Our First Trip Report Day 13, 14 & 15

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    May 1, 2002
    Day 13 Wednesday 10th July.
    Breakfast - Concierge (Polynesian)
    Lunch - Ghiradellis (Downtown Disney)
    Dinner - Brewing Works (Boardwalk)
    Trapped - By rain in the magic kingdom
    Joe's saying of the day - Its only water
    We didn't bother with a swim again this morning, I wasn't hungry so while Joe and Dave had breakfast I went for a swing on the beach, its so relaxing early on, listening to the far away noise of anticipation as the River boats crossed Bay Lake with lots of happy people on board. Dave joined me and we all took in the early morning sun. First stop the Magic Kingdom, we walked to the Grand Floridian and caught the monorail to Magic. I got Chip and Dales autograph in Town Square. We went for a bounce with Tigger on Poohs ride, ran away from the wicked Queen with Snow White then rode the Carousel pretending to be Mary Poppins. Peter Pans flight was closed for some reason so we made our way to Splash Mountain. This ride was as fantastic as ever, as we made our way off it started to rain and the clouds looked very threatening so we decided to make our way out of the park. As we were walking through main street shops the blackest cloud in the world descended over the Magic Kingdom, a monsoon. Every one was trapped, we had fun watching guests make decisions whether or not to get wet, people were streaming into the Magic Kingdom lots of them drenched, just as if they had jumped into Typhoon Lagoon.
    We went back to our room caught up with Joe and decided to go to Downtown Disney to do our gift shopping. We tend to do most of our shopping in one hit to maximise the American Express discount. We ate a chocolate lunch in Ghiradellis Dave had a Cable car, joe a hot fudge sundae and I had a Strawberry milk shake and a taste of Dave's and Joe's. While we were in the World of Disney Joe saw a lady get arrested for shoplifting, I suppose this goes on a lot but you don't expect to see that kind of thing. After we had bought most of the presents we went to Virgin, on Westside, to buy a Jazz cd for ourselves, this is really a massive shop, I have never seen as many cds for sale under one roof we also got discount using our Annual Pass, then back to our room for a swim. Dave decided to have a beer at the Pool bar I joined him and had a Pina Colada followed by a long laze on the beach.
    We decided to eat on the Boardwalk tonight so we caught the Monorail to magic and a bus to the Yacht Club. This resort area is really nice it always seems very peaceful and has its own kind of splendour. We walked round to the Boardwalk watching the magician do a few card tricks for a while and enjoying the atmosphere of the place. We decided to try the Brewing Works for dinner, no problem getting a seat. We started by sharing chips and Salsa then Dave had Ribeye steak, Joe had New York steak and I had Chicken and Pasta. The portions were very big in here, no one managed to finish their meals. It was 8.30 when we left the Brewing Works so we decided to catch Illuminations for the last time on this trip, we walked through the International gateway and stood behind a group of people outside Canada, we saw the lights come up out of the rocks before the show then for the first time we have ever witnessed, someone got the continuity of the show wrong. When the show introduction finished the gas torches didn't go out for about ten seconds, after they were blown out, it didn't spoil the show one bit. We again made it down to the Polynesian beach in time for the fireworks and finished off the night with a liqueur from the concierge lounge. Dave and myself collapsed into bed after another fantastic Disney day, Joe went for a swim.

    Day 14 Thursday 11th July
    Breakfast - 1900 Park Fayre
    Lunch - Concierge (Polynesian)
    Dinner - Kona Café (Polynesian)
    Must do Again - Park fayre breakfast
    Jazz Club - Had no jazz but a fantastic voice only group
    Our last full day on vacation, we are all finding it harder to get up in the mornings. We went to meet the characters from the Character bus in the Lobby, we caught Rafiki and Pluto, back to the room to get Joe out of bed then we made our way to the Grand Floridian, along the beach walkway, for our 9.50 PS. The characters were out in the Grand Floridian lobby, Goofy was running around the balcony acting very Goofy and the Queen of Hearts was trying her best to keep the lines of children in order with some stern looks LOL. The food at the Character Breakfast was all you can eat and a splendid meal was had by all. We got autographs from. Pooh, Piglet, Alice, Eyore and Mary Poppins the Mad Hatter was also present but didn't make it to our table. We have had character meals at most locations in Walt Disney World and both decided that this was the best yet. if you have chance make a reservation for this one, most excellent.
    We walked back to the Polynesian, Dave and Joe took out a water sprite while I sat on the beach taking in the sun, I could stay here forever. Joe had a date with Gina his New York babe at 12 o'clock, they went to Disney Quest while Dave and I went swimming and sunbathing for two hours, we had a nice relaxing time, ahh bliss. We took a boat trip to the Wilderness Lodge in the afternoon, we had decided that we would eat at Artists Point on this vacation but sadly never made, we will next time. As we left it looked very much like rain so we caught a bus to Epcot to finish off our gift shopping. We bought Charlotte a lovely bracelet in China then made our way back to the Polynesian, to start packing for the return journey home. When we got back to the room we found a large bar of chocolate on our bed with a picture of the Polynesian resort on it, what a nice thought.
    We ate Dinner in the Kona Café Dave had Oriental Noodles, Joe had Chicken Caesar and I had Mahi Mahi, the food was excellent and we finished off with a Banana Brulee to share between us, yum. Joe then went back to the room to arrange to meet Gina while (It must be Love) while Dave and I went to Pleasure Island to catch some Jazz on our last night. There was no jazz tonight at the jazz Club a band called Toxic Audio was playing, we ended up watching 2 and a half sets, they were very good and funny with it, we haven't seen the Jazz Club this full for a while. Dave drank a Martini and I had a Raspberry Royale, the service was very slow tonight I don't think they were expecting it to be so busy. One thing we do miss at Pleasure Island is the Country music venue, please Disney bring it back. One packed bus later and we were falling into our bed, ever so tired.

