Our first trip home to SSR

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by lubyshell, Jul 21, 2004.

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    Jun 1, 2001
    We went home to SSR from 7/11-7/17. It was myself, DH and DS(11). We requested and received a one bedroom non smoking unit facing DT Disney (Room 2545). The room was ready when we arrived at 11 am.

    Aesthetically speaking the resort will be beautiful once it is completed, however there are a few issues that Disney needs to address.

    Restaurants - Artist's Palette just did not do it for us, the menu is very limited and not kid friendly at all. Perhaps they should open a take out window by the pool that served ice cream, burgers, hot dogs, etc like in OKW

    Pools - We made use of the quiet pool due to the proximity of it to our room, I was coming off a foot injury and the walk to the main pool was a bit of a distance. We actually saw alot of people using the bus to go from Congress Park to the main pool.

    Also with all the rooms being built I would hope that there will be a few more pools built to accomodate everyone

    Transportation Service - for the most part was great, ecxept for one evening when we were going to OKW. 4 boats passed us by and waved but did not stop and No they were not full to capacity. We walked to the front desk to explain and a very nice CM actually drove us over.

    Overall we had a nice time, but I do not know if I LOVE or feel that magic at SSR

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    Jul 17, 2002
    I pretty much expressed the same sentiments about SSR in my trip report. We were there July 15 - 18 in room 2411 and while the view was awesome, we just didn't "feel" like we were at Disney. We also made use of the quiet pool on Saturday and totally agree with your assessment of Artist's Palette. We ate OFF site instead.

    I also agree with you about the pools. That main pool was crowded on Saturday.

    Another issue I had with SSR that I forgot to mention was the choice of music at the pools. On Sautrday Madonna was blasting at the main pool and the music at the "quite" pool needs to be turned down a notch, too. We were trying to have a conversation there and found the music a tad too loud!

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    Thanks for the report, you seem to have echoed what most everyone has said about the Artists Pallette.

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