** Opening Day Pricing REQUESTS Fall 2021: Magic, Wonder, Dream, Fantasy **


Jul 7, 2010
The purpose of this thread is so REQUESTS for "opening day quotes" can be tracked in one place. Please put all requests here and keep in mind that this is only a request. It depends on someone having the time and kindness to do this for us. As they say, it takes a village!

Itinerary desired (ship & date)
Category of stateroom
Number of passengers* (including ages of children MAY change the quote substantially, so if possible please include them)
Any extras such as port transfers, gratuity, etc that you would add
Whether or not you will be booking with an OBB

Example for a family of four with two adults and two children ages 10 and 8:
Wonder [Date] 11B 2A2K (10,8) no ins/trans/air/OBB

Once the prices are released to the general public we will CEASE to provide a spot for requests for quotes as you can easily find it online in real time no matter your status.

If you decide to help out with these THANK YOU for your help - it is invaluable to others who can't yet get quotes for planning their cruises! Please "like" the post if you are grabbing a quote as that will allow others to move on to the next request.

*If a quote was requested for 1A1K It will be the same price as 2A - the cost of the first to people in a stateroom is the same regardless of the ages.


Jan 10, 2014

Magic - Bermuda from NYC [10/04/21] 4A 2A2K (11,6) no ins/trans/air yes OBB

Please and thank you!


Earning My Ears
Jul 27, 2020
Hello from the UK

Magic - NY to Bermuda (HOTHS) [10/19/21] 6A 2A1K (13) no ins/trans/air/OBB

thank you so much!


Mar 11, 2018
Thanks so much in advance.

Fantasy - Merrytime 5 Night 2 Castaway Cay [11/6/21] Cat V 3A1K (6) no ins/trans/air/OBB
Magic - 6 Night HOTHS NY-Canada [10/24/21] Cat V 3A1K (6) no ins/trans/air/OBB

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  • NikNakNY

    Earning My Ears
    Nov 19, 2018
    Magic - NY to Bermuda (HOTHS) [10/14/21] Cat 9B
    2A2K (16, 5)
    no ins/trans/air/OBB

    Thank you!
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  • Marc D

    DIS Veteran
    Aug 27, 2016
    Thanks so much in advance.

    Fantasy - Merrytime 5 Night 2 Castaway Cay [11/6/21] V 3A1K (6) no ins/trans/air/OBB
    Magic - 6 Night HOTHS NY-Canada [10/24/21] V 3A1K (6) no ins/trans/air/OBB

    If V means the lowest verandah possible...

    Fantasy - 4,106.63 $ before OBB
    Magic - 5,361 $ before OBB

    If it means a CatV

    Fantasy - 7,973.83 $ (no OBB of course)
    Magic - 10,350.60 $ (no OBB possible)


    Earning My Ears
    Aug 17, 2018
    Wonder 10/01 Cat 10A 2 adults 1 kid (10) no insurance or transportation using OBB credit, Thank you.
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