ORANGE family trip - Day 6 - Labor Day

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    Jun 5, 2002
    Me - Age 38, mom
    DH - Age 38, Navy man
    Last time we were at WDW together was 1995.
    DS1 - Age 9 (was at WDW with me and grandma once when he was 2, but doesn't remember)
    DS2 - Age 7 First timer

    Supporting players: Our three nephews (ages 16, 14, 10) who live in Kissimmee and joined us for days 5 and 6.

    We aren't really the ORANGE family, but each day we'd try to coordinate our shirt colors to make it easy to find each other and so the CM's would always say things like "Hey, it's the Green Family" "Hi Orange, Family"!

    Day 6 - LABOR DAY - A DAY OF REST...sort of.

    My two boys ages 9 and 7 had a reservation for the Pirate Cruise at GF. We had planned this months ago, before we knew that our nephews would be visiting with us on Labor Day. So the nephews and I slept in a bit while DH took our two sons to the GF. DS1 was dragging his feet again. Decides to have a lunchables pizza for breakfast instead of something simple like a poptart or bagle and dilly dallies around with it. This causes them to be in a bit of a rush to get the orange bus. At this point, we still had not figured out that ALL the orange busses in FW go to the transportation center. Where we were at Loop 1000, the signs say Settlement Depot. Apparently, the drivers change the sign further down to Transportation center. Unfortunately, since DH didn't know this yet, he and the 2 boys get off this bus even though it is going to the transportation center. They even watched as two other Orange busses pass that hadn't changed their signs before finally getting on a third. The only good thing was that they happenned upon the Character Caravan while they were waiting and got to see Pluto who is one of DS2's favorites! So needless to say, they were running late. Dh says they got there with about 10 minutes to spare and that actually the boat was just about to pull out when another family showed up, so they weren't last.

    While the boys were on the Pirate Cruise DH stayed at GF and relaxed and read part of a Tom Clancy novel.

    Back at the campground, the nephews went for a swim and then they explored the campground. I didn't see them back at the campsite until after noon.

    I decided to call GF and find out if the Pirate Cruise headed to FW campground's marina so I could walk down and take some photos. I was told that they did, but that they didn't encourage parents to go to the marina's and take pictures because it ruins the illusion of the kids that they are on there own, following a map and that we parents don't know where they are. So, I decide to go to the beach but sit far away on a beach chair and not be noticed. I did get to see the boat come in and snapped a few photos from afar. No one noticed me. The group was cute though, I could hear their excited voices as they bounded off the boat and up a path. I waited for them to come out of this path, but they didn't for quite some time. It was then that I realized that the path went to the closed down river country. After the boys returned, they told me that there was a Pirate CAmp set up in River Country where they found the treasure. Seeing the closed down water park was a highlight of their trip.

    For lunch we cooked up grilled cheese and tomato soup and by that time the boys and DH were back. All the boys and I went to the pool (which had a ton of chlorine in it!) for a good while. The nephews spent a lot of money in the arcade. And my sons also rode their bikes around. DH took another 3 hour nap.

    We had a great BBQ chicken, potato and corn dinner at the campsite that would rival the Hoop De Doo, and then the boys started getting carried away with throwing pinecones, etc. So we decided to create a "scavenger hunt" for them. We gave them a list of questions that they would have to travel together around the campground to answer. They were not allowed to take a map, but had to use the maps on the bus stops.

    Here are some of the questions:

    What kind of camper is at site 1501?
    How much does the Hoop De Doo Revue cost?
    Who is working at the Trading Post?
    Bring back a map of one of the resorts.
    Bring back some sand from the beach.
    What movie is playing at the campfire program tommorrow night?
    How much does it cost to rent a bike?
    How many campsites are in loop 400?

    There were a couple other questions that I can't remember, but they had a ball with this. We gave them a two way radio and they had to call the answers into us. When they were at the beach we lost contact with them, though. But they had fun. They had to ask bus drivers questions and sneak peeks at nametags, but they got all the questions answered. When they were down we told them to meet us at the campfire program for their prize and we had Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwiches for them all.

    We sat down and took in the campfire program. The singer this night wasn't real good, but I don't think the kids noticed. Chip and Dale were there. We made smores and stayed for the movie which was Jungle Book. Partway through it started to rain. I decided it was time to take the nephews back home since they had school the next day. DH stayed with our sons, but he said they had to leave the movie because they were getting too wet. He said they didn't cancel the movie due to the light rain though, so he recommends bringing an umbrella with you to the movie if you suspect rain.

    By the time I got back from taking the nephews back home, everyone else was fast asleep. Soon I was too.

  2. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    What a cute idea for a scavenger hunt - a fun day all around for you - thanks for posting!
  3. kathymc

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    Oct 4, 1999
    the pirate thing sounds so cute - and great idea with the scavenger hunt!
  4. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    The pirate cruise DOES sound neat!

    Sounds like the boys had a ball all day!

    Thanks for sharing!

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