old disney passes?


Earning My Ears
Jan 8, 2002
We have two old passes (from 91) from our last trip to WDW. I know that we have to go Disney and have these applied to new passes. There are two days left on each pass - if we buy 4 day hoppers - will they be half price? Never redeemed old days before and as you can see it has been over 10 years since we have been to Disney.
It is my understanding that they can give new passes that will scan at the gates with 2 days on them. Or you can have those days credited to a new pass. Those days will be credited at the '91 prices. So a new 4 day with those 2 days credited would be more than half the price.

If it were me I would just trade the old passes in for passes that will now scan.
I hope that this makes sense.

We have 1 day left on previous passes, too. Where do you trade them in for ones that scan?
Can it be done before our trip so we don't waste time in line?
Hi Tiga and SoDakMinnie! WELCOME TO THE DIS!!! :D

ladyvol is right - you can trade in old non-scannable passes for one day ones that WILL scan at the turnstyles. If they were hoppers, they will be good for hopping too. It always usually makes financial sense to just use up old hopper days rather than applying them to the purchase of new ones. If you just "use them up" you are getting admission today at (in Tiga's case) 1991's prices. Now THAT is a bargain! :D

SoDakMinnie - the only place that you can trade in passes (I THINK) is at Guest Relations at the Parks. I don't know if you can do this at the Resorts or at Guest Relations at Downtown Disney. I KNOW that you cannot do it before you leave home.

Hope that this helps! :)

thanks for the info on the old passes - have another question about the old passes.
Since 91 was waaay before Animal Kingdom was open, I am assuming that we cannot use
the the passes to hop on over to AK? Or am I wrong about this - would love to know before we go.
For a few months after Animal Kingdom opened, Disney was not allowing entry to that park on old park hopper passes. Around the first of the year after the park opened, Disney began allowing people with older park hopper passes to enter Animal Kingdom with those passes. Now I can't say I have heard of someone with 10 year old passes getting into AK, but it is worth a try!!
We were just in Disney for New Years and we had a four day hopper
with one day left on it. We were able to use it to get into AK and MGM
We had a childs ticket and they gave us an adult ticket No charge.
We went to guest relations and they exchanged them no problem.

In October we used passes from '95. We went to guest relations (at the magic kingdom)and they gave us new hoppers that worked at all 4 parks (it never even occured to us that they wouldn't work at AK). We even had 1 plus day left (on my old pass it was a "bonus") and they allowed us to use them at Blizzard Beach - we didn't think they would, but at the guest relations they again issued us a new pass (the new pass we got at the mk wouldn't work - we decided to try and see what would happen - but the woman at guest relations, bless her heart, didn't even bat an eye at replacing them) and away we went. How cool was that!!!
I have one day left on a 1995 4 day park hopper and a one day ticket from 1986 to DisneyLAND. What can I expect to hear as my options from Guest Services next month??
Hi dkfogt!

The hopper day that you have left from 1995 will be worth one day's hopping at WDW. Or it will be worth 1/4 of what you paid in 1995 in credit towards a new pass. The day that you have from Disneyland is not worth anything at WDW - not that I am aware of anyway. :(
I wonder if you could buy Annual Passes to lock in today's prices. Would they be honored in the future as long as they had not been validated?


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