Ok, sell me on the Swan

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by MickeysMommy, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. MickeysMommy

    MickeysMommy DIS Veteran

    Feb 7, 2003
    We usually stay as CBR - our favorite resort. Ok, so we have *only* stayed at CBR...

    We *might* have a chance to stay at the Swan next time we go - probably August of this year.

    Please sell me on the Swan. (Yes, I've checked out the FAQ thread)
  2. swilphil

    swilphil Feels trapped in a Brady Bunch episode at the Poly

    Jun 7, 2003
    The location is fabulous, especially when you are there in mid-summer. It's so nice to be able to just go back to your room when it is super hot from Epcot and MGM. You can easily walk to both though boat service is also available.

    The heavenly beds are fabulous and the room in general is very nice. It's easy to get around and you get to use everything at the Dolphin, which is just across the walkway. The grotto pool is very cool with a slide and a waterfall thing that you can swim under and get a back massage. The pool area is very large and there are also plenty of lawn chairs. There are also hammocks on the beach. The CMs are extremely helpful. It's literally right next to the Boardwalk. There are lots of great views from the rooms--Epcot, Boardwalk, Beach/Yacht Club, MGM's Tower of Tower--we have had these views from a standard room booked on the teacher's discount.
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  4. Rhonda

    Rhonda <marquee><font color=red>Quote of the Day: <font

    Aug 17, 1999
    Everything that swilphil said! :smooth:

    You will feel so spoiled by your stay at the Swan, that you will never want to go back to the CBR! :rolleyes:
  5. MickeysMommy

    MickeysMommy DIS Veteran

    Feb 7, 2003

    I guess I should preface this by saying my Dad will be in a wheelchair - so I need to know how accessable everything is. How are the pools? Crowded? A quiet one? What about restaurants? Most importantly :p do they have refillable mugs? Etc... Do you get where I am coming from? It would just be me and I'm taking my parents. Dad can walk but not for long distances due to cancer in his back.

    TIA :D
  6. Mainebound

    Mainebound DIS Veteran

    Jul 24, 2002
    We stayed at the Swan in March for 5 nights. We had 2 connecting standard rooms. As everyone has said, it is a very nice hotel. We did not find it crowded at all, not the pool areas or anyhwere, except on the late afternoons/evenings when areas were closed for large convention gatherings near the pools. The convention "feel" of the hotel far outweighed the "leisure/family travel feel" in our experience, but it did not affect the service we received, which was excellent and on a par with WDW deluxes. We would return due to price (teacher discount/starwood points) and location alone.

    However, we traveled with my elderly mother who said if we return to S/D she would rather stay at the Dolphin because that is where you refill your mugs (at Tubbis) and also where Fresh is located (had many delicious meals there), and also where the washer/dryers are, and also closer to the "feature pool". Yes, S and D are across from each other, but they are enormous structures and the walk across is a hike for someone with mobility issues.

    For me and DH it would not be an issue.
  7. Nik's Mom

    Nik's Mom Karl Pilkington is a genius

    Dec 22, 2001
    I only hear good things about Swan/Dolphin. I wanted to stay, but couldn't get a good rate. :guilty:
  8. PamNC

    PamNC DIS Veteran

    Aug 19, 1999
    We tried the Swan for the first time over Thanksgiving. It's very easy to get around...and the transportation is fantastic to Epcot and MGM. There are indeed refillable mugs - we bought one. You get those at Tubbi's at the Dolphin and the good news is Tubbis serves Starbucks coffee. Just think, all the Starbucks you can handle during your stay. We loved the location, the room, the employees were great (can't really call them CMs). Lots of dining options are at the hotel as well as the boardwalk area. I wouldn't call it my favorite resort at Disney, that goes to the Poly, but we would definitely stay there again with a good rate.

  9. klmall

    klmall aka Kathy DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Oct 2, 1999
    As you can see below, we are coming in March for our first stay at the Swan. We couldn't resist the rates for spring break and without anyone under age 50 along it seemed like time to spoil ourselves a bit.

    And isn't the FAQ a bit dated? I also looked at the Fact Sheet on AllEars and got quite a bit of info.

    Last trip down I walked over to the Swan from the "mini-golf" and was impressed with the building overall; hopefully the rooms and service will be the same!

  10. treehugger

    treehugger Níl gach uile fhánaí caillte

    Jun 29, 2003
    We just returned from another amazing stay at the Swan. We cannot say enough great things about this place! Everything from housekeeping to front desk staff to room amenities were first class! (Just a tip, you cannot stuff the heavenly bed into a standard suitcase, LOL!) We were upgraded two categories without even asking! They have great soundproofing, even though the hotel was full I never heard my neighbors. Oh, and their elevators are the fastest I have ever seen! Don't forget about the complimentary turn-down service, all you have to do is ask!

    Pam, the Poly is our favorite also! :D
  11. finnie48

    finnie48 Mouseketeer

    Jan 7, 2003
    Hi MickeysMommy,

    Just thought I'd add that there is a Disney desk at the Swan with great CMs and a hotel concierge desk that will take care of all your needs and desires. This is available to ALL guests of the hotel. We were there this past August and had a wonderful seven day stay. Lobby Court Lounge has excellent coffee.

    The whole Epcot Resort area, including all the hotels, is very friendly to wheelchairs. This is a most magical place to be! Have a wonderful trip.
    There is a quiet pool at both hotels with adjoining snack places plus the 3 acre Grotto pool.

    Peg and Bob
  12. Leota

    Leota DIS Veteran

    May 16, 2000
    We stayed at the Swan last January & fell totally in love with it. Swilphil really said it all very well.

    A note about how Heavenly those Heavenly Beds are..... My 15 year old DS & I were there for a short stay (MLK weekend) Normally, we would be pretty commando on a 3.5 day trip.... But, we loved the beds SO much, that one night we grabbed some takeout from Epcot, came back to our room, ordered some room service sushi from Kimonos & layed in bed eating & watching movies.

    Any resort that is so luxurious & relaxing that it entices both me & my DS out of the Parks on a short trip has got to be extraordinary!
  13. jeancbpugh

    jeancbpugh DIS Veteran

    Nov 17, 2003
    Must mention that there is STARBUCKS coffee and cappuccino at both the Swan and the Dolphin. Reason alone right there. :cheer2:
  14. sugermouse

    sugermouse <b> Would eat all meals at Tepanyaki as long as th

    Mar 24, 2004
    Just returned Saturday from our second stay at the Swan in the past two years. It is an outstanding hotel including the best location on Disney property and outstanding rooms and amenities. :wizard:
  15. Advance The Man

    Advance The Man No to Rack Rates!!!

    Jan 3, 2005
    We stayed at the Dolphin for two nights, three weeks ago and it's great. Our rate was $159 + tax. Whe had paid almost three times that at the Grand Floridian in October/November! I would say the Dolphin room was as nice or nicer than the GF, however the lobby and restaurant were nicer at the GF. The convenience of the monorail was nice at the GF, but the boat ride from Swan/Dolphin to Epcot was about a 15 minute jaunt and the bus ride to WDW was also about 15 minutes (with stops). So not bad at all. They have a good breakfast (no characters). I would stay there again. Also, I think the way the Dolphin is positioned with Epcot, it may have a much better opportunity to see the Epcot firework/laser show.

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