OKW 2 Bedroom Views


Earning My Ears
May 4, 2021
Hello, we booked our first stay coming in Febuary, taking my parents and staying in a 2 Bedroom at OKW. My dad asked for me to request a nice view, basically he said anything but a parking lot.
So i put in a request for 1st floor as my wife isnt good with stairs and requested a Golf, Water, or Garden view. Second floor would probably have the nicer view but with no elevators its not an option. I know requests arent always granted but should have a good shot at it.

After looking at the map, OKW looks like the way the buildings are setup, that the balcony/porch would always not have a view of the parking lot, is that correct, never been there? Looks like the way its setup is the front door is where you would park and the porch/balcony would be in the back and looking at the maps the back doesnt view any roads.


Simba's Mom

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Aug 26, 1999
I'd be surprised if anyone ever overlooked the parking lot in a 2 BR. Unfortunately we've never stayed in a 2 BR there, so I can't help with specific views.


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Sep 26, 2009

Our villa was on the second floor and overlooked a small stream and the golf course.


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Aug 5, 2008
Yep - no parking lot views at OKW. The best views are usually the ones with less trees in the way - either looking over a lake, the golf course, or the river to Disney Springs (if you like watching the boats go by). The closest thing to a road/parking lot view are the buildings near two road intersections, like Building 69, where you can see a bit of the road off to the side of your view - or some of the buildings along Peninsular road, which if you looked to the side you could see a bit of the next building's parking lot - but in all cases, that would be 10% of your view way off to the side - most views will be out onto golf course or water or just trees. The 'worst' views would be in buildings 38, 39, and 41, the view would be mostly trees, but right behind those trees is the Bonnet Creek Parkway, so highway noise and lights of cars passing behind the trees will be visible.


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Jun 25, 2000
Stayed in a 2 bedroom at OKW 3 times now and never had a view of the parking lot. I am pretty sure they all look out on the golf course that runs thru the resort...ºoº