Our First Trip Report Day 5 & 6

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    May 1, 2002
    Day 5 Tuesday 2nd July
    Breakfast - Dunkin Donuts/Kona Café
    Lunch - Islands of Adventure
    Dinner Mayo Grill/Peppermarket (Coronado Springs)
    Dry Moment - Joe behind Dave on the Log ride
    Heaven Moment - Sitting on the Polynesian Beach
    We woke up a 7.00, today we are going to split up, I am going to have a leisurely day whilst Dave & Joe are going to Universal, they are both great coaster nuts and need the Adrenaline rush at least once per vacation. So today we will split the journal.
    I had a slow morning getting ready, catching up with my journal then a bus to the Magic Kingdom. A quick transfer to the Grand Floridian. This is a gorgeous resort, we have never stayed here I know that one day we will. I looked around the shops, there wasn't much available in the gift shops relating to weddings, I was quite surprised considering the amount of Brides, Grooms and guests that must pass. There were some beautiful dresses in one of the shops, I needed a new dress but couldn't make up my mind which to buy. Next a walk to the Polynesian, this is my favourite resort it always feels very relaxing, leaves me without a care in the world. I was getting hungry so I bought a Banana nut loaf and orange juice from the Kona Café bakery and wandered down to the beach. Heaven (a late breakfast on the beach, sun, sand, waves lapping on the shore and birds singing in the trees) who needs a tropical paradise? While I was lazing I wrote postcards to the folks back home, Dave always finds this a chore, I enjoy writing about a few of our vacation experiences. Back into the Poly to book a PS for O'Hanas for the evening of the 4th of July, we have decided to watch the evening fireworks from the Polynesian beach, following reading posts on the Dis Discussion Boards. I needed to contact Michelle (Our Disney Wedding Co-ordinator) to ensure that all was on track for our wedding, I left a message on her answer phone. I am not worrying too much about the wedding arrangements at this moment, but I do hope Andy and Dave arrive ok from the Florida Keys. Andy is such a laugh and we are relying on them both for our wedding Photographs. Back to the Grand Floridian to buy the dress, I had decided which dress to buy and went for it. Back to our resort a spell on a hammock catching the sun followed by that never ending chore of washing some clothes. The guest laundry was near at hand and I have always found it easier to do a couple of washes rather than bringing too many clothes on vacation. Soon be time for Dave & Joe to arrive back.
    Gave Jane a big kiss and we were on our way to Universal. Jane is not a big fan of fast rides and full days out in the Parks, so Joe and myself used up a couple of days, that were left over on tickets from our last visit. First we had to eat, Joe loves donuts he has fond memories from previous vacations so we had to stop on International Drive at Dunkin Donuts. Eight donuts and a large coffee later we were winging our way to Universal. it cost seven dollars to park I'm glad we stay on site now, we don't have this hassle at Disney. Our first stop was the Islands of Adventure, the crowds were all going into the left hand side of the park so we headed right towards the Duelling Dragons coaster. There was no line at all, straight on and off Four times 2 on Fire and 2 on Ice, what a thrill we love these coasters. No window shopping without Jane, straight round to the Jurassic Park ride, it is fun but no match to Splash Mountain. Feeling rather dry we walked to the Log flume in the toon area, a small wait and we were boarding a log. Sometimes I don't think, Joe ensured he stayed behind me in line, so as we boarded I was at the front (looking to get wet) and Joe was behind me s******ing that he would be staying dry. It didn't help that two large adults were in the same log, the collective weight must have been over 50 stones. Of course the log was low in the water the slightest downhill section caused what seemed like 10 gallons of water to splash onto my lap. We exited the ride and I aimed at the sunniest spot I could find, to dry out, took off my shirt and wrung out a few pints of water LOL. I was soaked Joe was laughing, time to get my own back, we went straight onto the rapids ride. This seems to be just as wet as the flume, I remained in the same condition I boarded the ride Joe came of just as wet, Hurrah. The lines for Spiderman, tower of Doom and The Hulk were all over a 45 minute wait so we both decided to walk round to the next park and dry off on the way.
    We went on the following attractions, Twister, Kong, back to the future and the Terminator which was the best of them all. Two shows, the Horror make up show and Beetlejuice which we both had a good sing along too. The time was getting on for 4pm, guess what - the heavens opened up so we made our way back to the parking lot and called it a day. Back to Jane.
    We all met up in the room at around 5.30. Michelle rang and we discussed the wedding plans, we are to meet up at 2.30 on our wedding day in the lobby at the Polynesian, Dave says he is getting more and more nervous by the hour. Dave and I went to the Maya grill for Dinner, I wasn't hungry and only had soup, Dave ate the special of the day (Veal steak) and Joe went to the Pepper Market for Chicken. A slow walk back to our room around the lake and into bed for the night, except for Joe who as you know by now, went swimming.

