Our First Trip Report Day 11 & 12

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    May 1, 2002
    Day 11 Monday 8th July
    Breakfast Concierge (Polynesian)
    Lunch Concierge (Polynesian)
    Dinner Boma (Animal Kingdom Lodge)
    Flowers - My rose blooms are brill
    Dreamy - Talked to Snow White and Princess Aurora
    LOL - Kids in Boma
    Dave woke up early in the morning and went for a swim and swing on the beach all on his own. he came back to the room with a tray of coffee to wake us all up. He has a new theory now, the longer you are awake, the longer your vacation lasts. We all tried to get Andy up to go for breakfast he steadfastly refuses to get out of bed so Dave and Joe pick up his mattress and tip him out of bed. I put the laundry on then we all go to the lounge to eat breakfast, fruit, pastries, juice and coffee, Dave had his newly discovered oatmeal. Andy is flying back to the UK today he just wishes he could stay, never mind we will be back just before Christmas. David is also leaving carrying on with his around the world tour, he is dropping Andy off at the airport and driving North, we said our farewells, on with our vacation. I keep looking at the roses Dave gave me, the blooms are getting bigger by the day they are ever so pretty. We were looking for a Disney photo album to put our wedding photos into this morning, round to the Grand Floridian shops, no luck here so tried the Magic Kingdom.
    The Town Square Exposition Hall didn't have anything suitable either, we decided to wait until we got home to buy our album. While we were in the hall I got autographs from Snow White and Princess Aurora because there was no line I was also able to have a little chat with them both ever such amiable CMs. The Magic Kingdom was packed today so we made our way to the Contemporary Resort to nosey round the shops we stopped off at the bar and relaxed, looking over Discovery Island, drinking Strawberry shortcake milk shakes. We got back to our room for 1.00, just in time the heavens really opened up.
    Joe decided he needed a roller coaster fix so we caught a bus to MGM studios, Dave and Joe went on Rock n Roller Coaster followed by the Tower of Terror, Dave says he loves watching the expressions of anticipation on the youngsters faces as he goes through the ride, I think he screams louder than anyone when the elevator drops. We stopped off at Prime Time for a beer, must eat here again one day, we had ever so much fun last time. Dave traded a few Pins before we left the Park and he struck lucky he was given a Pin Traders pin by a CM, one of the boss CMs judging his attire. We all sat down for twenty minutes to people watch, everyone seems in a rush this afternoon. Back to the Polynesian, we shared a small plate of Sushi from the Concierge Lounge then got changed for our night out at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. This is one of the things we love about Walt Disney World, you can transfer yourself from the tropical beach setting of the Polynesian to the lush Savannahs of the African plane in only fifteen minutes.
    We arrived at the Lodge and made our way through that beautiful lobby to the viewing area. We saw Zebra, Giraffe, Ankole Cattle and Impala one little girl was saying that the biggest of the Cattle was the King nobody would beat him LOL. We stood by and listened to a segment of the story which was been told around the campfire, we have to come back here to stay one year. Time for our PS in Boma, the restaurant wasn't too crowded tonight, the food is all you can eat and did we eat a lot, sampled too much to mention, however the potato and bacon soup was excellent along with the Coconut tiramasu, Joe (for a change) ate beef and beef and more beef. After our meal we sat relaxed in the lobby seats for a while, just took in the fantastic architecture and theme of the whole area. We caught a bus back to the Magic Kingdom and we were soon in the Concierge Lounge eating cakes and liqueurs, we have made real pigs of ourselves tonight, there's contentment for you. Out for the fireworks at 10.00, Joe went for a swim, tonight's the night he made friends with a girl from New York, not another girlfriend, Ah well time for bed.

