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    Oct 4, 1999
    Just back from 5 day trip to our home at OKW. The good, check-in was seamless room was ready early and near hospitality house. We had friends with us so this was great being close to pool, boat, and bus.
    Visited Epcot and had our first lunch in Morocco. The food was fabulous and really enjoyed the music and belly dancer. Yummy drink in France that was made with Orange Vodka and Grand Mariner, like an adult slushie. Magic Kingdom was busy being Labor Day weekend but we had a great time. Our friends were quite impressed with Wishes fireworks.
    We had lunch at Raglun Row to enjoy the festival going on and watch the live band. Food was great and oh I love those little sausage appetizers. Went to pay the bill and asked for the DVC discount and handed the server my KTTW card. He says, "Sorry, you do not have DVC member on your card." I am like what??? Turns out everyone in our party had the designation but me and I was the member and made the reservation. That evening I go to desk to have my card "fixed." Not only would they not add DVC Member to my card but said it is now policy if you want the discount you have to carry your DVC Card. I asked politely when did the policy change and where was it stated when I checked in online. The cast member just repeated himself and added if I had forgot my card I could take transportation to Saratoga Springs and have them print me a duplicate DVC card. He could not explain why 3 of our 4 cards still had DVC on them. Needless to say I was furious "No pixie dust here." I don't mind changes in policy but this was nuts. Anyone else have this issue recently?
    We are going back next month to Bay Lake will be interesting to see if our KTTW cards will show the DVC Member. I hate having to carry two card around but if that is what it takes to get our discounts guess I will conform. :mad:
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    Sep 7, 2011
    I don't like it when things are inconsistent. When you buy a TiW card, it says it requires you to show i.d. I wasn't asked once and even though I wasn't inconvenienced, it still bothers me because the 'seamlessness' isn't there. And for us, one of the greatest perks of vacationing at Disney is the seamlessness and the consistency of training their employees to the same standards. That goes, some of the magic goes too!
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    The DVC Member printing has been a issue since Disney went to their new software months and months ago. I'm guessing that you were the lead on the reservation. There is also a problem with the lead names switching around. The several times that I have tried to get it fixed, I was told that there is no fix and once it ended up with our reservation getting canceled.

    It is recommended that you carry your DVC Member card. Disney will never admit that they have a problem and apparently it's too expensive to fix it. DVC uses the Disney CRO software to save money and some things just don't work well in a DVC application.

    :earsboy: Bill

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Did you make your reservation on-line?

    I've made my last 3 res. on-line and at the end, when you add each guest, it asks if that person is a DVC member or guest, I checked of on it for my son and I as members. In Aug, my son and my room key had on it DVC Member, the other 4 guests did not. I think it's as a result of that on-line info. I still carried my DVC Card as recommended in the Perk info, just in case and I was asked to produce it on occation, along with my room key!

    It seems, as is typical Disney, there's a policy but every store, restaurants puts their different spin on what type of ID they need! Frankly, I even have a hard time remembering if they need my AP, but whatever it takes to get a discount, I carry it with me, I give Disney enough of my money!
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    Jul 14, 2010
    welcome to the world of Grand Marnier slushies! we had dvcmember printed across our keys but regardless, they asked my husband for the DVC member card in addition & i believe his i.d. once at counter service. lol--never happened to me--i told him all that rigamaroo to save $1.00 on lunch!

    but, glad to hear about your trip!

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