Our Happy Birthday with Mickey Trip – day 1

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    Our Happy Birthday with Mickey Trip – day 1 – Friday 14th Nov
    Pre trippie can be found here: http://disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1995315

    Sorry Im having trouble loading photos at the moment so will add them later.

    Me –
    DH –
    DD – Charys – 9 – the Birthday Girl

    As the title suggests the reason for the trip was to celebrate a birthday in fact Charys’ birthday. We had only told her about it 2 days earlier on her birthday and she was so excited.

    If you read my pre trippie you will know that we had to change our plans at the last minute and set off earlier in the day due to Air France strikes which brings me to the start of this trippie.

    Friday 14th Nov – We woke up very early to get to the airport. We were very excited knowing that really we should have been getting up to go to work and school. We left home at 6.45 for the airport and soon arrived. We had managed to get valet parking for a bargain price again so left the car and headed inside. We had booked in on line and only had hand luggage so decided to go straight through to departure. We were very impressed with the new security area at Manchester airport –very big and efficient. We must have looked dodgy though as DH beeped as he went though so had to be searched and they took my liquids away to be examined.
    Anyhow we were soon through and found a seat near the window to watch the planes. DD and I went for a walk to the shops and bought some magazines, water and Hannah Montana game. We also had our usual visit to try the perfumes in the duty free shop.
    We then went back to find DH and sat and read, played the game and munched on bacon butties.
    Before long we started to board and took off. I’m not a massive lover of flying – I don’t really like take off or landing and am not that keen on the in between bit either. Does anyone else slam their foot down hard when the plane lands to try and put the brakes on?
    Anyhow the flight went really quickly and before long we were in Charles de Gaulle airport landing at 12.10 French time. We zoomed through passport control and found the exit where we found the nice BS man holding a card with our name on. The journey was uneventful and before we knew it we could see familiar landmarks – The hotels, Tower of Terror etc

    We went into the hotel – Kyriad. We had never stayed here before and only chose it this time due to a good deal off Expedia however we would definitely choose it again. They let us have our room straight away even though it was still early so we went to find it dumped our bags and headed out again towards the parks.

    Thank goodness I hear you say – the boring bit over we can get to some more interesting stuff now.

    We caught the bus and decided to go straight to Annettes for lunch. I’ll write a proper report on the Annettes thread but will say we had another lovely meal here. I had the RocknRoll burger, DH had the mega burger and DD had the kids burger. We also shared a portion of onion rings. We decided we didn’t want a desert so skipped that and headed to the main park.

    It was lovely seeing it all Christmassy and of course we had to stop and take lots of photos. It didn’t seem too bad crowd wise which was good.

    After walking down Main Street we decided to head first towards the Annual Passport office as we had decided to buy them again. We had 2 day passes which we had bought separately (not part of the package) so were able to get the full amount refunded.

    We decided it was time to do our first ride which of course had to be Small World. We then went into Belles Village and onto the Storybook ride. We were going to do Casey Junior as well but there seemed to be a biggish queue so we decided to leave it.
    It was almost time for Belle to make an appearance in her Village so we went to buy a new autograph book for Charys. Of course as soon as we were in the shop we started eyeing up what else we wanted to buy and had to keep reminding ourselves that we had hand luggage only so needed to be careful what we got.
    Autograph book bought we wandered back towards the queue for Belle – hoping that it would actually be Belle. When we went last Christmas we queued twice for Belle only to get to the front and find Belle had gone and the Beast had appeared.
    This time however we were lucky and Charys got to meet her favourite Princess.

    While we were waiting for Belle Minnie Mouse drove past in her car and waved at us.

    We then headed towards Adventureland to go on POC. They were only loading 1 boat so we were allowed to stay on for a 2nd ride which we always like to do.

