ORANGE family trip - Day 8 - 9/4/02 Contemporary & EPCOT

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    Jun 5, 2002
    Me - Age 38, mom
    DH - Age 38, Navy man
    Last time we were at WDW together was 1995.
    DS1 - Age 9 (was at WDW with me and grandma once when he was 2, but doesn't remember)
    DS2 - Age 7 First timer

    DAY 8 - From camping to LUXURY and EPCOT Wednesday 9/4
    After 5 nights of camping with no air conditioner, we were looking forward to our move to luxury. DH had booked us three nights using the Shades of Green rate at the Contemporary.

    Still even looking forward to this, we were kind of sad about leaving FW, it was very nice and it was beginning to feel like home. DS2 (age 7) wanted to show me the "Caravan" that the characters come in (the bus). Apparently, he was really impressed with this. So, I, seeing an opportunity to get out of some packing up, head down to the Settlement Depot with the two ds's to see the character Caravan. The bus is decorated and plays happy music as the characters arrive. There are only 4 characters, so I don't see how people are preferring this over EE, but hey, that's what Disney said.

    The characters this time are Goofy, and three from Alice in Wonderland: White Rabbit, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. We get their autographs and photos and then interact with them for a while. Tweedle Dee and Dum butt heads with each other quite a bit. Tweedle Dum then decides to go visit the petting zoo. He was hilarious! He wandered across the field to the fence and ends up butting the goat with his huge Tweedle Dum head! The goat butts him back! He does this for quite a while, much to the dismay of the CM who was assigned to accompany them. But then, even this CM starts cracking up. Tweedle Dum is getting more and more dramatic, butting the goat and falling backwards. I felt kind of bad for the kids who hadn't yet gottem Tweedle Dum's autograph, cause he stayed with that goat until the bus came and they had to call him over to the bus.

    Before we headed back to help with packing up the camper, we stalled a bit more by going to the petting farm. This was a bit disappointing as the goats and donkeys were all behind fences and were pretty scruffy. Don't make a special trip here unless you are coming for another reason, such as Hoop de Doo or a horseback ride.

    So we pack up the camper and head over to the Contemporary. It's only about 10am or so , so we are not sure if we will be able to get a room yet, but we do. Our room was 7249. We had hoped for a ground floor room, and this was on the 2nd floor. We had hoped for a room a bit closer to the main building, but in the end, we were there so little, it didn't matter. The room was big, clean and had a view of the back part of the bay.

    But no time to waste in luxury, it's off to EPCOT. We got there around 11am and took in Spaceship Earth and then went directly to TEST TRACK to use our fast passes from Sunday night when it broke down. We got right on. One thing we noticed was that the fast pass line takes you through a lot of the information about the different tests that cars go through (break test, corrosion test, etc.) and the regular line does not. So we recommend the fast pass line even if the standby line isn't too long. There's some interesting stuff in that line. We all liked this ride. When we got off we bypassed the virtual reality thing that is in the lobby and headed to Canada. We watched the circlevision canada film. This was particularly painful for DS1 (age9) as he had just got soaked in one of the fountains and the A/C was freezing him.

    Next, we headed to England and listened to the band play there, while characters danced around. This was our best character interaction inside the parks. It was not just "line up and see the character", but there was actual interaction and dancing and playing around. Much fun! There were Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eyeore. Eyeore cannot sign autographs. We checked out Morroco and saw the genie from Alladin. My dh, who had been to Morroco with the Navy thought it was pretty realistic.

    We decided to have our big meal at the Tapanyaki grill at Japan. We didn't have a PS, but the place was empty. We only had to wait for some other diners to fill our table since there were only 4 of us. While we were waiting the hostess gave my 7-yr old a neat origami swan with wings that flapped.

    For the price concious, lunch here is a great deal. THe food was very good and the price was reasonable. I think the boys' meals were $7.95 and ours were $15.95 (I could be wrong about the prices, but it was cheap). It was very filling also. DS1 decided he liked meat again and ordered the steak combo. DS2 had the shrimp combo and DH and I both had the Steak and Shrimp combos. Lots of veggies and rice included.

