Our December Disney Trip Days Five and Six

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    There were seven people in our group, six women and one five year old girl. Our descriptions are in the earlier reports.

    December 20, 2000 Day Five

    Today was our day to visit Epcot since we were doing the Candlelight Processional. We got a late start and didn't head out until noon. We should have picked up the tickets the day before because we had to wait for over 30 minutes to get the tickets. We were each given a lanyard, a pin, and a ticket holder for the ticket. Tickets finally in hand, we set off for Epcot. We only had to wait a few minutes for the bus. Our first order of business when we arrived was to find gloves, it was another cold day. We hit the first cart that we came to and they had the Santa hats that we wanted. We purchased a passport for Cierra as well at the cart. Because of our candlelight processional tickets, we were able to get 15% off of purchases so we had already decided that we would buy our souvenirs at Epcot. The vending cart did not have gloves so we went into Mouse Gears. We were in there for a very long time. They did have gloves. Aunt Jean and Gloria had their purchases sent to the front of the park for pick up at the end of the day. The rest of us scoped out the offerings with the plan of returning later for final purchases. When we left Mouse Gear, we went to Test Track for fastpasses. The return time was for 6:30, but since that was when we were scheduled for dinner, we decided not to get a fastpass. We walked over to the World Showcase and on the way, Cierra fell asleep. We walked until we found the Millenium Village and Debbie sat outside with Cierra while the rest of us went inside. We didn't stop at any of the stations for very long, but we managed to hit most of the exhibits. By the time we were finished, Cierra was awake so we walked to Morocco so Cierra could make a mask and get her passport stamped. As it turned out, Morocco was the only placed that she worked on her mask and had her passport stamped. It took us a while to find the kidcot station as we kept being directed all over the place. The CM helped Cierra make her mask. By this time, we were ready for a snack and it was almost time for the TON parade, so we sat on a bench by Morocco and Debbie, Aunt Jean, Cierra and I went to purchase snacks for everyone. We didn't see anything in Morocco or Japan and ended up at the American pavillion. We decided to get the hotdog kid's meal and substituted hot chocolate for the soft drink. We asked for bags to carry everything back to the others and we had to bag it ourselves. We managed to make it back to the others with only a small amount of spillage. We ate and discovered that we were sitting directly across the gate from where the puppets would make their entrance. It was a great spot and there was a lot of interaction from the puppets. The parade was really nice and the song and movements were stuck in our heads. It was almost time for the Candlelight Processional, so we headed for the restroom. The show was in the theatre across from the American pavilion. Apparently, everyone in the park decided to hit the restroom at the same time. By the time we got to the theatre, there was only seating on the left side of the reserved section. Robbie Benson was the narrator and he did a good job. Cierra thought it was very funny that the choir member who represented the top of the tree had "a tree on his head". The program was nice but I don't think that I need to see again unless there was a narrator that I really wanted to see. It was almost time for our dinner ps at LeCellier that was part of the package, but it was also time for the TON parade so we had to wade through hundreds of people to make it back to the Canadian pavilion. We waited a long time to be seated, primarily because of the number of people in our party. There was another party that had about the same number as ours but since they were smoozhing (spelling?) with the CM, they got a table faster than the rest of us large number groups. The package allowed the adults to have an appetizer, entree, dessert, non-alcoholic beverage and coffee or tea. The kids' menu was available for Cierra. Debbie had the mussel appetizer, Gloria and I had the cheese soup, Alice and Aunt Jean had the shrimp cocktail type appetizer and Grandma E had the appetizer with mushrooms (I forget the name of it). The special was lobster and filet mignon so everyone except Grandma E had that. I forget what Grandma E and Cierra had for their entrees. We all had dessert. I had the chocolate mousse cake, Cierra had vanilla ice cream and the rest of the gang had the fruit cobbler with vanilla ice cream. The pretzel bread was really delicious. Everyone enjoyed their food except Gloria did not care for the cheese soup and the people who had the fruit cobbler felt that it was too sweet. The meal and gratutity was included in the package so after we stuffed ourselves we wobbled back to Mouse Gears. We were not rushed during the meal even though there were a lot of people waiting to be seated. We made our final purchases at Mouse Gear and on the way out, Cierra and I decided to see if we could get on Test Track. The rest of the gang was going to meet us at the front of the park. The wait was not long so we got in line. Cierra did not want to ride by herself in the singles line so we waited in the stand-by line. At one point, the ride broke down and I was going to get out of line, but Cierra did not want to go.
    I didn't realize until later how close we were to the entrance. We waited and waited and we finally got on. I was nervous about the time because it was nearly time for the park to close. The ride was fun and Cierra really enjoyed it. We knew that we were late to meet everyone but we did look around in the gift shop to see if they had any "I rode Test Track" buttons. We didn't see any so we left. Once outside, Cierra insisted that she saw Debbie in Mouse Gears, so we went in and of course, it was not Debbie. It was one of the many hundreds of people who had purchased the same red and gray winter hats. We started running to the exit and Debbie was waiting for us. The rest of the gang thought that we were going to miss the last bus, but they insisted upon waiting until Cierra and I returned before leaving. Since the photo shop was closed, I couldn't get our pictures taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus. A CM at the front gate called someone and we were advised that we had 24 hours to pick up the picture. We got on the bus and returned to ASMU.

