Opinions/experience with AKL wedding photo session??


Earning My Ears
Aug 12, 2018
so I had this thought that I wanted to do our wedding shoot at Animal kingdom lodge because we stayed there our first Disney trip together (Jambo House) it was amazing, magical, absolutely gorgeous (especially during Christmas), our room looked over the Savannah I saw giraffes every morning it was an absolute dream and I saw a photo of a couple at another safari (not Disney) and there were giraffes in the background and I SWOONED. We didn’t honestly spend too much time exploring jambo house or the lodge, so I honestly have no idea if there are even areas that have the kind of viewing that would make those kind of pictures possible; but HOW COOL?! I’m just in a tail spin of possibilities right now so if anyone has experience with taking photos there or just opinions, please I am all ears!:love:


The Attic was just perfect!
Aug 24, 2006
There are lots of great places for photos at AKL. I think you'll love it. I'd look into a local wedding photographer to do the portrait session, since you'll be able to choose exactly the style of photography you want and maybe save a little money over Disney Fine Art Photo's prices.

FSU Girl

DIS Veteran
Oct 20, 2016
I did my engagement pictures at Animal Kingdom Lodge and loved how they turned out. I used Disney photography and had an hour session. I felt like the setting was really unique and got great shots that showed it off. They don't really get animals in the pictures. The way the fence is laid out in the public space it's hard to capture. I did ask to have a picture with an animal and they went out of their way to do it, but it's a zebra really far in the background, but they did do it :) I wouldn't hesitate to do another photo shoot there in the future.


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