Ooo-de-lally Tour September 2007: Day 10 (Thrills... and one painful spill!)

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    Thursday 27th September: H.U.L.K… and a head injury!

    Would anyone like to do the dance of the Big Green Scream Machine with me?? Yep - it was another Thrills ‘n Spills kind of day with Islands of Adventure and Wet n Wild pencilled into the plan… we were very happy.

    Early risers again, we were up at 8.00am and arrived at CityWalk by about 9.00am after a very pleasant walk in the sun. The formula of Cinabon + OJ had worked well before so we didn’t deviate and tucked into the goo again for our brekky. In our defence I would say that we shared a cinabon so this (nearly) offsets the fact we were in fact eating icing for breakfast.

    There was no competition for our first ride of the day - of course it was HULK. So was the second ride of the day! We rode the back first and then the middle. On the whole I decided the middle was the best. You get much more effect of the launch at the back, and a better first drop at the front, but the middle was a happy medium. Oh I take it back - just ride it as many times as you can and you can’t go wrong!


    I probably could have ridden HULK on a loop for quite a while but we had other places to be and rides to ride so had to move on. Previous experience told us that the families would be out in force later in the day so we headed over to Seuss Landing next to get a more family oriented ride under our belts. We had a trip on the Cat in the Hat ride and generally mooched around Seuss Landing taking some pictures and seeing the sights.


    I loved all the theming but my opinion of Dr Seuss hasn’t changed… I still find it all ever so slightly menacing. Like Clowns.. Keep your children away from Clowns. They are EVIL. Cat in the Hat and the Grinch - obviously not in the same league as Clowns but still inherently disturbing! Now dragons - they are a different matter all together and may be approached with no hesitation…


    We had ridden both of the Duelling Dragons on our first day at US but the park was quiet and it seemed an ideal time to ride the front of both. I found Fire to be a rough ride, but Ice was WAY better at the front. The woman in the queue line made me take my camera out of it’s zipped pouch thing that was attached to my belt and put it in my pocket (no zip) which made no sense to me but there you are. She let M have his bum bag on which, if anything, had a less secure fastening than my leather belt. Perhaps she didn’t like the look of me!

    We had one of our list queuing mishaps at this point as we tried to get into Poseidens Fury next. We were there early enough but didn’t realise when it says next show 10.30am they mean you to be queuing at about 10.00am. I can’t remember the exact wording on the sign but I don’t think this was particularly clear and we weren’t the only ones who showed up at 10.25am and turned away.



    We decided to be patient and just waited for the 11am showing - it seemed a long time coming and it actually gets a little chilly in the underground themed queue line. We really enjoyed the show when it did start though - and the water vortex thing that you walk through was very cool. This was one of those attractions that I didn’t really know what to expect and was pretty impressed by all the fire / water / explosions etc.

    I was keen to ride the Jurassic Park River Adventure again so we scooted over to Jurassic Park. M had a bit of a thing about going on the Pteranodon Flyers until I pointed out that you had to have a small person with you as this is in fact a bona fide kiddies ride. He was so crestfallen that I almost considered approaching someone and asking to borrow their child - but then I thought this might not create the best impression so we never did get to “Soar through the air and get a Pteranodon's-eye-view of the Camp Jurassic® play area”. Check out the 45 minute ride wait time as well -


    I’m not sure that can be right though as everything else was so very quiet.

    On the up side we did get to splash down the JP River Adventure. The first dino as you go through the gates was now in rehab and was covered up. There was a very funny kid in front of us on the ride - his dad seemed worried that he would find it all a bit scary but he was absolutely LOVING it.


    Lunch at the Enchanted Oak tavern was up next. I do remember wishing there was more choice for lunch on this day - I think I was hankering for something a bit more healthy. There probably was if you looked hard enough but we were too hungry to bother so just shared a cheeseburger, fries, corn on the cob, and a diet coke.



    All went down well and having studied the map we realised that our timing was pretty good for the next Eighth Voyage of Sinbad stunt show at 1.00pm. Having thrown the healthiness idea out of the window we shared a chocolate Eskimo pie while waiting for the show to start and then I broke out the video camera and tried to capture a bit of the fun. We decided to head back to the ranch after the show - I’m not sure how long the show went on for but I can tell you that we walked back and arrived at 2.00pm.

    Quick change and we were on our way to Wet n Wild. Storm was up first as this was M’s favourite ride, then we jumped into the Lazy River and got out at the next stop for Der Stuka. M was brave enough to launch himself down this one again but I just couldn’t put myself through it. Bomb Bay was more than enough adrenalin and M reliably informs me that Der Stuka is worse. I was happy to take his word for this!!


    I’m not sure why it clicked but we suddenly realised that the whole of the Surf Lagoon was open - the deepest third had been roped off on our first visit. Obviously we threw ourselves in and played in the surf until we got too tired and then opted for a ride on H2o.


    The Black Hole was our next choice… and destined to be the scene of my head injury! I’m not entirely sure what happened but we took a tumble off of this double rider and I hit my head against the tube in a fairly impressive fashion. I was riding in front and M managed to avoid ploughing through me - and also managed to grab the tube which I am very grateful for. It hurt like hell and I was a bit wobbly afterwards. We got a slushi and sat down for a bit of recovery time - the thumping unpleasant I’m going to be sick feeling went away after a few minutes but I had brain ache for a few hours. We couldn’t sit around all day though so went for a leisurely trip round the Lazy River to Storm which M rode… and also bashed his bonce! This kind of signalled the end of our WnW outing and we just had a quick bob in the Lagoon before heading back to the hotel.



    Changed again and jumped on the Trolly to the Premium Outlets. I know women are supposed to do all the shopping but I got nothing again - M came away with some very cool Levi carpenter Jeans that really suit him though so it was worth the trip. We didn’t hang around and got the Trolly back to stop 12 for Bufallo Wild Wings which some friends of ours had recommended. We shared a sampler for our apetizer and then M ordered chicken n shrimp while I opted for Ribs n wings. I’m not sure what the sauces were called but mine was hot and M’s was HOTTER! I'm fairly certain I opted for what was touted as one of the less fiesty options on the menu as well, so be warned - if they say it’s hot, it will be! The nice cold pints of lager washed it all down nicely though… :drinking1

    We did have a slight comedy moment though as the aforementioned friend (you know who you are) had said that you could buy a BWW hoody and he liked the place so much that he wanted one. We asked. They didn’t sell them. Server guy was very confused bless him. Probably wondering why the crazy british people were trying to buy clothes in a restaurant! :cuckoo:

    The atmosphere in BWW was very cool though - they had live music and the place was very popular. Would definitely go back again. We were tired though so it wasn’t too long before we were back at the hotel for a quick game of pinball before bed.
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    Great reading+pics.I like trip reports like this,we always stay on I-Drive.x.
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    Gotta agree on the clown front !! scary things :scared1:
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    Another excellent report ~ Thanx for posting.
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    Owww, your head injury sounded nasty, hope you felt better by the next day. I never thought Dr Suess was disturbing as a kid, but I can definitely see that now!

    Laur's princess:
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    Your poor head, I'm pleased it wasn't more serious!
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    If you get to the Pteranodon Flyers early they let you on without a child. It is very slow loading hence the long waiting time. We went on a few years back, ok but nothing special.

    Enjoying your reports.

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    another excellent day:thumbsup2
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    I love Islands of Adventure.
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    Another excellent day

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