Our First WDW Trip: Day 1-MK & Crystal Palace

Julia M

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Jun 10, 2000
The Family

Me: will turn 39 on this trip, the planner
Brian: dh, age 42, Disney Lover
Michael: almost 9, happy to miss a week of school
Emily: 6 1/2
Thomas: just turned 4

Day 2- Magic Kingdom

We dragged ourselves out of bed this morning much too early…arrived at the MK via Disney transportation about 8:15, after hearing that during peak seasons, all the parks open early to all guests (sometimes, anyway) Well, this was not one of those times. We killed time hanging out on Main Street, and then positioned ourselves at the castle, to race to Dumbo. We had a short wait for Dumbo (maybe 10 minutes) and then went off to the Pooh ride (which isn’t at Disneyland) Very cute. We walked by the Lion King show and decided to go in. While we enjoyed it, it wasn’t what we were expecting-I was anticipating more costumed characters, not puppets.

We then went to Crystal Palace for our 10:20 PS. When we got there, people were being told that only people with PS’s would be seated for breakfast at that point. I used this moment to remind my husband how lucky he was that I made PS’s (hee hee). It was so insanely crowded (people were everywhere) I thought we would wait forever, but it was only 10 minutes. Our waiter told us that the characters would come to us, and the direction they would come from, so we didn’t miss (he said it takes 1 ½ hours for them to make the rotation) anyone. Pooh was in the center of the restaurant, and you just lined up to see him. Tigger, Eyeore and Piglet came to the table. It seemed to me that the characters didn’t spend a lot of time at the table, but the kids were happy, so I didn’t worry about it.

After breakfast we headed to Tomorrowland and it was packed! I mean, the lines were outrageous! (At 11:45, the FP return time for Space Mountain was 5-6 p.m.) We hopped on Tomorrowland Transit Authority (which had no line) and the kids REALLY liked it. I think they liked the fact it went in the dark-Emily and Thomas felt like they were on a “big kids” ride. I hoped it might help “break them in” for other rides. We then did Carousel of Progress (again, a very short line) Brian and I liked it, but the kids weren’t too impressed.

We planned on heading to get a FP for Thunder or Space Mountain, but were sidetracked by the Tiki Room (another family favorite). So, I ran and got a FP for Jungle Cruise. Things were not nearly as crowded in other parts of the park as Tomorrowland. We tried to go see Pirates after the Tiki Room, but it was shut down. So, we just headed back to wait for the Jungle Cruise. The kids watched the Jungle Cruise boats. We have done them before at the Disneyland Hotel. Thomas had a ball just pretending to steer. Michael got lost when we went to this area-a big crowd separated us. Luckily, we had said to wait where you were if we get separated, and a few minutes later we realized he wasn’t there. When we backtracked, there he was on the steps. We profusely praised him for doing what we asked-he was a scared, but not much (thank goodness)

After Jungle Cruise, we headed back to Tomorrowland, got FP for Buzz (return time after 4:30) and left the park for PO. Brian took Michael and Emily to the pool, and I stayed back in the room while Thomas napped (okay, I napped too) Thomas was still asleep when they returned from the pool, so I took Michael and Emily back to the park (can’t waste those FP’s). I used our passes to get 3 more FP’s, so Brian and Thomas could ride when they made it back. The man behind me asked me the return time, and we chatted a minute. We got in line to ride Buzz, and a second or two later the same man came running over to me-I left one pass (7 day hoppper plus) in the machine! Thank you, nice man! Thank you, thank you! We LOVED Buzz. We rode Transit Authority again, waiting for Brian and Thomas (Emily really just loved it) and went to Cosmic Rays to eat. The guys buzzed us, and made their way over to us. They rode Buzz, and we went and got a spot for Spectromagic Parade. It was nice, but I like the Electrical Parade better. We headed out after the parade, as we were all still tired.

$5 Maid tip
$7.69 3 fat pens for autograph books
$71 Breakfast at Crystal Palace
$9.53 PO mug
$5 One beer at the PO pool
$30.42 dinner at Cosmic Rays (2 kids meals, 1 hot dog meal and Caesar salad, soup and sandwich-B & J shared)
$11.13 3 ice cream cones and one sundae (B & J shared)

I am enjoying reading your trip reports. For a first-timer family, you sure are hitting a lot of the highlights! I am happy to hear that your park pass was returned right away! :D


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