Okay, I'm tired today...


DIS Veteran
Aug 17, 1999
I just got back to my desk from picking up something at the printer...

Tried putting my mouse on my head so I could listen to the music (Disney, of course!) and use the earphones to move the mouse cursor :o :o :o

I think I need to go home and get a nap :rolleyes:
ROFL!!!!!!!!!! Tammi, honestly, you got me LOL'ing on that mental image. :teeth: :rolleyes: You are too funny: :bounce:
Hey Tammi - whaddya doing DISing? I thought you could get in trouble? Do you love us that much? Hee hee! Illegal DISer!

LOL Tammi :teeth: I've sure had days like that!!! Go take a nap ;)
LOL Tammi.

Just keep listening to your music and lay your head down on your desk for a nap. If anyone asks, just tell them you thought you heard vibrations in you desk and you are trying to figure out what they are!;)

Not much longer before you can go home and rest. Hang in there, sweetie
You just described a typical day in my life. LOL. :)


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