Our "Fantasmic"trip with 6yoDD and 70yoAunt, Days 1-5

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Cast included myself, not so 30ish Mom, DD turning six during our stay and 70yo Aunt who surprised herself by getting it all done! DH had to stay in COLD Rhode Island to work (and feed the cats!)

    11-25 Saturday
    Arrived at 3:15 in Orlando, by the time we picked up baggage and rental car and drove Rt 417 to W. Irlo Bronson Hgwy in Kissimmee it was almost 6pm
    Checked into Clarion Maingate. Great hotel for anyone who wishes to stay off site. Booked thru a travel agent and got a rate for $55 per night. Very clean, good size rooms, complimentary hotel shuttle with prior reservation, cribs and rollaways available, coffee service 24/7, exercise room, pool and spa, restuarant in hotel and within walking distance, area coupons ($5.00 off per person for Seaworld!) sell tickets to WDW and other attractions, in room safe, iron & board, check out at NOON! Near WDW.This was our hold over until we could get into our timeshare on Sunday.

    11-26 Sun
    Off to visit friend in Sarasota, shopping at supercenter Walmart on Vine St (Rt 192) got all our grocery needs here at a great price. Checked into Vistana Resort 1 mile from WDW. This is a beautiful resort, we had a 2bed/2bath, living, dining and full kitchen and laundry. You say who feels like cooking on vacation, well not me, however the money it saves is worth it to me. We do dine in WDW and have character meals, but I get tired of 3 meals a day in a restaurant and for an 12 day trip......well you get the picture.

    11/27 Monday
    DD can't wait to see Mickey. She went to WDW at 3yo, and still has memories. Animal Kingdom is our spot today. Got there at 8am, DD was thrilled that as soon as we walked thru the gates, there was Mickey, Pluto, Rafiki and Timon! Got pix and autographs and off to the Safari. DD and Aunt thought this was incredible, loads of animals everywhere, walking across right in front of the safari truck, I thought this was very well done.
    Next to Pangani Forest. Again DD and Aunt loved this trek. (Too much walking for 6yo. Thought I'd try without the stroller, but she was tired before too long. 2nd time out to AK and all other parks stoller was a must.) Gorillas were up and playing, fighting, eating, just doing their thing. This was way cool. Off to Conservation Station. DD and Aunt enjoyed this. Lots of info. DD actual got to see a Maccaw on the operating table, she found this fascinating. DD could have stayed all day at Affection Section. Next was Festival of the Lion King. This was an outstanding show. DD wanted to do it again, right away. It was now 1pm and we headed back for a rest. This was the one and only day DD who gave up naps at 2yo, had a nap. 70yo Aunt napped everyday! When DD awoke she had a fever so that put an end to re-entry for the night.

    11/28 Tue
    DD woke fine, but cautious Mom decided to lay low for the day. We hung out till 1pm and went to Downtown Disney for the afternoon. DD had been saving her money for "someday" when she would get to go to Disney again, she had a good stash! When I told her on Thanksgiving Day that we were leaving on Sat she didn't believe me, until my Mom said she would miss her while she was gone. DD was then almost in tears she was so happy, (not that she would be missed but that she was going to WDW) Having her own money to spend worked well. I didn't feel I had to say no to every ridiculous thing she asked for. If it was to outrageous or too big, I told her there was no way to get it home, or that we had 8 more days to shop and she would want some money. She chose wisely! We had ice cream soda's at the Chocolate shop, YUM. Walked all thru and to Rainforest Cafe.
    Decided the wait was too long for us and returned to our resort.

    11/29 Wednesday
    Off to Epcot today. Don't believe the weathermen here in FL. Today was supposed to be 78 and Sunny.
    Well, it never made it to 66 and it rained in the afternoon. The weather for our stay was much cooler than normal, 10 degrees according to the weather channel. Our last trip at this same time it was in the eighties, and as of today 12/10 it was back to normal 78-82. That's ok, while we were gone back home temps were in the teen's!
    Anyway arrived at 8:30am, straight to Spaceship Earth, how can you not like this ride?! It has changed since 1997, and for the better. Off to Innovations to send our e-mail postcards. This was a lot of fun and they came out great. Next was Universe of Energy. Aunt says "Dinosaurs don't really impress me that much but I'll go see what it's like". Well, was she impressed! DD did this at 3 and liked it now at 6 loves it. Was going to do Journey, but after reading everything here on the boards, I just didn't want to be disapointed. I would be missing Figment too much so I'd rather remember it the way it was. Up to World Showcase. Aunt has heard a lot about Canada and really wanted to see it first. Knew DD wouldn't sit through 360 film, we waited outside and were entertained by Papa Noel, the guy with the "sticks" and the wandering birds looking for popcorn. And a stroll thru Millennium Village. Aunt was overwhelmed by Canada. Absolutely loved it. Next stop UK and Father Christmas, very entertaining. Love the shops here. Met up with Prince John on the bridge to France. He was a lot of fun being his grumpy self! Made it all the way to Morocco and took the boat back across the lagoon to have lunch at The Garden Grill. Just getting of the boat at the dock and the "Bus" pulls up with Mickey & Minne, Santa Goofy, Pluto,
    Pooh, Tigger, Eyeore, Pinocchio, Jiminey Cricket, Mushu, Terk, Rafiki, Belle and more. DD got to about 8 or 9 of them before they hop back on the bus. Now off to lunch at the Grill. No more Minnie here, it's Mickey, Chip and Dale and Pluto.
    And Minnie is no longer at the Poly for breakfast.
    Lunch was good, Character interaction was awsome, DD loves this of course. After we were almost done with dessert, DD tells CM that her birthday is on thursday and she'll be "SIX". Well, don't you know, she comes back with a big ole' cake and candles and characters and sings happy birthday and DD gets a BD certificate and more hugs and kisses from characters! It was super! Of course we were stuffed, but hey it's vacation and birthday cake! She even had a call for her at the hostess station from Goofy! Now after all that excitement we are off to the Land. Amazing how everything grows here. Now we come out to a wet stroller and rain. Not to fear, we go over to the Living Seas and enjoy that. By the time we are out the rain has stopped. On our way out we do Spaceship Earth again. Back to rest. Dinner in at resort. Back to Epcot for Illuminations. Aunt parked it at a bench by Shopping area at the boat dock at 8pm and DD and I walked up to France and saw the moving statues. DD thought this was fantastic, "how do they do that?" "Is she real?"
    Girl was very good and funny. Broke down and spent $13 bucks on a spinning Mickey for DD. Headed back to Aunt just in time for the start of the show. DD was a little frightened of the noise level but enjoyed the fireworks anyway. Super show. DD and Aunt asleep by 10:15pm. Gearing up for DD 6th birthday tomorrow.

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    It sounds like your girls are having a fabulous time. :) Your Aunt must be one amazing 70 year old. :)

    You're getting to see lots of characters. I hope you're getting some cute pictures. :D

    Thanks for sharing you trip with us, tink&pan.


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    Mar 25, 2000
    Everyone is having a great time so far. Thanks for posting!
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    May 15, 2000
    Great trip report...sounds like lots of fun...I agree about the strollers in every park...My son got tired quick with all the walking

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