One last Alfredo's meal 08/18/07

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    We have not dined at L'Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante many times. This may have only been our 4th time at best. (The last time DH reminded me we left because the place was dead, literally. No one waited on us or even acknowledged us once we were seated. After several minutes we just left, as the invisible couple. ;) )
    Due to our last experience I think DH was apprehensive about service at Alfredo's.
    The place was full. We had ADRs that I made quite some time ago. It remained full the whole time there, and appeared to be even going stronger as we left. Even the outside dining had no empty tables as we were leaving. (Although almost all the tables were empty when we arrived.)

    We arrived around 5 minutes ahead of our ADR and were seated within 10 minutes of arrival.
    Service was prompt and efficient, but we in no way felt rushed.
    The server was really busy but gave us menus and took our drink order right away. It took a little while for the beverages to come, but we were still looking over the menu and she was running like crazy. No issues with that at all.
    We just had unsweet ice teas to drink. Surprisingly they came in handled mugs. :confused3 I asked DH where we were -- in WCC? :rotfl2: French -- handled root beer type mugs. :confused3

    We had a large lunch at Mimi's Cafe. That had been several hours ago, but I was not overly hungry by any means.

    Once we ordered, two pieces of bread and a small bowl of olive oil was brought to our table. Just plain ol olive oil. eh. DH ate it. I took a bite of my roll. It was not warm. It was good. But I was not impressed. I did not have any more than the one bite just to try it. Now had there been good dips, that would have changed it. ;)

    As a starter I ordered Alfredo's Famous Caesar Salad - Romaine lettuce tossed in home made Caesar dressing and topped with smoked bacon with a paper thin herbed crouton.
    The salad was huge. I ate some. DH ate some. And there would have been enough for a third person to share with. Instead we left the remaining on the plate to be tossed.
    The wafer like crouton was delicious. :love: VERY salty, but mmmm good. The salad was good and fresh. I did not care for the smoked bacon. But it must have just been me, because DH liked it. :confused3

    Our main dishes came after a little bit of a wait. Since Alfredo's is closing we both wanted the Alfredo dish. Otherwise DH would have ordered something else.
    I had the appetizer version for $10. DH ordered the full version for $21.
    My portion was just right. I almost finished it off, but not quite.
    DH finished his. But he noticed his portion was not that much more than mine, and much smaller than those around him who ordered it too. But he did not mind as he had plenty as it was.
    It was AB FAB. :love: :love: Very, very, good. Imagine VERY GOOD cream, and cheese with perfectly cooked noodles. Heart attack on a plate I am sure. But it did not seem overly greasy. Just perfect.

    We wanted to opt for desserts too. Usually we don't, but.....

    I had the chocolate mousse. mmmmmmm good, good and good.
    DH had the caneoli. <-- probably spelled wrong. ;)
    He said it was excellent.

    Even though the server was busy, she had a table runner who kept everything going smooth. It was real team work and they did a great job. We always got ice tea replenishments right on schedule. (And finally in glasses, rather than mugs. :rotfl2: )

    I am anticipating the New Italian offering for the new restaurant.

    The downside to Alfredo's was the palce was NOISY since it was so busy, and it is pretty large too. But that is not bad if that is all there is to complain about! :cheer2:

    As a side note -- we left World Showcase by wandering through the American direction.
    In Japan they had an outside area (early Food & Wine? :confused3 ) with interesting offerings. A CM came up to us hoping to entice us with their fare. (No one was eating there. :confused3 ) Obviously we were too stuffed to eat more.
    Although we went to the french bakery and picked up some delicious breakfast items. I am eating a strawberry tart now. :cloud9:
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    Jan 14, 2003
    An excellent review ~ Thanx for posting.
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    Apr 24, 2003
    Great review! It makes me wish we had tried it although I did eat there with my parents when Epcot first opened. I remember it being loud then too.
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    Aug 16, 2002
    I'm glad to hear it was an enjoyable experience overall!

    Alfredo's has been my DH's favorite WDW restaurant for years. I've never really enjoyed cream sauces, so I can take it or leave it. We've got reservations for 8/30, which I believe is their last night of operation, and I'm hoping they'll go out with a bang rather than a wimper.

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    We've always had really good service and great meals at Alfredo's, we'll miss it.

    I'm looking forward to trying lunch at it's replacement in November. :)

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