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    Apr 2, 2008
    I have decided to start a new very quick pre-trip report for our upcoming vacation. I lost my last PTR so here is my new one. :upsidedow

    My husband and I were married in Disney on February 2, 2009 and are returning for an early anniversary/birthday trip.

    My husband is 35 and I am 30. I have been going to Disney every year for as long as I can remember. DH has only been to Disney twice before.

    Here we are on our wedding day. Our photos were taken by the very talented Misty Miotto who we have the pleasure of being very good friends with now and will be meeting up with her and her husband again. :goodvibes


    While we were on our honeymoon we purchased points with the Disney Vacation Club which was very exciting.

    So here is just a brief PTR I thought I would share.

    January 8th

    We are flying out on January 8th and will arrive in the morning.

    We are staying at Saratoga Springs. I think this resort is gorgeous! I am hoping for a room overlooking DTD.

    Then once we check in we are going to head over to Animal Kingdom and knock out that park. We are getting in early so I figure we will have plenty of time since there really isn't much to do there besides Everest and the Safari. If we don't get to see everything then we will just head back if we have time.

    We have dining reservations for Jiko at 6 that night. I have been wanting to try out Jiko for a while so I am excited to see what the food is like.

    We will probably just go back to the room after that since I am sure we will be tired from traveling so early.

    January 9th

    This day we are going to HS. We have reservations that night at Mama Melrose at 4:00. We booked the Fantasmic dinner plan. We haven't seen Fantasmic before so I am looking forward to that.

    January 10th

    This day we are going to Epcot and have reservations for Morocco at 6:00pm. Epcot is my second favorite park so I love going there whenever possible!

    January 11th

    We are going to the Magic Kingdom. My first favorite park! I am hoping to catch the rope drop. I have heard so many good things about it and I would like to check it out. We have reservations that night at Tony's Town Square at 5:30pm. Anywhere that serves Italian food is good in my book although I don't know if it can compete with my Italian family's food. :goodvibes :lmao:

    We are just going to spend the whole day there.

    January 12th

    This is the day we are going to meet up with Misty and her husband Nelio. We are getting our pictures done again with them at the Boardwalk and then we are just all going to hang out. Can't wait!

    January 13th

    I think this day we will head over to Sea World. I haven't been there in a long time so it should be interesting. Not too sure if I will really like it but it will be fun to do something different. I am not sure what we are doing for food that night but we may hit up some place in Downtown Disney or Orlando.

    January 14th

    This day we are going to head back to Animal Kingdom and catch up on anything we missed. This is our last night so I thought we would eat at Ohana at 7:00 We have never been there but I heard the food was amazing.

    We go back home on January 15th in the morning. It will be sad but we are already planning our next trip so it's not too bad.

    We still have to get our rental car scheduled and that is about it. It is very hectic with the holidays so I tried to get as much done as possible before all the rushing around for Christmas.

    This trip will be great since we are meeting up with some of our friends too! :goodvibes

    That is about it for now. If anything else comes up I will update. :thumbsup2
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    Nov 26, 2008
    Hi Toni!!
    I'm kind of a lurker on these boards. I've been following your wedding planning journal, Wedding/Honeymoon TR (which was beautiful by the way) and hopefully your upcoming TR!!!!
    You, Lynn and Lurkyloo are definately my top fav. disers to read about!!!
    I usually go to Disney every year in February but sadly won't be able to make it this time (as least not until the fall) so I am living vicariously through you guys!! :confused3
    I hope you and your husband have a fun and safe trip!!! :cool1: Can't wait to read all about it!

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