Older kids and So.Ca. passes, proof of residency

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by Zoemakes5, Jan 18, 2008.

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    Here's a question for those of you who live in So.CA. Apparently, it's stumped DL, as they finally responded to my email to tell me to call the Guest Services number! And, I had really wanted something in writing!

    Anyway, my question is how they treat "children" for proof of residency when they use SoCA passes? Do they not bother? Do they ask them questions?
    Does it make any difference when the kids are technically "adult" rate (as my 11 & 13 y.o. are), but not yet old enough to have a driver's license?

    This is the deal. DS's will be going to DLR with friends who are out of state, but I wanted to get the SoCA passes for the boys to save some money. Obviously, the friends won't be able to get them, but I wanted the boys to be able to use them.
    Also, my cousin's son and daughter are going with us to DLR in March for Zoe's b-day, but my cousin isn't. He's 15, and doesn't have a driver's license, either. He does live in SoCA, but what proof would he have? The daughter is only 6. Someone suggested bringing student id, but my younger son wouldn't have one, neither would my DD or my cousin's DD.
    Hmmmm.....anyone know?
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    You might have to go with them to activate them. Anybody can buy the tickets at a supermarket, but they check ID when the passes are activated and the permanent card printed. The CM took my ID since I am the adult, and then asked my son (7) a few questions that would "prove" he is my son. Address (he got all but the zip code, which was bad since the CM had never heard of my city), phone number and birthday were all that they asked him.

    It would be really hard to prove that they do live in SoCal, expecially if they are going with another family. You could always send a phone or utility bill and even if it's not in their name, they still might let it pass.

    Good luck!
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    If your kiddos don't have any form of ID with them, I would suggest you try and get them a state ID. They're available to any age, and in the future, you'll be surprised how handy it comes in. It'll definitely save you the hassle when your kids are getting their passes also.

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