading your post and realized that it was Dollar, not Hertz.

My apologies to the Hertz folks.

The problem is not with Travelocity. It's with L&M not honoring the price that they listed through Travelocity. The person at Travelocity said that they (L&M) were not longer honoring any reservations made through them. I have to say that I was really excited about the posts earlier when people were getting good rates and good feedback. It was simple to book through Travelocity, and I had my confirmation. Lately, I've been reading about problems with vehicles and honoring prices quoted on the phone. I kept on thinking that this wouldn't happen to us, since we had a reputable company (Travelocity) overseeing our reservation. Not so. The lady at Travelocity was very apologetic. I just wish that L&M would consistantly get their act together. It is now too late to book anything at the same price I got several weeks ago. The week before Easter is extremely high. I got Dollar for $174 after my original post. Not great, but a decent rate. National (we are EA members) was over $300 with my DC discount.


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