ooh toodles ooh toodles trip report day 5 last day!!!

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    Mar 1, 2008
    well its the last day. we decided to get up early and try get some emh hours done on our last day as the queues were so bad yesterday. So it was up at 7 once everyone was ready me and maria headed to breakfast with the kids while jim and duncan went and got the luggage stored and checked out.

    then straight to parks. we did buzz lightyear and adam decided he needed changed was trying to pull his nappy down, so jim took him off to toilets and the rest of us did buzz. i hadnt told jim that sometimes the buggy may be moved so when we come out he was having a fit thought adams buggy had been stolen. it was nicely lined up in the corner lol.
    we then did teacups, dumbo and snow white which amy cried in and covered her eyes. then we went and did caseys train, the storybook boat and caseys train again. we then fast passed space mountain for later i wasnt sure if i would do it after my aerosmith experience we shall wait and see.
    then it was its a small world again for the last day. is amazing how everytime u do that ride u notice something u havent seen before.

    We did some shopping along main sreet i wanted to get some disney glasses and i got a lovely minnie xmas decoration.

    we had a reservation for the steakhouse for the brunh at 12pm so we headed towards that and were seated straight away. we used our last half board plus vouchers.
    u were given a glass of bubbly straight away and all soft drinks and red and white wine were free. the food was gorgeous. Jim, Maria and Duncan said it was nicest food. there was alot of seafood which i dont eat but they were all absolutley delighted and the service was excellent. they had a balloon lady doing balloons for the kids and again lots of characters. Adam shouting ooh toodles and he actuall let mickey stand behind him to get a photo which mickey tickled him and he just kept saying mouse tickled me and has now started telling people at home mouse pulled my ear which he has just invented. lol





    so feeling extremely stuffed we headed for our fastpass for spacemountain
    and after being reassured it wasnt as bad as aerosmith and it didnt go upside down i was persuaded to go but i took my glasses of this time.
    well in a nutshell they LIED it was as bad lol and i screamed from start to finish lol but still glad i did it.
    maria and duncan were waiting at exit and in they went. i still find this babyswitch so unbelievable anyone could walk to the exit and do it as noone checks

    then it was unfortunately time to head back to hotel to get our taxi
    one last pic of the castle which amy took and she didnt do a bad job lol

    a few more shops in disney village i got some sweets and a mickey mouse glass for adam.
    then back to seqoiua we got our luggage and our car was right on time.
    cdg airport was a nightmare going home. checked in easy enough then the queue through security was terrible. once we eventually got in there wasnt even atoilet or anywhere to change kids nappies. they eventually called us for baording we were all queued ready to board and we queued and queued and queued 30mins later and still queueing they sent us bcak to the lounge no sorry i couldnt call it a lounge it was 4 walls with seats they had foind a nail in tyre and we were delayed for an hour. i was just hoping amy wouldnt ask for toilet.
    well we eventully got on plane and a non eventfull flight home kids straight to bed and thats our trip over.
    very sad though we have florida to look forward to next nov and we have decided on another trip to dlp in 2009 with maria duncan and ruby again xx
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    You made good use of EMH and your last park day :goodvibes

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