    Day 12 Tuesday 9th July
    Breakfast - Concierge (Polynesian)
    Lunch - Concierge (Polynesian)
    Dinner - Snacking at Epcot
    Saying - This is our favourite day Funday!
    Funny - Joe gets mimicked on the bus
    We all slept in a little today, no early swimming for Dave as we are going to Typhoon Lagoon. Breakfast was in the Concierge fruit, pastries and oatmeal then off we go to sunbathe and swim. We dropped off some films on our way out of our hotel, this is still proving a cheap option with the badges to trade. It was a cloudy start to the day, we hired a locker, changed and made our way to the sunbeds, we were fairly early and there was no problem finding a promising location. Dave and Joe went on the Humunga Kowabunga speed slides then we all went on the Storm Slides, these slides are fun twisting and turning before dumping you in exit pool. Over the mountain trail for a ride on Gang Plank Falls then onto the Lazy River for a spot of relaxation. Joe was his usual self in the lazy river annoying both Dave and me by constantly threatening to tip us. I got really annoyed when he tipped me out and I banged my head on the bottom of river, I don't think he will try that again. We rode a few waves in the surf pool and guess what it started to rain, it looked as if there would be no let up for quite awhile so we made our way back to our resort.
    We had a great laugh on the bus, a few small kids recognized Joe from the Pool at the Polynesian and started teasing him. They asked him if his name was Ben, where do you get that from he was asked, it says Ben Sherman on his shirt LOL. It didn't stop there either one of the lads, Ryan, decided to mimic Joe's every movement for at least 15 minutes it was fun seeing Joe trying not to move a muscle, he could do nothing about it and was the first person off the bus. Dave went to collect the Photos, some of which were disappointing, we had purchased the fastest film possible to catch the fireworks, it didn't work out.
    After cookies and coffee at the concierge we made our way to Epcot, you have most likely worked out by now that this is our favourite park. First stop Innovations to send a video postcard to Andy, Dave decided to catch up with drinking a beer in every Country by going clockwise round this time, first stop Mexico. A ride on the Rio del Tiempo, those fibre optic fireworks are ever so pretty, followed by a Margarita for me and a beer for Dave. Next stop Norway Dave had a beer while I got a stamp in our journal, on to China. Dave decided that he was drinking too fast at this point and would have to stop if he was going to make it through the evening. We did a bit of window shopping in China there are some fantastic gifts in this shop, I spend a considerable amount of time deciding what gifts to take home, the kidsstop in China stamped my journal with the year of the dog (1958), the year in which both Dave and I were born. Straight past Germany, the line at the kidsstop was quite long, they must have had a real fun attraction for the kids, and on to Italy. Joe bought ice creams all round. the day was getting very hot now, so we decided to sit down in the shade when we reached Morocco, Dave decided to share a Lamb wrap with everyone. At the United Kingdom we shared fish and chips, I must admit that the meal was just as good as fish and chips back home. Joe decided to go back to the room, we would meet him later after Illuminations. Dave and I made our way back round to Germany to watch get our favourite spot to watch the show, stopping in the USA to purchase a Coffee Latte each. I finally managed to get my German stamp, now my collection was complete. The park had been very busy during the day so we were early claiming our place (8.00), I'm glad we did because most other people had the same Idea. We watched the evening Tapestry of Dreams parade and settled down to watch illuminations another fantastic evening. Because of the crowds Dave decided he would take a short cut back, past Test track, not to be there was a CM stopping anyone cutting through. We made our way to the Monorail and were packed like sardines in a tin, we were also just in time to catch the Magic Kingdom fireworks. We have never seen as many firework displays ever, as we have on this vacation. Back to our room, Joe had decided to collect two full plates of cakes from the lounge earlier in the evening so we made pigs of ourselves before crashing out for the night, another amazing day.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    I'm so glad your day was so nice. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)
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    I'm enjoying your reports! I'm a year of the dog, 1958, too!:)
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    Feb 3, 2001
    I love Boam and AKL! We will be staying there in December!

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful trip with us!

    :earsgirl: Krissy
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    Oct 9, 1999
    We are trying Boma's in Oct :D

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    Aug 18, 2001
    Thanks for another great report!

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