Our First WDW Trip: Day 4-Cindy's, MK, EPCOT, Illuminations Cruise

Julia M

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Jun 10, 2000
The Family

Me: will turn 39 on this trip, the planner
Brian: dh, age 42, Disney Lover
Michael: almost 9, happy to miss a week of school
Emily: 6 1/2
Thomas: just turned 4
Grandma: my mom, 60ish
Papa: my dad, 60ish
Uncle Bob: my younger brother, single, Emily’s godfather

We got up early for our ressies at the castle. We got a call from my parents, and they were planning on being there (Bob will stay and sleep and rest) so we decided to meet in front of MK. They are only letting people from the resorts or with PS’s on the monorail this early.When we arrived at the TTC, I asked if we could ride in the front of the monorail, and since only 4 can, Brian took the kids. We waited and waited in front of the MK (My Mom and Dad had Michael’s pass, from yesterday) and they never showed. I am close to hysteria, as we can’t get all in without them. I go in with Michael and Emily, and leave Brian to wait with Thomas for my parents. We are taken into the waiting area, where the fairy Godmother is holding court. They rest of the family still hasn’t arrived and I am near tears with frustration and anger. FINALLY, finally, they arrive-someone at the TTC told my parents we wouldn’t have been allowed on the monorail without all of our passes, so they waited there. At this point, I am on the verge of a breakdown, and the waiting area is full of people, so we have to wait forever. Finally, our name is called, and we are escorted upstairs, where I finally begin to relax.

The characters are Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella, Snow White and Aladdin. Emily informs us her favorite character is Jasmine, so she is happy. We forgot Michael’s autograph book in the car, so I pull sheets out from my little notepad. The kids get autographs and much better interaction that at Crystal Palace, the food is good, and I am beginning to calm down.

Our plans change from my itinerary-we decide to stay in MK and head to EPCOT after our break. We head over to Buzz (a 10 minute wait) and get a FP for it, too. We ride Buzz, then ride again, using FP. I get 933,300 points, and makes sure everyone knows about it. I even make my mom check out my score 9she is in the car behind me) before we finish, so she can verify it. (I continue to gloat about this the entire trip!) We went to Splash Mountain and got a FP for 11:10 (it was 10:30) we poked around the shops, and I added items to the kids “lists”. (I had told them they couldn’t buy anything the first few days, but I would write down if they saw something they liked, along with the price and where it was, so they could decide how to spend their money)

I like the boats at Splash Mountain much better here than at DL. At DL, you sit behind people on a long seat, while at WDW, you sit side by side in your own seat. The kids loved Splash Mountain, and Thomas just made the height requirement (he is just 40 inches)

We drove home to nap and went back to Epcot for our PS at the Biergarten at 3:30. We rented a wheelchair for Bob. The food was good at the Biergarten, and at the end of our dinner there was a show. The kids were wearing their GOH badges and got a lot of attention from CM’s. We saw the American Adventure and the France movie (things Bob wanted to do) and then took the boat to the Yacht and Beach Club for our Illuminations Cruise. We had a little problem-they didn’t have our name. We were supposed to be at the Boardwalk. One of the drivers brought us over to the Boardwalk, so we didn’t have to wait for a boat. I am positive we were supposed to be at the Yacht and Beach Club, so I don’t know what happened. When we were taken to the Boardwalk, our captain was there, and everything was all right. What was kind of funny was that another group for an Illuminations Cruise also messed up-they were at the Boardwalk and were supposed to be at the Yacht Club, So, I wonder if our names were transposed when the reservations were given to the Captains, or something like that.

We cruised out to MGM, and then headed back to EPCOT. Illuminations was nice, and we felt like celebrities, being on the boats. We parked right near a patio area that was hosting a private party-a Prom. Emily loved seeing all of the girls dressed up. Since our car was parked at EPCOT, our Captain took us to the EPCOT dock, rather than the Boardwalk. It shortened the trip a bit, but between the kids (who were out late) and the wheelchair, we appreciated the convenience.

We headed home after a very nice evening.

Tomorrow: The Animal Kingdom and MGM


$6 Parking
$9.00 3 bottle straps
$31.65 3 EPCOT passports
$25 tip for boat Captain

(my parents paid for lunch/dinner at Biergarten and Illuminations Cruise)
I am really enjoying your trip reports. I also like to keep a tab of what I spend on vacation, it really helps me later figure my budget, so I am enjoying yours also.
Your situation in front of the Magic Kingdom sounds like my biggest nightmare - our family getting separated and not knowing where or how to regroup. My husband has been known to wander off - sometimes I even lose him at Wal-Mart and can't find him again!! :rolleyes: And Disney World is a whole lot bigger than Wal-Mart!:earseek:


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