ORANGE family trip - Day 7 - Sept 3 - MGM

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    Jun 5, 2002
    Me - Age 38, mom
    DH - Age 38, Navy man
    Last time we were at WDW together was 1995.
    DS1 - Age 9 (was at WDW with me and grandma once when he was 2, but doesn't remember)
    DS2 - Age 7 First timer

    We aren't really the ORANGE family, but each day we'd try to coordinate our shirt colors to make it easy to find each other and so the CM's would always say things like "Hey, it's the Green Family" "Hi Orange, Family"!

    DAY 7 - Sept 3 MGM STUDIOS, the start of the great autograph search, the great T-shirt fight and the case of the missing Squeeze breeze

    (We really did wear orange shirts on this day, this comes into play a bit later)

    First off, I have to explain something. When we first arrived at WDW, I told my DH about autograph books and I suggested getting them for the boys. He thought this was the stupidest thing he ever heard "They are just people in costumes". So we didn't get any autograph books. We went to the CRT breakfast and didn't have an autograph book there, and the boys didn't seem to mind just talking with the ladies and having their picture taken, BUT, this all changed on day 6 when DS2 sees Pluto (one of his favs) at the Character Caravan at FW. He came back that day, all excited telling me all about seeing Pluto, and in his cute little 7 year old voice says, "Some people were getting his autograph, but I didn't have a book". He sounded so disappointed. That's all it took. DH and I got both boys books before we started out on this, Day 7!

    So armed with our new autograph books and an assortment of colored pens, we head to MGM studios for the second time. We arrive around 9:30. First we go on Tower of Terror again. Well, DH and I go on it again. DS's, having been on it once, will not go again and so they wait for us in the chicken area. Then over to Rock and Roller coaster for another trip for all. No waits on either.

    With those two rides out of the way, we concentrate on seeing the shows. It takes a lot of planning to make sure you don't miss any, as some end earlier than others. We do the Voyage of the little Mermaid, Playhouse Disney and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. When we come out of Voyage of the little mermaid, right out in front of us is none other than PLUTO!! DS2 is so happy, he runs up to him with his new autograph book and Pluto is his very first autograph of the trip. He didn't sign his name just drew a heart with a bone near it.

    At this point some of the details of the exact order of how we did these things is becoming a blur. But we had minimal waits for all.

    I do know that right before lunch the boys went into Honey I shrunk the kids playground and DH went to find a smashed penny machine. DS2 wanted me to go in and see something in the play area and I left my squeeze breeze bottles on the table of the nearby restaurant. When I returned they were gone and other people were at the table. I asked the folks sitting there if they had seen the bottles and they said "no speak english". I tried pantomining it out and they then shook their head, no , they hadn't seen them. I asked the CM who was clearing tables and he had cleared them off either. This was probably one of the lowest points of our whole trip. I just couldn't believe someone would steal them at WDW!!

    We ate at SCI - FI, with no PS, just walked in and got to sit in a car. DH had the Reuben sandwich and I had the great american burger. We shared with each other, both were good. DS1 had the micki shaped pasta with tomato sauce, I tried some of this when I noticed him picking at it, and I agreed with him that it wasn't very good. The sauce was just too tomato-y. Like they had used straight tomato paste. DS2 had chicken nuggets, I didn't try them, but he ate them all. WE all liked the theming at the Sci-fi and couldn't get the Blob song out of our heads after that (well, I guess it is better than "it's a small world")

    We did the backlot tour. DH and I got picked to be the Swabees on the PT boat that gets drenched. We get to wear some smelly raincoats and boots and get soaked. The boys loved watching us on the TV, but we couldn't see ourselves, so we stayed and watched the next show. Then we went on the tram portion, which although it says the Catastrophe canyon portion is closed, it doesn't seem to be for us.

    We saw One Man's Dream and then had to rush to the ABC new season commercial (sorry I can't remember what they called this). I had vowed never to go into one of these "commericial" type things after sitting through one at NBC studios in New York, but DS1 who is a big Dinotopia fan wanted to see the Dinotopia preview, so we went.

    At the beginning, the host throws a couple of ABC shirts out to the audience. It was pretty empty and we were sitting there all 4 of us in our orange shirts, so he says, "Here, Orange Family, and throws the shirt at us. It lands in front of DS2 who is only 7 and as he is reaching for it, some adult lady who should know better rushes over and grabs it from the seat. The host says, "oh you're getting that for the Orange Family, thanks. Just pass it back". She didn't. The host was just amazed. He even said, "I can't believe you stole that shirt from the Orange family". It was really funny. So, he threw us another shirt. Then, he made another dig at her by telling the people on the other side, I would have had another shirt to throw to you had she not stolen that one from the Orange Family. My DH says she is probably the one who stole our water bottles too!

    The show was not too bad actually, for a big commericial. Made me want to catch at least two new shows: Push, Nevada and 8 Simple Rules with John Ritter. DS1 was disappointed that they did not actually show any footage of Dinotopia, they just had some footsteps sound effects and some growling.

    We saw the Hunchback show. We enjoyed it. And we played Millionaire again. At this point, I was getting addicted, but never got on the board at all. Beauty and the Beast was not playing on Wednesdays, so we didn't see that one. We saw the Animation Studio tour, but realized that we messed up by not going to this during the day when there would have been animators there. Still it was neat to see.

    The boys got a few more autographs during the day. I think from Pooh, Piglet, Belle and Beast, Woody, Buzz and Jesse. And the Green Army man from Toy Story who I erronerously called the Green Army GUY and he made sure after he signed that I knew it was MAN not GUY. I thought he was going to make me drop down and give him twenty!

    We didn't go in early to Fantasmic to stake out seats, we just went up around 15 minutes before. It was pretty full, but we got seats. They were over to one side, but it wasn't too bad. Doesn't seem to really be a bad seat in that theatre.

    I may have to post my trip reports for days 8, 9 and 10 and 11 another day. I'm getting tired out.

  2. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Funny about that lady - but I have to agree - some people - isn't One Man's Dream great - thanks for posting!
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  4. 3kidsdisney

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    Sounds like you all had a great trip. Thanks for the report, I am glad my son got an autograph book for our trip-34 more days-- he is only 4 so i was not sure but to hear Pluto signed with a heart and a dog bone is so cute. Thanks again
  5. kathymc

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    Oct 4, 1999
    sounds like your son caught up on the autographs pretty quickly. too funny about the tshirts
  6. Annie&Hallie'sMom

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    Oct 26, 2001
    Great report. I laughed out loud when you said you thought the Green Army GUY was going to tell you to drop & give him twenty! ;)
  7. yepod

    yepod DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 2001
    Sounds like you had a great day! Autograph books are a must!

    Before our DD (3 yo now) came along we still had to have our autographs!

    Thanks for posting!
  8. rhodgkie

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    Feb 20, 2000
    It turns out you were lucky to see Hunchback before it closed down next week!

    Great reports.

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