Our First Trip Report Day 9 & 10

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    May 1, 2002
    Day 9 Saturday 6th July
    Breakfast - Concierge (Polynesian)
    Lunch - Champagne & cake
    Dinner - California Grill (Contemporary)
    Thank you - It didn't rain
    Proud moment - Joe walking me to be Married & his Speech
    Dreamy - The whole day
    Dave had set the alarm to wake us all at 6.30, I answered the wake up call, it seems they are Advertising now rather than Mickey Up and at Ya!, I much prefer the old wake up call. Dave, David and me went for an early morning dip in the quiet pool, an invigorating swim and we were all ready to face this long awaited for day. We ate Breakfast in the concierge Lounge, Danish, bagels, muffins and fruit were enjoyed by all. Andy proves to be a laying in bed type of person, no way could we get him up for a swim or for breakfast although he does love his food, he's always eating and complaining he is getting too fat around his waist. Joe was laying in as always we will let him get up under his own steam. Every one decided to go different ways this morning, David went exploring, it his is first visit to Walt Disney World he went visiting hotels on the Monorail and took a trip across Bay Lake on a resort boat. Andy and Joe went to Downtown Disney, both were as prepared as ever, they went shopping for a wedding present for us. I spent some time on the beach with Dave then made my way to the Ivy Trellis, hairdressers in the Grand Floridian Resort.
    My hair stylist was a wonderful person her name is Regina, I would recommend to all of you to make a visit for that special night out, she kept me very entertained with her amusing stories and made a wonderful job of my hair, it was perfect, just how I wanted it for our big day. Dave walked down to the resort to meet me and we had a nice romantic walk back along the beach. You might have guessed by now that we are not sticklers for tradition, we did not worry about seeing each other on our wedding day and it didn't seem to make any difference at all. We all met up at the room at 12.15, we decided to open our cards and presents before our wedding. one of the cards had been filled with the holes from a hole punch, thousands of them were littered around the room after I threw them all over Dave, we even spotted them in the hotel corridor later in the day. it was soon time for everyone to get changed, Dave and Joe looked ever so handsome in their outfits and I felt very grand in my dress. We made our way down to the Lobby to meet Michelle our Wedding Co-ordinator at 2.15. The Reverend Jack Day Officiated at our wedding, he is such a charming man with quiet a few stories to tell to keep everyone amused and the nerves at bay. Michelle had also brought all the flowers, yellow roses in everyone's buttonhole and my bouquet which was lovely. David, Andy and the Reverend Jack were taken around to Sunset Point in an electric car and then Michelle came back for us.
    The sky was gorgeous, the waves were lapping against the Sandy shore and the Palm trees swayed in the gentle breeze. Dave walked up the path and turned to face in my direction, when he reached the Reverend Jack, he watched Joe escort me towards them whilst a lone violin played When you wish Upon a Star, I felt very proud, happy and so much in Love, all at the same time. Andy video recorded our wedding and David took lots of Photographs our memories will last forever. When the ceremony was over we enjoyed cake and champagne, I had to laugh when we were asked to give each other cake to eat, this is not a tradition in Great Britain, and it came back to mind how we have seen this on many an American film. Joe then made an excellent speech it brought tears to both our eyes, he is such an excellent son we both love him so. Next we went for our first dance, Cinderella's Waltz with Cinderella's Castle as our backdrop, this is what dreams are made of. Time to use our Stretch Limo, it was waiting outside the Hotel lobby. Big debates had been had as to how we would use our time in the Limo we finally decided that we would visit all our favourite Disney Resorts for photographs, we could have been married at any of these, when you look at our photographs. Andy and David had photographs taken of them both inside and out of the Limo to show all their friends back home what Super Stars they are. Joe decided that he wanted to go to McDonalds Drive through, in a Stretch, we managed to talk him out of this idea LOL.
    Back at the Hotel we got changed, David Andy and Joe went for a swim whilst Dave and I went to take our films to be developed, we couldn't wait to see the results we also collected the cake, cake topper and our Disney Wedding Certificate signed by Mickey and Minnie wow!!. There was far too much cake for our small group so we gave what was left of the bottom layer to the concierge staff to share. We all met back in the room and then made our way to the California Grill for dinner, we had requested with our Wedding Co-ordinator a Fireworks view we weren't let down. Dave had Goats cheese ravioli followed by Pork, I had Blue cheese and pecan salad followed by chicken, Joe had flatbread followed by Steak, Andy had mussels followed by Soft backed crab and David had Asparagus followed by Soft back crab. What a laugh watching Andy eating the crab, when he ordered it he didn't know what to expect, it is a complete cooked crab and you eat it all, we could tell by the look on his face that he was not enjoying it, but we shared crepes and butterscotch Brulee for desert we all enjoyed those. We saw the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom during our meal and went out onto the rooftop walkway what a view at night a great end to our most Magical day ever at Walt Disney World. Back to our room as Mr & Mrs Clay.

