our halloween wedding review


May 3, 2012
It has been nearly a month since our special day and for several reasons it has taken me a while to pop on here and do an update/review.

Can I start by saying thank you – not only to the people who responded to my questions on here but also to those who had already posted so much knowledge on previous threads which were a great source of information for me.

I few of you may know bits about my story but I am not a prevalent poster, my day may have passed you by so I will start by telling you a bit about me and my silly little family.

We are quite an alternative family of 4, myself and my hubby are old school rockers and my 2 daughters have been raised quite bohemian and accept everyone and very situation with wide open hearts.

When Ash proposed it was pretty much a given that we would get married at Halloween, we LOVE all things spooky and take it to quite an extreme.

If I am being totally honest Disney wasn’t the first or even second venue that we thought of – being based over in the UK and having Whitby’s gothic town just an hour away we tried there but they were booked up for many years for Halloween weddings. So we thought outside the box and tried theme parks and even caves but for many reasons (travel, family with disabilities, our Halloween weather) nothing quite fit.

I jokingly said to Ash one day “you know we will end up eloping at this rate, how is the weather in Transylvania in Oct haha”

Suddenly a destination wedding seemed like the perfect solution and for reasons known only to the universe we both said “DISNEY”

Nowhere quite does Halloween like America and WDW was always THE holiday to go on, I’d certainly never been and in all honestly never thought that I would be able to afford to go – I am just a part time receptionist (slave to my kids and many animals the rest of the time) and Ash is just in retail. But we had set a budget for a big wedding day in the UK and realised that we might just be able to combine our holiday of a life time, small intimate wedding and honey moon into the same budget – so we quite selfishly reallocated what we would have spent on family and friends and went ahead and booked our very own fairytale – we did say that if anyone wanted to come with us that they would be more than welcome – but no-one could afford it so we planned a big party for them all when we got back.

At this stage we didn’t even know if you could get married at Disney hahaha so a few phone calls and emails later and we were all set up - Disney holiday booked, flights booked and in wedding limbo as I couldn’t book the memories wedding until 6mths before the date that we wanted.

It was all so easy, in fact the wedding was the easiest part hahahah I had dining reservations and other park tickets to organise, exchange rates and car hire and I was quite dizzy with it all.

Once we had chosen the officiant, and decided to opt for a third party photographer and videographer all we really needed to do was turn up in our wedding gear.

Wedding gear: My little dress drama played out on here, I’d had a dress in mind from a shop called Fairy Goth Mother… but then my Mum won a radio station competition for £500 off a dress from a local shop – long story short, I wasn’t holding out much hope, even when I saw the dress that the lady thought might suit me on the hanger – but I tried it on and loved it!!! It was quite a shock to me to be in a traditional ivory dress and be happy about it – but I opened my mind and bought it – I managed to pick the dress up a week later and then got itchy fingers hahahaha I needed to goth the dress up so I got my fabulous friend on board and we ‘halloween’d’ my dress, we cut sections out and it look quite butchered for a while hahaha but I don’t scare easily, I had a vision and I was truly thrilled with the result which was totally unique and quirky but still very classy. I was covered in bats and cobweb design lace and still felt like a bride.

Disney fairy tale weddings: 8/10

They were very relaxed about everything which is just my style, I called exactly 6 months out (at opening time) and they were very accommodating about me wanting a Halloween wedding – even though it fell on a Wednesday which is out of usual operation days for memories weddings.

We opted for the limo – which was bang on time and with a lovely driver

I chose a lovely pumpkin orange Bouquet which was given to me when we arrived at the venue and was beautiful

The coordinator was there and she was charming

The violinist was great and played music from nightmare before xmas.

It was all very hassle free and rather 'Vegas style' We wed at the conch key marina and the grand floridian was just beautiful.
The only thing that we opted out of with Disney was the photographer - more about that in a bit.

Wedding officiant: 8/10

Disney sent through a useful pack with different contacts on - i checked out a few officiant's websites and we chose Rev. Tim Herring based on the fact that he can do a family ceremony - it seemed like such a cute idea. So we bought the girls a Thomas Sabo bracelet and a disney charm each and they got those during the ceremony just after we exchanged rings - it was beautiful ceremony and Tim really listened to us about wanting a civil ceremony - a very nice guy.

Photographer: 10/10

Disney were going to include the price of the photographer in our memories package, but it isnt possible to choose which photographer you want and their were some real mixed reviews on here about the results of disney photography. They were also going to charge me an extra $500 for the Cd of images with copyright release... so i went researching and i found a really good offer by a fabulous photographer. Randy Chapman would do the photoshoot, give us all the images in colour and black and white (with copyright release), he would get the CD's of these to me before we left Florida for $250 if we also used his friend as videographer (to include 3 DVD's of our day) for a further $250!!

I was getting a heck of a lot more there for my $500 and i loved Randys photography work too!!