    December 21 Day Six

    We did not have a particular park planned for the day and decided to hit the Magic Kingdom and return to Epcot to get our pictures. Alice was not feeling well so she decided to stay at the room and rest. We did not get breakfast and thought that we would get something at the Magic Kingdom. Cierra and I were on a mission to ride Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Alien Encounter and Big Thunder Mountain. The rest of the gang was just along for the ride. We went to Adventureland and obtained fastpasses for Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear. The line for Alien Encounter was already very long so we decided to skip it and place it on our to do list for next time. We rode the TTA to kill some time and when we got off, it was time for Buzz Lightyear. Cierra and I got on while the rest of the gang went shopping. I was in charge of controlling our car. We scored enough points to rank as Space Scout and Space Cadet. It was not clear to me where our laser beams were firing so we just kept firing at the targets. After Buzz, we went to find the others and then it was time to get on Space Mountain. I wasn't sure how Cierra was going to handle Space Mountain but she had been on a similar ride at Great Adventure called Skull Mountain so I knew that she wouldn't be afraid of the darkness. My main concern was that we would not be sitting side by side so in the event that she did become scared, she wouldn't have anywhere to huddle. I kept my hand on her shoulder during the entire ride which was probably not necessary and was very uncomfortable as I am short so it was a strecth to reach her. Cierra was fine on the ride and declared Space Mountain to be her favorite ride. While Cierra and I were on Space Mountain, Gloria returned to the room as her knees were hurting (she refused to ride on the scooter the entire time). After the ride we did a little shopping. We forgot Cierra's crown for her Cinderella costume so we went to the giftshop in the Castle and purchased a crown. We were now starving so we ended up at Tony's Townsquare Restaurant. Aunt Jean and I had the egg, bacon and cheese calzone and it was very delicious. Cierra and Grandma E had french toast and Debbie had eggs and cheese.
    After breakfast, Cierra obtained autographs and pictures of the dwarfs that she missed. She has everyone except Doc. We decided to add Big Thunder Mountain to our "to do next time list" and exited the park and headed for Epcot.

    Once at Epcot, we picked up our pictures and watched the fountain. We went into Ice Station Cool. There was a five or ten minute wait. Beverly was as nasty as almost everyone says it is. I think the watermelon coke was everyone's favorite. We forgot Cierra's passport and mask so we didn't go to the World Showcase. We took more pictures and then headed back to the room to get ready for our ps at Chef Mickey's.

    Cierra was dressed as Cinderella for dinner. We had a 5:00 ps and we were on time. We were seated immediately. We didn't purchase the photo and we were not allowed to take our picture with Cierra on the plate. The buffet was the usual, fish, chicken, beef, pasta, salad fixings, and the infamous mashed potatoes. The soup was cream based. Cierra really liked the soup. She ate the soup and a mini hotdog. I was the only one to have dessert. I had the chocolate torte and a cupcake. The torte was very good but the cupcake was hard as a rock. After dinner, we took Cierra to change into warm clothes for the fireworks cruise.

