Online ADRs when staying at two resorts

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    Soon I will need to make our ADRs for a Nov trip. We have two back-to-back reservations. The first night (arriving late) we are staying in an AKV studio moving to BCV the following day (to be near the conference hotel, I work, family plays :sad2: ). I would prefer to make all our dining reservations online and in one seating at the 90 day mark of our AKV stay. Will I be able to reserve for the entire 6 days at the 90 day AKV mark or will I need to wait a day (for the BVC reservation to kick in) to complete our ADRs? Hopefully this makes sense.

    Opps, I may should have asked this under planning. Mods, if needed please move. Thank you.
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    Based on prior reports, the answer is no. Split stay also means split 90 day time, i.e., it is treated as two separate stays for purpose of making restaurant ressies; you can call for the AKV night 90 days out and then the next day call and make the BCV nights.

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