Orange County Register (paper in Disneyland's county) published 2nd article

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    Disneyland is located in Orange County, CA. The Orange County Register is the major newspaper in the area. There was a blog entry on their website a few days ago.

    I found this tonight. This is big! The article is most defin

    "The May 21 closure of Virtual Magic Kingdom, a Disney online social gaming site, is continuing to draw passion from its fans along with an online response from the site’s producer.

    We wrote about the online Kingdom’s closing last week. The free site (also called VMK) was designed as an online promotion for Disneyland’s 50th anniversary. Be sure to check out that first post, as it has a poll with so far more than 1,400 votes. has also written about VMK’s ending and mentions that Disney has formed a team dedicated to virtual worlds. That article also links to the VMK newsletter page that has a reaction from Yavn (Seth Mendelsohn, producer for VMK) - his VMK avatar, or online character, is shown at right.

    Yavn writes:
    “So it’s been a difficult past few days for all of us. I know many of you are upset – some upset with me, some upset with the company, and lots of you just plain upset. Many of you are still struggling to understand the decision we made to close Virtual Magic Kingdom. We hear you and we share your concern and sorrow….Please know that the decision to close VMK was not made without a great deal of thought and discussion – because we loved creating VMK just as much as you loved playing it. We considered many options prior to closing but ultimately determined that VMK had accomplished its goal and then some. VMK was a valuable part of the Disneyland 50th Celebration, but it was never meant to live on forever. It’s now time to focus our resources on our new virtual worlds.”

    We also have some new VMK links to share. Here is the summary page for VMK posts on MiceChat. Also, there is another site dedicated to preserving VMK, (artwork from site at left).

    One of the VMK fans involved with the SaveVMKToday site is Jennifer, also known as “ForeverWDW.” She said that as an adult who suffers from severe depression, anxiety attacks and post traumatic stress, VMK is her personal escape.

    “Here my friends unknowingly have provided the love and laughter I needed to make it through my darkest hours when I had nowhere else to turn to,” she said.

    She also said that her two boys play VMK, and that both are upset about the ending of VMK.

    “All I can do is try to tell them that it will all be ok, while inside my own heart breaks in two. Disney fails to realize the importance of this game to so many people worldwide.”

    Very interesting.... especially from the OC Register.
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    I really enjoyed this piece the emotions are starting to get out there. That this is just not a game. The video's are cute but send such a message :thumbsup2
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    OMG! I am totally sobbing here. You kids are wonderful! :worship:

    What a great bunch of videos - you break my heart - thank you!:thumbsup2

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