    Day 10 Sunday 7th July
    Breakfast - Wedding cake & Coffee (in room)
    Lunch & Dinner - Snacking all the way around Epcot.
    Love Time -Lots of first Kisses
    Tired time - Nodding off in the American Adventure
    Fooling around - Joe and Dave on the Poly Beach Swings
    Dave says he is a new man, we got up at 6.30 myself, Dave and David went for a swim in the quite pool. On our way back to the room we collected plates, spoons and coffee all round woke up Andy and Joe for breakfast. What a pain it is trying to get Andy up I've never known anyone want to lie in bed so much (except Joe), Joe decided that he would meet us in the park at 11.00, anything to stay in bed. This is the only day we would be staying in a park all day, we all get ready for the marathon then on the Monorail to Epcot.
    Today will be first kiss day, I will kiss Dave at lots of different places, our first kisses as Mr & Mrs Clay. We all head straight to Test Track, to get Fast Passes then head round to Spaceship Earth, Andy loves this ride and we all here cooing noises coming from his direction, what a big softy. The lads take half an hour in Innovations while I catch up with my journal, then we head back to Test Track, while they are on Test Track I wander around Mouse Gear. We head for Ice Station Cool to meet Joe at 11 o'clock, Dave tries to get everyone to drink Beverly but they are not having it, you can't kid kidders. We notice that the Electric Umbrella is open and head round for breakfast we all share Hot-dogs and Burgers. We track back to Ellen's Universe of Energy, Dave loves this ride, he says it immerses you into the whole adventure, onto Honey I Shrunk the Audience, we all giggle at the special effects it's great when the dog decides to blow his nose. Past the jumping fountains to The Imagination Ride, I just can't get enough of Figment and buy Dave a pin for his collection.
    Off to the World Showcase, we walked up the path that is surrounded by roses, some of them are getting a bit past their sell by date however the smell is gorgeous. We are going around the World Showcase anticlockwise for a change and all decide that we are going to share a Drink of the National beer from every Country and I am going to get a stamp from every Country in my Journal. We shared a Labbatts at Canada, Dave, David and Andy went to watch the Circle vision whilst Joe and I wandered around the shops. Joe then decided he was going back to the room for a swim I would meet him later in the day. Next stop the UK, we all shared a glass of Bass (this is Dave's favourite drink back home) and caught the end of the British Invasion show, not my favourite. Over the bridge to France, the white statue is out we have great laughs watching everyone's reaction, its great. The lads share a beer and we all wander around the perfume shops to try on different fragrances. Off to Morocco for a beer and some food at the Tangierine Café. We all decided to share three wraps Lamb, Chicken and Vegetarian the food in here is unusual but very tasty. Onto Japan, the drinking stopped here everyone decided they were feeling a little tipsy, non of us are great drinkers. The shopping in japan is great so many different items, lots of them obviously from a different culture, Dave is fascinated by the musical clocks and nearly buys one, he calls me an impulsive shopper! The United States of America came next Andy decided to have a plate of Funnel cake which we all shared whilst watching Shockwave. It wasn't really my cup of tea but Dave really enjoyed it, he likes to listen to Brass instruments this was him, in his musical element. Next round the American Adventure, we listened to the Liberty singers who were brilliant as ever. Andy decided to fall asleep in the show, when you look around you can see quite a few people nodding. Dave really likes this show he must have watched it over 25 times over the years. 6.15 already I make my way to Mexico to meet Joe
    Dave, Andy and David tour Italy and we meet up outside Germany. In between times the Tapestry of Dreams Parade passed everyone, Its great watching the dancers when they interact with the children, they make everyone oh so happy I can still here the music playing. Onto China, Dave, Andy and David went to the theatre presentation they all watched the acrobats and came back amazed at the youngster who did the plate spinning. While they were watching Joe and I went shopping followed by watching the second showing of Tapestry of Dreams. it was starting to get near to 8.15 so we headed back to Germany to get our spot for the show. Just outside Germany is an excellent place for the show everything is viewed from a clear horizon with railings to lean on as well ahh bliss. Dave decided we would all share Hot-dogs and Pretzels from Germany washed down with a cool glass of Beck's Beer. This time of the evening is fantastic, the sun sets over the Horizon, the lights and gas lamps come on all around the World Showcase, everyone is so happy and chatty, this is what good times are made of. Illuminations were as brilliant - amazing - magical - out of this world - Wow as ever. We rushed as quick as we could from the park, onto the Monorail and we were sat on the beach at our resort waiting for the Magic Kingdom fireworks. Dave and Joe decided to fool around on the beach swings, both of them ended up on their backsides, moaning. We all went round to O’HANAS bar to finish the evening off with a cocktail, we also collected our Wedding Photo's which had now been developed. They are excellent, David has done ever such a good job with them, he is a sound engineer maybe he should try his hand at Camera work. I hope this dreamy wedding feeling never goes away, what a splendid day we have all had.
  2. pumba


    Dec 28, 1999
    all of your memories will always be that grand....just wonderful.....thanks so much for your report
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  4. Nanajo1

    Nanajo1 DIS Veteran

    Sep 23, 1999
    I've been reading all your posts. Your wedding day had me breathless. It sounded so beautiful. Best Wishes for every happiness.
  5. nutz4dzny

    nutz4dzny Been there, done that, going back to WDW again!

    Oct 31, 1999
    WoW!!!! What a Magical Day you had! So many memories! Thanks for sharing your special time with us! My 25th is coming up and I would like to get my Wedding Vows Renewed at WDW! We did honeymoon there!!!!! You made me think seriously about this! Thanks again!!!!!
  6. Krissalee

    Krissalee DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2001
    Jane, what a beautiful wedding day! I wish you and Dave a lifetime of happiness!:D

    Epcot is my favorite park! What a special memory to spend your first day as husband and wife at such a special place!

    :earsgirl: Krissy
  7. KayleeUK

    KayleeUK Still here.....

    Oct 9, 1999
    What a lovely wedding. Any chance of seeing some pictures :D

  8. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    Very nice wedding, congratulations!

    Pumba is such a softy;)

    I agree, how about some pictures?!?!

    Thanks for sharing your magical experience!

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