    When we got out of the restaurant, we passed American Adventure to return for the show which was to start in about 20 mins. We went to Germany and looked at the train a bit. This was the last point in World Showcase that we were needing to go to since we had seen the other countries the Sunday before.

    At Germany, the tropical storm finally affected us and it started to rain quite a bit. We put on our cheapy ponchos and headed back to American Adventure. We took a look at the WTC flag that is in the lobby. We watched the American Adventure. DS2 had a nice nap in there. I almost nodded off a couple of times too. It's not that I didn't like it, it's just that I was full from lunch and the long days were catching up to me. At the end of the program where the Statue of Liberty comes up, I had a moment of reflection as the film in the background still shows the WTC towers. It was very somber for me.

    Still raining when we get out of there, but we decide to hoof it back over to Future World to see the pavilions that are closing at 7pm that we haven't already seen. Ponchos are great, but the problem this day was having wet shoes. We all started to get blisters and sore feet.

    The first early closing pavilion we go to is the Living Seas. Not much to say about this. I remember years ago being very impressed with this pavilion, but I guess it is losing some of its appeal, now that I've been to some other really spetacular aquariums around the country. The kids liked the hydrolator effect though. (shhh! They don't know it was just an effect. They think we were miles down) DS2 bought a stuffed seal. Word of warning from my dh: Don't go to the movie part of the Living Seas if you haven't emptied your bladder lately. The scenes of streams and downpours of water were just too much for him. As soon as he was out of the "hydrolater" he was off to the bathroom!

    It was in the Living Seas that I lost about 5 postcards out of my pocket that I was planning to mail. They were already written out and stamped, so I am hoping that someone picked them up and mailed them for me. I know I would have done that if I came upon them. I'll have to check with those who I wrote them to to see if they do end up getting them. So, if you don't end up getting your postcard from me, it was in that pile laying on the floor of the Living Seas somewhere.

    We were getting close to the closing time for the land, so we hightailed it over there and took in the boat ride. We ran out of time and did not see the Lion King Show or Food Rocks. Those ended up being the only two things in Future World that we didn't see. It had stopped raining at this point.

    Next, we went to Immaginations since that stays open until 9pm. DS2 loved Figment. There were no small Figment stuffed toys though, only a huge one, so DS2 (the stuffed toy lover) didn't get any Figment. Honey I Shrunk the Audience was enjoyed by all, but the two boys wouldn't put their feet down so they didn't get some of the "4D" effects. Played around with the stuff in Immaginations. Sent a couple of really bad pictures to unsuspecting family members.

    Next the only pavilion we hadn't yet visited, Innoventions East. (or was it West? Well, I don't know. Whatever one we didn't go to on Sunday--I'm not real good with directions!) We played around there until they kicked us out at 9pm.

    Wanting to get another look at Illuminations without the tree that we had in the way on Sunday, we headed over past the old Odessey restaurant. But since we had stayed in Innoventions East (or was that West?) too long, there were too many crowds to get a good view. As we walked towards the lagoon, I realize that DS1 is missing! DH and DS2 stay put and watch the show while I go back and retrace our steps. We always tell the boys if they get lost to stop in there tracks and don't move and we will find them. This most always works. But this time, there were people moving all over the place and I feared that DS1 was propelled along in the crowd somewhere. I spent most of that Illuminations show looking AWAY from the show searching for DS1 because I could see very well when the fireworks etc. would light up the area. Finally during one particularly bright flash of light, I spotted his green shirt. He had been captivated by one of the fountains and had stopped while we had kept walking. What a relief to have found him. The show was over, so we reunited with the others and left on the monorail for the day.

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Yikes - so glad to hear that your son was found so quickly - but sounds like you had a great day - thank for posting!
  3. Momto2funkids

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    Jun 5, 2002
    Update! Two of my friends got their postcards! I guess some good samaritan did find them and mail them for me!

    Thanks whoever you are.

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    Jul 17, 2000
    Eep! Losing a kid at Epcot would be pretty scary!

    Glad your friends got their postcards! Its nice to know there are nice people out there! :)
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    Aug 18, 2001
    Nice day at Epcot (& DS1 found);)

    It was nice of whomever to mail your postcards!

    Thanks for the report!

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