    Day 6 Wednesday 3rd July
    Breakfast - Peppermarket (Coronado Springs)
    Lunch - Lottawatta lodge (Blizzard Beach)
    Dinner - Brown Derby (MGM)
    LOL Dave's surprise finding a stick in his Dessert
    Disgusted moment - people leaving the show before the end
    Up and about at 7.30, we are going to Blizzard Beach today, I hope it stays sunny. Breakfast at the Pepper Market, Dave had oatmeal and toast, I kept my sweet tooth going with a Pecan sticky bun and Joe had a bacon, eggs and hash brown, refilled our mugs with a cold drink and on our way to the bus stop. We arrived just after the Park had opened, I was surprised that the level of security here wasn't the same as at the main Parks, only spot checks were done on bags. Down to change, hire a locker and cream up for a sunny day. We went up to the summit on the chairlift, single rider lines seem to be everywhere now, it does make sense but sometimes you don't want to share with a stranger. At the top Dave and Joe decided to go on Summit Plummet but when they reached the line they changed their minds and took the quicker line and descended on the Slush Gusher, they walked back to the top and we all went on the Teamboat Springs, this is a fun ride we laughed all the way down, trying to steer the raft into any wave we could find. A lazy relax in the Cross Country Creek was now in order, I love relaxing in a tube whilst slowly drifting through Disney scenery. Of course this was interrupted as Joe tried to steer both Dave and me under the cold water streaming down inside the tunnel, he was successful getting Dave but listened to my protests and left me alone, what fun. A 20 minute swim in the wave pool later and we were sunning ourselves in the red hot sun. We were soon starting to get very hot so it was time to leave the park. We do take notice of the warnings about too much sun, nothing could ruin a good vacation more than a couple of days in bed with sunburn. We lunched at Lottawatta lodge I shared a Chicken wrap with Dave whilst Joe decided he wasn't too hungry, he would finish off some character cookies when he got back to the room.
    We relaxed in our room for a while, caught up with a few chores then made our way to MGM. We went straight round to Fast Pass the Millionaire show, we were again astounded that a line was starting to form for the next show in 55 minutes that we had just got a Fast Pass for. Walked through One Mans Dream, this is a great celebration of the life and work of Walt Disney there are some fascinating Imagineering exhibits and the film at the end of the Attraction is very illuminating about Walt's Achievements. We were getting very nervy about missing our Fast Pass time as we left One Mans Dream, we only just made our time with 2 minutes to spare. We didn't get anywhere near the scoreboard in the show however the teenager who was in the chair was quite a bright spark and made it to the 3rd prize level. We walked around the shops for a while then made our way to the Brown Derby, which we had made a PS reservation for earlier in the day. Dave ate Steak followed by Banana pudding, you should have seen the look on his face when he pulled a stick out of his desert, must be running short of Bananas he said, LOL. Joe decided to try the Pork followed by Chocolate cake with brittle nut topping and I had Grouper (which was gorgeous) followed by brulee. Joe decided to call it a day, he does tend to get a bit grumpy, when he has been in the sun all day unlike Dave who gets Sleepy and I get a bit Bashful (well at least my cheeks get red). Onto the Fantasmic show, we sat down about 1 hour before the show was starting, even though there were 2 shows on that night the auditorium was already over half full. The atmosphere is great at this show, it is fun just relaxing and watching the antics of the guests all around us. The crowd attempted a couple of Mexican Waves however I think most folk were hot and sticky, the waves fizzled out pretty quickly. The show was excellent we had a great seat about half way around at the back, the view was Fantasmic. A bit of a gripe here, why do people get up to leave the show early? To get out quickly or to spoil the end of the show for everyone else, come on people there is plenty of time, don't rush. Anyway, out of the Park and back to the room, Joe is relaxing on his bed and doesn't take long to don his swimming shorts and head towards the pool. Good night.
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    Dec 28, 1999
    I know what you mean about the people who leave Fantasmic early....we just love that show.....and the joy of sitting in reserved seats....I just love it.....thanks again.....
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    Oct 26, 2001
    How could anyone leave Fantasmic early??? I savor every moment and just thinking of Mickey saying "Some imagination, huh." at the end makes me tear up. (What a sap I am)
  5. Krissalee

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    Feb 3, 2001
    I love One Man's Dream - the highlight of Disney Studios!

    Thanks for sharing another great report!

    :earsgirl: Krissy
  6. KayleeUK

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    Oct 9, 1999
    Thanks for sharing - I love Fantasmic :D

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    Aug 18, 2001
    Have yet to experience One Man's Dream OR Fantasmic:(

    Looking forward to it in October (I'll be looking for you Kaylee;) )

    Thanks for another great report!

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