Our HRH adventure- 2/7-2/10....


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Aug 29, 1999
This was first time staying at the HRH. Molokai Gram and I shared a room on Club level. MG was able to reserve the room at a great rate because after her last trip she wrote the manager a funny letter about the good and bad things they encountered at the hotel. He wrote her back saying when she was going to return to give him a call so she did!!

Check in was very quick and they said it was no problem for each of us to pay for half of the room with a credit card.
Our room overlooked the pool area. It had a beautiful view of Universal and IOA. The only detraction was, in the evening, they turned on the pool area music, and you could hear it over the tv.
The room was very clean and house keeping did a terrific job.

I ordered milk and cookies for our Loews welcome gift. When we returned to our room Thursday evening we couldn't believe our eyes!!! In addition to m+c they brought a bottle of white wine and a large plate of crackers, cheese and fruit. That must have been some letter Molokai Gram wrote!:D Everything was delicious.

The club level lounge was very nice with many tables and chairs. Families w/small children seemed to congregate in the tv room towards the back. MG noticed many of the tapes were Disney:p . Soft drinks, tea and water were available from 7:30am-11pm. In the morning they had bagels, muffins, doughnuts, and cold cereal. For drinks they had coffee, oj and grapefruit juice.

In the evening they had a nice cuke and tomatoe salad, hot chicken on a stick with a dipping sauce, a veggie platter, crab dip, cheese cubes and bread. They also had cold beer and white/red wine.

I was impressed by how friendly the employees at the hotel were. Somebody was always saying hello to you! One of the club level employees was especially nice, she even addressed us by name whenever we saw her! Say hello to Zoe if you see her.

One of the biggest perks was the quick walk to Universal!If you take the path in back of the pool area it's only about a 5 min walk. But watch out for the gate, it's evil and hated me. I'm going to let MG post our gate stories. We never got a chance to use the pool but it was a huge area. The slide looked like it would've been alot of fun.

We only had one real problem during our stay. Donna's mom called to talked to her but the hotel said she wasn't there, even though she made the reservation. The front desk had us both registered but for some reason the telephone folks didn't, they only had my name. This may have happended because Donna had to changed the room when she first arrived. There was only 1 bed in the room and she had asked for 2. Her parents were very worried because they had dropped her off at the front of the hotel but did not go up to the room with her.

To be fair I know Robert Walker, another MG-con participant, had a few problems. There was not hot water when he checked in and his welcome gift hadn't been delivered on his check-in day. Hope he got it.

Sadly we had to check out Sunday morning, 2/10. It was very quick. Great employees! The bellboy out front grabbed a cab for us . This is the way to go for a return trip to the airport!! It only cost us $20@ ( total: $31.76 + tip). Only a few more $ than a shuttle and the taxis were very clean and the driver very nice. Best of all you could go when you wanted to!! :D :D

All in all a really wonderful stay. :) :)
I loved reading about the club level. We'll be there next Friday. Did they serve the same evening hors durves every night? Did you catch the Mardi Gras parade? Also, where did you eat while you were there? TIA
Thanks for the report. We've always had to call for our welcome gift. I loved the choc chipo cookies we got this trip. When we at the HRH in January, we couldnt hear the music at the pool, I thought it might have been turned down cause of DIVE IN movies, but we couldnt hear it the next day either.

Glad you had a great trip.

We were also at HRH for the first time this past weekend and really enjoyed it. We were in a standard room with a "garden" view (our garden grew automobiles)... but we didn't care about that. The beds were wonderful... I got in under those cushy covers and just melted after a day of walking the parks. The pool is great... my kids loved the water slide (so did us bigger kids!).

Nothing like a frozen margarita by a tropical pool after a day at USF.

Yeah, I'm ready to go back... and I've only been home for one day!!!!

Maybe I should write a detailed letter to the manager!!!!


Thanks for the comments.

I don't know if the hors d'oeuvres are the same every evening we were only there for them once. If you really want to know you could email: hrhclubconcierge@loewshotels.com

We ate at the Sunset Grill: good veggie burger and fries
Pastamore: pretty good, reasonable prices
Hard Rock Cafe: good, cool atmosphere
Mythos: excellent food, very reasonable for quality
Confisco's: limited menu right now, good food (try a Confisco's
creation if you like strawberry daquiri's)

We watched the Mardi Gras Parade Fri and Sat evening. As someone said it gets less crowded the further from the bandstand you go.

Buzz: you should have joined us at MG-con! Glad you got a chance to enjoy the pool. It looked wonderful.
Can anyone tell me if a standard room will fit four comfortably. In otherwords are the rooms a good size., I can't decide over the deluxe room, Thanks,

Cottontail: Four adults in a standard room would be a bit on the tight side. Two adults and two children (as we had) kind of pushed the limit, in our opinion. They are wonderfully appointed, but not the largest rooms around. And since we spent far more time out at the parks or at the pool, we didn't really mind that much.

nhrenee: I wasn't really too familiar with the MG-CON thing prior to leaving for vacation... I had scanned these boards for a week or two prior. It was also our first trip to USF (we did it as part of a Disney trip), so not being USF saavy I felt a bit out of place... you guys all know USF so well. In any case, as I've mentioned before, the tips and suggestions you all make public here were so handy and are so much appreciated. I'll bet there are many that just scroll through here and read all this info, but never just say THANKS!! Next time we head down (I hope it's sooner than later, but I need to mend my finances after this trip first :eek: ) we'll be sure to try to make it during one of the get togethers. MIB has already offered to give us some MIB lessons... and for that reason alone I've got to get back down there... I wish they had that ride at Six Flags Great Adventure here in NJ!! ;) I'm addicted!!

Later... BUZZ

cottontail... we just had 5 in a room. 2 adults and 3 kids. even with the roll away we had plenty of room. There are 2 sizes of standard rooms. One is a little smaller because of the way the front of the building was shaped. We had a garden room last yr and it was as big as the pool view room we ended up in this trip so their are large standard view rooms too.
Buzz: Defenitely go to a meet if you get a chance. Everybody loves to show off what they know about the parks! It is a very friendly bunch of people.

If I was going to go to HR with my dh and kids I'd go for the deluxe room.
Okay here is my problem the low canadian dollar if I take the standard garden view it will cost me $138.00 american or $224.00 canadian verses the deluxe room at $172.00 american or $278.00 canadian. It costs $1.62 canadian for every $1.00 american. wow so there will be a difference of around $55.00 canadian a night, we are staying two nights.

Boy this trip is starting to cost a fortune, by the time we convert every dollar american that we spend to canadian, we have already saved for about 5 years for this trip. As much as I would like that deluxe room I think I will settle for the standard view garden, but maybe I can request one of the larger standard view rooms.

Good idea deb. Maybe they'll give you a complimentary upgrade. All they can say is no!
The only thing stopping me from booking the club level is the size of the room. There will be 2 adults and 2 teenage boys. I currently have a deluxe room at the Entertainment rate.


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