    Day 15 Friday 12th July
    Breakfast - Concierge (Polynesian)
    Lunch - Cosmic Rays (Magic Kingdom)
    Dinner - On the Plane
    Planning - Joe makes arranges a rendezvous
    Reality check - Back to the UK today.
    Oh no! home today, Dave set the alarm for 6 o'clock we both woke up and went for a swim. Took some coffee back to the room woke Joe up then went for breakfast in the lounge. We finished packing the final bits, Dave got a bit worried that we would exceed our luggage allowance, never mind it is all worth it. We had our luggage collected and sent to the car. We decided to spend our last few hours in the Magic Kingdom, we made our way there by monorail. Through security and caught the Walt Disney World railroad round to Splash Mountain. Joe sat in the front and Dave got wet by the little waterfall near the end of the ride, we always manage to seat him on the right hand side. A quick ride on Thunder Mountain and we caught the train round to ToonTown. We walked up the small path to Tomorrowland where Dave and Joe got Fast Passes for Space Mountain. A quick ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority then we joined the line for Buzz Lightyear. Although the posted wait was for 30 minutes we were riding in ten. Dave beat everyone, I think he has been cheating and finding out where to score high, on the Internet. Dave and Joe went onto Space Mountain while I looked around Mickey's Star Traders and caught some sun. It started to rain, not too heavy, so we made our way to Cosmic Rays for lunch. Dave likes this place he reckons the fast food beats anything the burger chains have to offer and he likes the futuristic show inside, hey nobody's perfect. As the rain eased off we made our way through the castle to Adventureland for a ride on the Pirates of the Caribbean, I decided to shop while the lads went on, Dave came off a little wet with a big help from Joe. Time to leave we made our way to the Polynesian and while Dave sorted the car I bought some muffins for at the airport from Captain Cooks Snack bar.
    There was an enormous queue when we finally reached the Airport and our plane was going to be two hours late to boot not to worry. Goodbye America we will see you again soon.
  2. Annie&Hallie'sMom

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    Oct 26, 2001
    What a wonderful long trip. But I bet it flew by (it sure did as I read it all).

    Congratulations on your wedding.
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  4. u4ik

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    Feb 29, 2000
    Thanks for posting about your vacation and wedding. It all sounded like fun. I really appreciated to hear about the polynesian since we will be eating there this year on our trip and was wondering how it would be. Congratulations!
  5. Nanajo1

    Nanajo1 DIS Veteran

    Sep 23, 1999
    What a wonderful trip. Thanks for psoting.
  6. Krissalee

    Krissalee DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2001
    What a fantastic trip! I really enjoyed each and evert day!! Your wedding day seems spectacular!! I wish you and Dave a lifetime of happiness! I hope Joe is happy, too! ;)

    :earsgirl: Krissy
  7. SoMoGo

    SoMoGo Earning My Ears

    Sep 1, 2002
    Thanks for the great trip report. May you and Dave have many more happy times. Joe too;)
    I enjoyed reading about your wedding adventure.
  8. the Legend

    the Legend Master of Attractions and TourGuide Hopeful!

    Jun 2, 2001
    Enjoyed your TR immensely!
    And a late congratulations to you, Mr and Mrs Clay.
    I do look forward to reading about your future adventures at WDW!
  9. KayleeUK

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    Oct 9, 1999
    Thank you for posting your reports :D

  10. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    Thanks so much for your great reports!

    Looking forward to your next ones (December wasn't it?)!

    Thanks again for sharing your magical wedding with us!

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