ORANGE family Trip Day 3 (Fri, August 30)

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  1. Momto2funkids

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    Jun 5, 2002
    Me - Age 38, mom
    DH - Age 38, Navy man
    Last time we were at WDW together was 1995.
    DS1 - Age 9 (was at WDW with me and grandma once when he was 2, but doesn't remember)
    DS2 - Age 7 First timer

    We aren't really the ORANGE family, but each day we'd try to coordinate our shirt colors to make it easy to find each other and so the CM's would always say things like "Hey, it's the Green Family" "Hi Orange, Family"!

    (Due to the generosity of another DIS'er, we had a free night at CBR, before we headed to FW campground. Our actual park days won't start until day 4!)

    Day 3 Leave CBR and arrive Fort Wilderness Campground

    After swimming most of the morning at CBR, we had PBJ's at the pool, and then headed to FW. The drive through check in there was very convenient. Even though we had paid for the cheapest loops (1500 or 2000), we were placed in the 1000 loop, which was very convenient to the Trading Post and the swimming area. It was also on the Orange Bus Line which we found that even though they don't always change their signs, every orange bus also goes to the Transportation center at MK.

    The sites at FW are very nice with a sizable black top parking area and a sandy gravel tent area. We have a very small pop-up camper and NO AC in it, but the temperatures in the evenings weren't too bad for the most part.

    Other comments on Fort Wilderness: DH was disappointed in the "Trading Post" which he thought would be more of a big camp store rather than just another gift shop. DS2 was disappointed in the petting farm, which you could not actually go in, and some of the animals were pretty scruffy looking. We had no problems with transportation on the orange loop. Never had to wait long. The boys loved being able to ride all over on their bikes. We kept sending them on errands during our stay and they felt kind of grown up. Make sure they have lights and/or those wheel lights if you plan on letting them ride at night.

    Back to Friday night.....It was starting to rain as we set up so our visions of watching the MK fireworks from the beach were dashed. We ended up tgoing to Walmart in Kissimmee for supplies and getting rest for our early CRT for the next morning.

  2. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Yikes to setting up the camper in the rain - and no fireworks - can't wait to read the rest of your reports - thanks for posting!
  3. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    Have never been to the campgrounds @ FW, so really appreciated your take!

    Thanks for posting!

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