    We went on the Illuminations cruise in May and wanted to book it to celebrate Gloria's birthday but it was booked so we got the Firework's birthday cruise. We headed to the marina and Gloria put on her birthday buttons. One was a blinking button that said "Guess who is 60?" and the other one said "Gloria's birthday". We were soon picked up by Captain Gary. The pontoon was decorated with balloons and there was a sign attached to the side that said, "Happy Birthday". There were blankets for everyone. Aunt Jean, Gloria, Alice and I sat towards the front of the boat while Debbie, Cierra and Grandma E sat in the back. Cierra wanted to steer the boat as she insisted that Captain Muffy had let her drive when we did the Illumination cruise for her birthday. Cierra kept Captain Gary very busy with her many questions. He was really good with her and told us a lot about the park and the hotels. Cierra also kept Grandma E very nervous because she kept walking back and forth from her seat to talk with Captain Gary. We picked a spot to see the fireworks and Captain Gary passed out soda and chips. We had just finished eating so we decided to take the cake back to the room for later. Alice, Gloria, Aunt Jean and I were wrapped from head to toe in our blankets and we settled in to watch the fireworks. Although the weather was cold, it wasn't unbearable. The show was very nice. I usually don't like fireworks because of the noise but the noise with this show was not bad at all. I only had to cover my ears at the end. Overall, I preferred the fireworks cruise over the Illuminations cruise. For one thing, we didn't have ashes blowing in our faces like at the end of the Illuminations cruise. Debbie and Cierra also preferred the fireworks cruise but felt that it was too short. After the show, we headed back to the marina. We had reserved the cruise with a credit card but wanted to pay cash for it and that was not a problem. We settled up with Captain Gary and gave him a tip. We were loaded down with the balloons, cake and the rest of the snacks but we managed to get everything back to the room in one piece. Aunt Jean and Grandma E joined us in Gloria's room to sing happy birthday and have cake. The cake was yellow cake with chocolate frosting and strawberry filling. We were able to request the kind of cake that we wanted. There were sliced strawberries in the filling and the cake was tasty. Soon it was time to start packing for the trip home and to retire for the night.

    December 22 Last Day!

    We debated about going to a park. We had a ps for Goofy's Beach Club but decided to bag it. Tiffany Towncar was not scheduled to pick us up until 12:30 so we slept late, finished packing and called for bell services before heading out for breakfast. The scooter was picked up by Randy's Mobility in the morning. Grandpa E arrived and he joined us at the food court. Cierra wanted a hair wrap and since she had money left, Debbie said she could get one. The problem was that the kiosk wasn't open. It was supposed to open at 9:00 and there were two families from England waiting for it to open. They stated that they had been calling all over to see when it was going to open and were not able to track anyone down. They were told that the hair wrap station was run by an outside company. While we were eating, Debbie noticed that a woman was opening the kiosk so she took Cierra out to get her hair wrapped. It cost $1.50 per inch and the beads were additional. Cierra spent a total of $18.00 for her hair (including the beads). Debbie said the beads cost 50 cents each but there were some beads that cost $4.00 each. While Cierra was getting her hair done, the people from England returned and this one woman in the group was really angry. She let the hair wrap woman have it and the hair wrap woman apologized and stated that the regular person called out sick, but the English woman did not want to hear it. After Cierra's hair was done we said good-bye to Grandma and Grandpa E and Aunt Jean and Debbie, Gloria and I went back to the room to get the rest of our stuff. We checked out and then Debbie, Cierra and I hit the arcade while Gloria and Alice sat in the food court drinking coffee and soda. Cierra finally got the hang of skeeball and can play without throwing her ball into the adjacent lane so she likes to play skeeball. Cierra purchased a camera that was a water gun with her ticket winnings. The CM was from New Jersey so we talked with him for a few minutes. All too soon, it was time to leave. We went to get our bags from bell services and Tom from Tiffany Towncar arrived. While we were loading the car, Alice happened to look in the door pocket on the front passenger side door and there was her medication! We arrived at the airport in plenty of time only to discover that our flight was delayed. We purchased lunch at Burger King. A car service was to pick us up in Newark, so I called to give them our new arrival time. When we arrived at Newark, the car service was not there. We waited for nearly two hours. We placed several calls and were told that the guy was on his way. The weather was nasty, it was very cold and rainy and there was a lot of traffic coming into the airport, but sheesh. We had just decided to take a couple of taxis home when we saw the car service guy pull up. Instead of paying $50.00 for the car service, we were charged $35.00. We finally arrived home and although we hated to leave Disney, we were glad to be back home.

    And that was our December trip. We are planning our next trip for 2003 and I think we are going in December again but to stay over the Christmas holiday. Aunt Jean has already started saving for the 2003 trip. We haven't decided whether or not to do the cruise but there's a strong possibility that we will do the cruise in 2003. Thanks for reading.

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    I love the Watermelon Coke at Ice Station Cool...it was my favorite...you are right too, Beverly is nasty! lol...Thanks for posting!

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    A fun Disney trip for all. Thanks for posting!

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