Our 4-day Whirlwind Tour of the World (Days 3&4)

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    Apr 18, 2002
    I've been so busy lately I nearly forgot to finish my trip report. :o We went at such a breakneck speed the first two days that we didn't accomplish as much for these last two days, unfortunately. We still had fun despite our aching backs and legs and feet.....:)

    The third day started off a little slower as we had breakfast reservations at the Maya Grill for 9am. That was to set the pace for the rest of the trip, I guess. Once we slowed down we could not shift back into high gear again. ;)

    Breakfast was plentiful. The choices ranged from eggs, home fries, bacon, sausage, ham, biscuits, fruit, danishes and muffins to cold cereal and milk. We stuffed ourselves then slowly made our way to MGM.

    The rain deterred us several times while we were here but we still managed to get in the Great Movie Ride, R&R, TOT, LM, Playhouse Disney, Muppets, Indiana Jones, ST and of course, One Man's Dream while splitting our group of 8 into several combinations. Finally, the Stars and Motor Cars Parade which was great and I'm glad I asked about it here on the boards. Thanks to all for the excellent feedback!

    We stayed at MGM longer than we expected because of the Parade so we didn't make it over to EPCOT till almost closing time for FW. We did squeeze in the new Figment ride but TT was a 90 min wait!! We made reservations for Alfredo's and took in Spaceship Earth before heading to the countries. By that time we needed to make a bee line for Italy in order to make our reservations.

    Dinner was very good and I'm not sure I understand all the bad press lately about Alfredo's. :( It was one of our all time favorites several years ago and we still like it. Half of us had the specialty - Fettuccine, kid's got pasta with and without sauce and I had a sampler of the Lasagna and the Rigatoni. I liked the Rigatoni better. We also had a bottle of Merlot and Caesar Salads which were both delicious. For dessert we shared a sampler which consisted of chocolate mousse, tiramisu, cannoli and a few other mini versions of their regular desserts. There was also a strawberry mousse shaped like a lady bug that was very cute and tasty.

    We did step out during dinner to catch a few fireworks with the kids which was easy since we were seated pretty close to the door. We closed up the park and even got stopped at the bridge to let the boats go through (a new experience for us) then headed back to CSR to let our aching bodies sleep!

    Our last day :( we were allowed to check out late due to the checking in fiasco on my sister's part. We went over to DTD to do some shopping and lunch at RFC.

    Now I've been to the one at AK and had a very fine experience there but here it was crowded, altho' not when we first arrived and service was terribly slooow. There were 8 of us but still it seemed like everything took an especially long time from placing our order to getting our drinks to receiving our food and finally even paying! We had pizza, turkey wrap, kid's burgers, steak, Caribbe chicken (love that coconut curry sauce!) and chicken quesadillas which are not meant to be on a pita! My sister had little time to shop as she was catching the bus back to the hotel and then a bus to Tampa where she was flying out.

    We, however, stayed all afternoon and shopped to our hearts (but not our wallets ;)) content! All in all it was another great trip and a memorable one. Thanks to all, for your help in our decision making process (you know who you are!). This is such a wonderful place to get information about one of the funnest vacations around.

    I hope you enjoyed reading about our experiences. May some of these details be useful to you on your next trip!
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    Glad you had such a wonderful trip. :) Thanks for sharing with us.

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