ORANGE family trip DAY 4 MK 8/31

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    Jun 5, 2002
    Me - Age 38, mom
    DH - Age 38, Navy man
    Last time we were at WDW together was 1995.
    DS1 - Age 9 (was at WDW with me and grandma once when he was 2, but doesn't remember)
    DS2 - Age 7 First timer

    We aren't really the ORANGE family, but each day we'd try to coordinate our shirt colors to make it easy to find each other and so the CM's would always say things like "Hey, it's the Green Family" "Hi Orange, Family"!


    Day 4 - It really was a magical place

    I planned to get up at 6:00am, but couldn't sleep around 5am! I was more excited than the kids--we were going to Magic Kingdom!!

    Our priority seating for CRT was for 8:05am. We thought that the busses from FW wouldn't be running early enough (we were wrong), so we decided to drive to MK. Little did we know that although FW is right next to MK's entrance, you can't get there from here! DH was in a state of panic as we kept getting lost. We could SEE the parking lot for MK, but there was no way to get to it! Finally, we made it to the Transportation hub and were on our way. This would be the last day we drove to any of the parks!

    On the monorail over, we met a family who grew up in the same city we grew up in. It's a small world after all.

    We felt so special as we were ushered into MK. At main street, we boarded one of the double busses and cruised down a nearly empty main streat to the castle. The infamous crane was there, but it was behind the castle sort of tucked down, so I didn't see it until after we came out of the castle. It seemed that throughout our trip, sometimes you could see the crane more prominately than other times.

    Inside the castle, we were seated right by a window. The castle is beautiful! We were so awestruck by the ambiance in the dining room. And, DH was actually one of the most impressed. He was also impressed that I even knew there was anything inside the castle. He said when he was a boy, his parents always told him it was just a facade.

    The princesses came around and the boys smiled and stood with each one for a picture. They enjoyed the characters, but they also seemed even more impressed that they were actually IN the castle. The day the characters we saw were Cindy, Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, Alladin and Snow White. Belle was in the lobby. We loved the food, especially the potatoes and the apple thing. Our waitress was very quick to bring us anything we wanted more of, and we ate a lot.

    One aside: With the new reservation system, try not to get alarmed when you first see your bill. Even though you've already paid a deposit, they do not take it off the bill until after you total it up with the tip.

    We exited the castle and headed towards our first ride choice: Space Mountain. On the way, one of the cast members asked us where we cam from and informed us that the park was closed. She said there should have been a rope keeping us out of the area. There wasn't, so we thanked her for her info, but continued on. At Space Mtn., there were two other group0s ahead of us and the sign said "Wait time 0 minutes". I had to get a photo of that.

    The opening music started and soon behind us around a corner came a stampede of people heading towards us. But we were the 3rd to ride and very happy. DS1 (the 9 year old) is usually scared of roller coasters, but I had been playing up the "theming" of this ride and so he rode it and loved it. And it paved the way for him to ride all the other roller coasters in WDW.

    Even though we were doing the DREADED MAGIC KINGDOM ON A SATURDAY, we were pleasantly surprised by almost no lines. WIth the use of a FP for a few things, here is all we did on that Saturday: When I say no wait, I mean that either we walked right on or were the next people to enter.

    Space Mountain - No wait
    Buzz Lightyear - No wait
    People mover - no wait
    Astro Orbitor - About 10 minutes wait
    Buzz lightyear again with FP picked up before People mover so no wait.
    ExtraTERRORestrial - (please excuse my spelling on this) -
    no wait THis scared the heck out of my DS2 (age 7) He was whimpering when he got into his seat. But he LOVED the little Alien in the preshow, "Skippy"
    Peter Pans Flight - 10 minute wait
    Tiki Birds - Waited for show to start about 10 minutes
    Hall of Presidents - 5 minute wait for show to start
    Haunted Mansion - No wait
    It's a small World - No wait
    Pirates of the Carribean two times, no wait either time, using the LEFT line

    We took a break for a late lunch at the campground (deli sandwiches, pickles and chips) as we were planning on coming back for the parade and fireworks. When we came back, we rode
    -Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - about a 5 minute - Big hit with DS1, the one who doesn't normally like roller coasters.
    -Saw the Country Bear Jamboree (which had to be my LEAST favorite attraction in the park. I think some of the song choices could be better for a family park. )
    -Cinderella's Carousel - no wait
    -Went back to the gift store at the exit of ExtraTERRORtrial because DS2 had talked about nothing else but buying a little stuffed "SKIPPY"
    -Played in the shooting arcade
    - Big Thunder Mountain again, this time in the dark, with a fast pass we picked up before we saw the country Bear thing.

    We didn't get to go on Splash mountain cause that wait was 50 minutes and they were out of fast passes when we were there, but we made up for that on a future day.

    The longest line we stood in that day was the line for the gift shop at Pirates of the Carribbean, because it was during a rain shower, so lots of people were in there. I think we stood in that line for about 20 minutes!

    From the ramp leading up to BTMRR, we watched the Spectromagic parade. The view was pretty good. Not as good as it would've been had we sat on the curb for an hour, but we had decided that we would rather ride.

    We watched Tinkerbell fly over us from the bridge that goes behind the right side of the castle, but that wasn't a very good place to see the actually fireworks, so we walked over a bit to just in front of the Carousel, and had a great view. It was funny cause as we were watching the fireworks over the carousel, a lady nearby commented "I always thought they shot the fireworks behind the castle". Her companion then said "We ARE behind the castle!"

    For the most part, we had a truly magical day. It was great to start our park time at MK and especially at the CRT. And, we were just so amazed at the lack of lines. I kept waiting to run into the terrible saturday crowds, but never did. Now, we did use FP a few times and we did avoid a couple of the more popular fantasyland rides, so I imagine some of those might have had a wait. But we had planned another full day at MK for later in the week, so we figured we could catch them later.

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Wow for a Saturday in the MK you sure got to do lots - thanks for posting!
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    Mar 9, 2001
    Sounds like a wonderful day at MK! We're also doing MK on a Saturday, so hopefully ours will be as good as yours!
  5. kathymc

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    Oct 4, 1999
    sounds like a great day - Saturdays can be awful - even in early December!

    I think Big Thunder in the dark is my favorite ride at MK

    thanks for posting - off to read more
  6. vald1977

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    Mar 20, 2002
    :) What a great MK day! I am so happy to hear that your ds's and dh enjoyed CRT. I would love to go there someday with my dh and ds but I was worried they would find it girly. I'm glad to hear that it can be enjoyed by all! Can't wait to read more.
  7. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    A great day @ MK for sure!

    Thanks for sharing!

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