Orlando Hyatt - Priceline


Earning My Ears
Dec 13, 2001
I see from this board that people are picking up rooms at the Hyatt Orlando for $30. I have no affiliation with the Hyatt but have stayed here 6 times in the last several years. For $30 its an absolute steal.

It is an older Hyatt but it has several things going for it:
1) It's a Hyatt
2) Location - This isn't really a 192 hotel. It's located at the intersection of I-4 and 192. We've been in the MK parking lot in less than 10 minutes - one parking lot to the other.
3) The buildings are all 2-story clusters. You park right outside your room. In the room within 60 seconds of parking your car. Try that at the Boardwalk or GF from self-park.
4) Food service. The food service is typically Hyatt. Some may consider it $$ but by comparison to similar quality at Disney it's cheap.

The rooms can show some age but you have no sense that things aren't absolutely clean.

They were marketing this hotel to foreign groups for the last few years - to the point it would be virtually sold out to the public on many occasions. Obviously that foreign travel has dried up.

For $30 (I've paid more than that for room tax at some of the disney hotels) I'd say run - don't walk. You won't be disappointed.


Earning My Ears
Oct 3, 2001
I posted the review below on this site as an add-on to my pre-trip questions/concerns about this property. Not sure if anyone's read it, since it's really on a question thread, so I'll add it to this one in the hope it'll be useful to someone.

In sum, I agree with khoughan. For the price/location, $30 is a good deal.

Here's my review:
We just returned from our stay. There were a few minor irritations, but nothing that ruined the overall experience. We paid just $30/night on Priceline, so can't complain anyway.

The negatives: The mattresses were too hard for us, the walls were very thin so voices and TV sound traveled easily room to room, and the room A/C was very noisy. All minor--none of it enough to keep us awake after a busy day in the parks.

Otherwise, we found absolutely nothing wrong with this hotel, the service, or the room. And it is extremely well located at I-4 and 192, under 2 miles from the WDW gates.

The lobby is large and beautiful, with a few restaurants, a bar, beauty shop, clothing shop, business center, a video arcade, etc., none of which we used. Prices in restaurants were typical hotel prices. Did look around the food shop, and it had a beautiful selection of cheeses, sandwiches and such. Grounds were lovely with lush vegetation, and looked very well kept. Pool areas also were well kept, and quite underutilized; we only saw anyone by a pool one time. The hotel wasn't anywhere near full--lots of parking, etc., but there were a few conferences at the on-site conference center.

Check-in was quick and pleasant, and staff throughout were accommodating. We requested one of the renovated rooms, preferably a king smoking. It was just noon, and only a double was available that early, so we took it. One of the beds was hard as a church pew--no give at all. The other bed was a church pew on bad shocks; if someone moved an arm in their sleep, the entire bed shook. And the A/C was loud, and the neighbors a bit as well. But we still slept, and for two nights at the price we paid, it was fine.

Other than that, the room was very comfortable and clean. It had all the basics, including extra pillows, shampoo, conditioner, decent soap, lots of towels, ironing board, coffee maker w/the usual insufficient fixings. Though we never used the pool or hot tub, we checked the tub, and the water was very hot. Pools were said to be heated to 80 F, but the two we checked didn't feel that warm. (One of the realities of visiting Orlando you may appreciate: we run non-stop and never find time to use hotel amenities. More justification to us for staying cheap and off-site. ;-))

True there are not chairs on the balconies. A strange trend if you ask me.

Anyway, sorry this is so long. The hotel is fine. Do not worry if you bid priceline and get it. But I do not think the property renovation is done--do ask for a renovated room.

All that said, we're staying tomorrow night at the Best Western LBV, which is now coming up on Priceline for $20 + $5 bonus. From what I've heard about this property, it's another run, don't walk opportunity... :) If you're squeamish about Priceline, this BW LBV can be had right now for a mere $35/night on BW's web site.