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    Dec 27, 1999
    Well our second day back to the park and I couldn't wait to get back! We got the shuttle at 8:30 and nade it to the park by 8:50-there was a little more traffic than yesterday. As we walked in Mickey,Minnie and Cinderella were greeting people infront of the Walt Disney story-so of course Lindsay was thrilled. We found our relatives without any problems and headed down Main Street. Lindsay and Ellie(3yrs) were holding hands skipping down Main Street-they could have been a commercial! My husband's aunt and uncle had received annual passports from their children as a gift so they headed over to get their pictures taken. They live in Irvine and hadn't been to DL in 20yrs!! I couldn't believe it! I hope they get their use out of their passports. Anyway as they got in line we visited with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and Alice. Lindsay wasn't too sure of the Mad Hatter-she has never really liked him but he got in the picture with Alice so Lindsay figured she was safe. Well the line for the passport photos was pretty long so we headed to Fantasyland while they waited. We rode the Casey Jr train-that was pretty cute. Our relatives caught up with us and we rode the carrousel-the girls had fun. Next we headed over to Small World and walked right on. Ellie was totally amazed by everything! We went over to Toontown but Ellie was a little afraid of the characters. Lindsay got to see Donald and then we left and took the train to New Orleans Square. They thought Ellie would enjoy Country Bears. Well once we got there I saw there was no line for Splash Mt and I had really wanted to go on it. So my husband took Lindsay with them to see the bears and I did Splash Mt. I must say my husband was really great about entertaining Lindsay while I got to ride everything! Well I had a great time on Splash Mt-hadn't been on it for a while. Although I was infront and got a little wet! Well it turned out Ellie didn't really like the bears so her grandpa had to take her out early. We spent a little time talking with them and made some pressed pennies. They decided to leave because Ellie was getting tired. But it was nice to spend some time with them. We decided to head to Adventureland since we hadn't made it there yet. We did Tarzan's Treehouse-Lindsay liked that. We had lunch at the French Market-I think. Good soup and sandwiches. Next we did the Jungle Cruise-walked right on. It's corny but I always enjoy it. Next hubby and I took turns on Indiana Jones using the fastpasses that came with our package. We both loved it!! The wait line was about 70min-I just don't understand why people wait that long-fast pass is great! While I was on Indy Lindsay and daddy went into Aladin and Jasmin's storytime-I snuck in when I was done. They really did a great job. Lindsay was right done in front and really enjoyed it. So afterwards she got to meet Aladin and Jasmin. We also checked out the shops in Adventureland-they had some cool stuff.
    We headed over to Main Street to pick up our pin that we got with our package. Lindsay did some pin trading. We also checked out some shops on Main St. They had some really nice things. Lindsay wanted to ride Autopia so we got a fastpass for that and then walked aroun until it was time. She really liked Autopia-daddy took her on. It was getting near parade time so we headed over to Fantasyland and got a great seat. Lindsay had to have a Mickey shaped pretzel during the wait. Her grandparents had given her money and she wanted to use it all on food! The parade was cute-a little short. But it was nice to see some of the old characters. It rained a little during the parade but we stayed pretty dry. I had wanted to check out Downtown Disney so we took the monorail over to the hotel and walked through. Some stores were open but none of the restaurants. Did some shopping in the big Disney store and then headed back into the park. Lindsay was getting tired so we did the Disney/Lincoln show. I really enjoyed it. I especially liked seeing Walt's office and such. The Lincoln show must have been the inspiration for the American pavillon at Epcot. I thought Lindsay might fall asleep but she really paid attention. We decided to head back to the hotel. No chance to see the fireworks and fantasmic but oh well-maybe someday. We decided to try the Mexican restaurant at our hotel and we were very pleased. Lindsay was exhausted and was asleep by 8:30. Tomorrow we head to the park for a while and then to San Diego
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    Sep 21, 2000
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  4. DawnAK

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    Jan 25, 2000
    Thanks so much for sharing your trip report. we are planning a trip for mid-march and its great reading other reports to get some ideas. we will be heading to san diego for a few days, any suggestions? we have never been there. thanks a bunch, Dawn
  5. Rajah

    Rajah DIS Veteran

    Aug 17, 1999
    Sounds like you had a good time. I'm glad y'all got the chance to do Indy :D That's my favorite attraction there, and pre-fastpass I would wait 70 minutes for it ;) But, now that it has fastpass...

    Been enjoying your reports and am anxious to hear how your final bit of time in the park went :D




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  6. Marla Hellwig

    Marla Hellwig I'm not lost, it's called creative exploring

    Mar 25, 2000
    Another fun filled day for all. Thanks for posting!
  7. dan-tot

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    Sep 5, 1999
    Thanks for the trip report. It has been 2 years since I was there. They had just started building the foundation of California Experience when I was there. You were talking about downtown disney did they build that with the CA?


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