Our Epic Adventure (including a Hidden Mickey!) Pre-trip

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    Hello everyone, ok, I'm going to try to do this as a live Trip Report, using my Blog, and copying here.

    The cast:
    Myself - Heather. Psychotic planner, and thinker. I am the self appointed tour guide to any vacation, and a lot of times the appointed one too. I consider vacations to be times to do things, see things, and create memories.

    My mom - Bev. She goes along for the ride, and loves to explore, especially anything to do with history.

    My BF of 4 years - Kevin. He's survived many vacations with us, and is a go with the flow guy. Good thing, cause a lot of times he doesn't know where that flow will take him.

    My nephews Devin and Cory, who are 11, will be almost 12 on this trip. They also love to travel, but don't quite realize how lucky they are. They've been all over the US, and since their parents own DVC points, have been going to WDW their entire life.

    Lance and Ramya, the dogs. Lance is a German shepherd, Ramya is a Pomeranian. They're super travelers, having logged more miles than a lot of people ever have!

    We are heading out June 16th, from Minnesota and heading west. Now, a large group of our travelers believe we are going directly to Seattle, which is where we're originally from. What they don't know, is instead, we're heading south.

    Right now our itinerary is:

    June 16th Rapid City SD - we have family around there, so will have a quickie dinner/swim party with them.

    June 17th Mass travel day RC - Las Vegas. We have a room booked there, and will probably do a drive down the strip, but we'll be tired, a good 17 hours in the car that day.

    June 18th Hmmm wonder where we could be going - it couldn't be to -- DISNEYLAND!! If we can keep this a secret till we get there, I'm going to be shocked. I'm counting on the fact the kids will be watching movies and all the western states are boring :).

    June 21st - Start our drive up the coast. We'll end up in SF, and spend 2 nights there exploring. We are hoping that a move to the bay area is happening for us next year, so we want to get a little bit of the feel for the area.

    June 24th we're staying in Alameda to see the redwoods.

    June 25th, we'll be leaving super, super early to make my other nephew and nieces' dance recital north of Seattle. Travel under a gun? No, not at all :rotfl::rotfl:

    Then, we'll be up near Bellingham WA for a couple days, travel down to Long Beach WA for several, back up north for the 4th of July, and back down to the beach for another 7 days. Then ending the trip in Seattle on the 15th.

    Only problem is I'm never going to want to come back here!

    The hotel reservations are made, and now I'm down to listing what we're going to do each day. I'm especially nervous about north of SF as that's an area we've never explored. I want to make sure we see enough to really get the feel, and work in some pretty beaches dog friendly beaches too. I know I want to go through Ferndale CA, and some of the other little towns. Would love to fit in a hike somewhere too, but I'm not sure time will allow. It'll probably just be enough to get a taste of what the area is like. Of course if we manage the move near there in 2012, we'll have lots if time to explore!

    So now you know more than the other travelers (Bev excluded, and probably Lance, he tends to lay at my feet when I'm on the computer. :surfweb:)

    It really is going to be an Epic Adventure!

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