    Our favourite ride is BTM which was closed for renovation until the following day but we decided to walk over to Frontierland to see if it had opened early. It was still closed so we walked towards Santa’s Village bumping into Woody on route outside Cowboy Cookout.
    There was no one else about so Woody spent ages with Charys indicating that he loved her, the CM kept telling him that Jessie would be coming soon and would be upset. He signed her autograph book with a big X.

    Santa was still there but they weren’t letting anyone else in to see him but the post office was open so Charys wrote her letter and left it for him. The whole area looked lovely and they have done a good job this year. Much better than last year.

    We then got on the train. We were going to go all the way round to where we got on but then decided to get off at Main Street and browse in some shops again reminding ourselves that we couldn’t buy much. I really wanted to get Charys a Happy Birthday pin but wasn’t sure if Id be allowed to bring it home on the plane in hand luggage – I suspected not so decided to leave it.

    We made our way up Main Street to find a place to watch Enchanted Candlebration. We were looking forward to seeing this as we had missed it last Christmas on both evenings we were there. We hadn’t told Charys the Princesses would be there as part of this so it was a surprise for her.

    We had a good view and the lighting of the castle was really beautiful. We intended watching Fantillusion as well but it was too cold to just hang round so we decided to go and do some rides and hope we could still get a good place to watch at the last minute.

    We went to ride It’s a Small World again and POC. We could have stayed on Pirates for another ride but decided we had better head to find a place for Fantillusion.
    It was very busy on Mainstreet so decided to just keep walking and eventually found a place near the end of the parade route. It turned out to be a good place though as we got some good photos and it wasn’t too busy.

    By now the park was closed (7.00pm) so we headed out and walked to Sequoia Lodge for a drink in the bar. We got 2 sandwiches between us and I had a Green Cedarwood cocktail ( White Bacardi, Malibu, orange juice, passion fruit juice and blue curacao syrup) DH had the Autumn Leaves cocktail (Bosford’s gin, Blackberry liqueur, apple juice and fanta lemon) and Charys had a make your own children’s cocktail - apple juice and grenadine which was served in a shaker.

    We decided to walk back to the bus station to catch a bus back to Kyriad as it had been a long day and we wanted to be up early the next morning for EMH now we had dream APs. We did wonder whether to go to the bar in the Kyriad but made the mistake of going to the room first and of course once we got there all we wanted to do was collapse into bed.

    We’d had a great day and felt we’d done loads especially as we should only really have arrived about 11pm so had had an extra day in the park.
  2. tennisfan

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    Jul 15, 2004
    A great start. We stayed at the Kyriad last year & was very impressed, they cleaned our room 2 in one day, we had only checked in & dumped our luggage. When we came back we discovered the room had been cleaned again:confused3

    Look forward to the photos:thumbsup2
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  4. joolz1910

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    Aug 24, 2008
    Can't wait for the photos! Really enjoying your report:goodvibes
  5. thelittlemermaid83

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    Aug 14, 2007
    Great start small world. cant wait to see the photos.
  6. giuly09

    giuly09 it made me feel like i was the queen....

    Apr 19, 2007

    Me, me too!! I mean: i dont like flying AT ALL, i feel like *please let me catch a train* when it takes off and i feel like putting brakes on when it lands.
    And in between i feel like *God please make me faint* LOL

    Great first day :thumbsup2
  7. scampbunny

    scampbunny <font color=darkorchid>The most fab of surprises!<

    Mar 5, 2008
    me me - in fact i use 2 feet!!!:lmao:

    lovely report - considering u shudnt have arrived there yet - so a fab start!!!
    cant wait to see the pics too - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  8. A Small World

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    Feb 22, 2007
    Im hoping to get the rest of this report done this weekend. Sorry its taken so long but real life seemed to keep getting in the way.
  9. hildasmuriel

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    Jan 23, 2007
    What's real life? :rotfl:
    Include me in the 'help the pilot to brake' crowd. I lean back as well.
    Great start:thumbsup2
  10. Ware Bears

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    Jan 23, 2003
    Lovely first day. :goodvibes

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