Only 4 'free' magic band colors?


DIS Veteran
Apr 24, 2008
I'm trying to get a Magic band for a last minute addition to my party. The MyDisneyExperience is only showing 4 complimentary colors, gray, yellow, green, and orange. Is this a glitch and I should try again later, or do I have to pick one of those four? Our trip is in 2 weeks, but we don't need the band shipped. I'm just wondering what happened to purple (her first choice) or blue (second choice)?


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    magic band options.PNG
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It appears to be a glitch. I was just on a few minutes ago and the only solid color missing right now is Blue.
It is a glitch, I assume since the announcement everyone is online. Lord knows the site is slow on a normal day :-)
I agree that it's likely a glitch. I'm on that screen right now and it's showing 7 solid colors..all but the blue, just as erionm mentioned above.


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