Our buffet meals--Chef Mickey's 7/14 and Cape May 7/17

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    Myself :teacher: DH :happytv: , DD 14 :cheer2: DD 11 :wizard: DS 8 pirate:
    The kids always like to do Chef Mickey's. It sure is different when you have a 14 year old! We got our picture taken and bought it. The neat thing is we put it on our fridge next to our picture from 1/1/04--and summer of 02--and summer of 01--and our breakfastasaurus picture from summer of 00--boy have my babies grown up! :sad: DH even said to go ahead and book another one based on that--you really see how fast time flies.
    But I digress....
    We were visited by Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Chip and Dale and Pluto. Minnie was in the lobby--and we forgot to go see her before we left, what a horrible mother I am! She's DD#2's favorite too, but I took her to visit a couple of days later at MK.
    They had the standard fare...I have always liked the prime rib and the shrimp, but the shrimp was kind of warm. I think peel and eat should be more chilled. This was a 6PM seating. I have never liked the parmesan potatoes (blasphemy, I know) but I like the rolls and the side dishes. And the desserts were really really good! DS was happy with the kids fare, and in fact the girls ate a lot of the kids' stuff too--even though Disney says they are adults, I think they were burning out on adult fare. As I said in my Spoodles thread, we didn't even eat this day except for our snacks! We felt so bloated from our first 3 TS meals we needed a break.
    Our second buffet, on our last day, was Cape May. I went into this one a little cranky. I had been hanging out at Epcot for 3 hours waiting to see Off Kilter. There was thunder during their first scheduled set, but only a light mist/drizzle/sprinkle for the second two--but they didn't perform. I could hear other groups performing, including the drums in Japan and the Aerosmith tribute band in America. This was labeled "off kilter day" in my passporter for pete's sake! After they didn't come out at 5:30 I knew I was out of luck. We walked over to the BC and hung out until our PS time. I love watching old Disney cartoons in the lobby--all my kids have been singing "Lambert the sheepish lion" for a week.
    This buffet was really good. We ate here in 02 and I was still very happy with the food choices. DH is not a big seafood eater but he likes it too. He taught me how to eat clams which I had never eaten out of the shell in my 43 years--of course the first few shells I brought back to the table were empty! Once I got some more they were pretty good! The shrimp here was chilled more properly. I also had prime rib and corn on the cob, parkerhouse rolls and more desserts. The kids also ate a lot here. I think buffets are a good choice for us. DH tried some other fish and some other side dishes I don't remember.
    In overall quality, I think Cape May had the better food. As our kids get older, I see us eating there more than Chef Mickey's. Of course you can't beat the character interaction, but if you are choosing a buffet for food I'd pick Cape May.

    Robin M.
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    Enjoyed reading your review ~ Thanx for sharing.
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    Enjoyed the review
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    Enjoyed your reviews. I take it you were on the DDP? :sunny:
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    Good Review. We are going to CHEF MICKEY'S IN SEPT!!!!

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