Randy was very generous with his time and even offered to spend extra time with us free of charge as it was a gothic themed wedding. The images were fabulous, he delivered the CDs in person to our villa the day before we flew home - can't thank him enough, this meant that we could still share our special day with our family and friends at our wedding reception.

Videographer: 7/10

Stan Severance, was so reasonably priced as part of the deal with Randy - we had 2 videographers filming the ceremony from different angles - the results were fabulous and just arrived through the post today

Dress steaming:

Not necessary, the dress travelled so well

Hair and makeup :

me hahahaha

After the ceremony and photos we went back to the villa in the limo and we zombied up a little bit, but stayed in our wedding clothes and headed off, tickets in hand for MNSSHP!

The most ridiculously lavish, yet totally intimate wedding reception ever!

We had dinner reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table at 4:20 and when we came out we just blended straight in with the amazing halloween costumes - we looked positively under dressed!

I was told that if i could get on the rides then i could ride them... so we had an amazing evening of rides, eating candy, and then fireworks and parade! It was a whirlwind, fairy tale day - every part of it was perfect, i wouldn't change a single thing.

When we got home, we had the mother of all parties... everyone in fancy dress and with a massive inside adult bouncy castle and a rodeobull - our wedding pictures playing on a projector and our wedding was then complete - I've just ordered a photo book of our wedding/holiday - here is a link if anyone would like to see it:



May 3, 2012
lol photos i can do :) we got sooo many

A good opening shot lol

Untraditional in so many ways lol Hubby helping me get ready

a pic of us on our villa balcony through the orb of Ash's cane

me and the kids out side the villa, ready for the limo

Ash peeping at us lol

before we set off

When we arrived at the grand floridian

Me and the girls ready to walk down the 'aisle'

the ceremony

Just after :)

my wedding shoes


and then after - the only time that you can go to MK legit in your wedding gear MNSSHP so we zombied up and off we went



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Jun 30, 2006
Love the pics!
You and Shannon (a Swan bride) are the reason I just HAD to have Randy as my photographer - I'd already been talking to him, but he posted some of your pics and some of Shannon and her husband's pics (my favorite is the superman monorail one!) and I saw how Randy brings out the personality of his subjects! I love how the pics are so uniquely you!
I love the halloween party so much - I'm so glad you all got to have the "reception" there - what incredible memories for you, your husband and your girls! It seems the cast member love when adults dress up for the party - I can only imagine the reception you all got when they found out it was your wedding day!
I'd also love to see pics of the at home party!
I love bouncy houses/water slides/etc!
  • halloween12

    May 3, 2012
    Ok lol here are a few tame ones of the reception lol
    First dance

    Some of our friends costumes

    This is my friend that made my dress

    On the bouncy castle

    On the bull, off the bull lol and then Giving him a hug

    And the wedding cake lol


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    Jun 30, 2006
    Ha! It definitely looks like you guys had a blast! :rotfl2:
    Love the cake and everyone's costumes - except for Chucky - that one creeps me out a bit!


    Nov 27, 2012
    Yay! these are fabulous pics. Randy is so good and some of the effects added to the shots are great; they're very 'arty'.

    I thought there was a definite 'no go' on wearing wedding attire in the parks? I couldn't help noticing a space mountain flight in there ... maybe the 'ban' is more in line of the 'blamanche' type dresses with yards of netting etc - a health and safety nightmare I should think....
  • halloween12

    May 3, 2012
    hahah yep he is dead at the bottom of a mountian of cake :)
    (I did actually nearly kill him the other day - found coffee granules in the sugar... i hate coffe lol :rotfl2: )

    We managed to get through a loop hole re: wedding attire in the parks and we booked tickets to Mickeys not so scary halloween party for the same night... as recommended on here as soon as i said that we were having a halloween wedding.
    Anyone attending the party can come in costume (there are a few restrictions eg nothing that may cause offence to other party go'ers nothing that trails on the ground etc) so we ruffed our hair up and blacked up our eyes and added a tinsy bit of blood and were allowed straight in in our wedding clothes, i just looped my dress over my wrist so that it wasnt trailing.
    We went to cinderells royal table for dinner at 4:20 and when we came out there were so many party goers in fancy dress, we felt positively underdressed - there were some AMAZING costumes and we just blended straight in.
    So i was able to get photopass photos in front of the castle, we asked at the rides and i was told that if i could get on then i could ride... so i made sure that i got on lol, we rode space mountain, buzz light year, its a small world, peter pan, haunted mansion...
    Then trick or treating at the candy stations, fire works and parade it was like a massive reception party.


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    Mar 29, 2011
    I've loved every single aspect of your wedding, you look like such an amazing family! It's so awesome to see your style of wedding on here as it's right up our street too :thumbsup2 Thanks for sharing everything, hope you stick around on here :goodvibes