ok I'm leaving the 23rd of this month...getting nervous

Camping Griswalds

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Aug 6, 2000
we're leaving so soon, I've been planning since july. All of a sudden I'm panicking, example... get up at 0615, find the crocket bus, leaves approx 0645 take to transportation center, then hop monorail to EE parks, I believe this works for MK, Epcot and MGM. There is a bus that takes us directly to AK??? Do we get on Crocket first or what. My in-laws are goin with us for their first ever Disney trip, and this is all of our first time camping. Everyone has left all of the planning to me, and I want to do a good job!! Nothing like a little pressure. Plus this is a surprise trip for the 8 and 4 yo.At least our ressies are for 12 nights, but the inlaws are only for 6, so I figure we'll go hard and hit every park while they aare there, and then just cruise through the rest of the vacation. In the beginning I was thinking that 12 nights was alot, now I'm not so sure!!!
CALM DOWN!!!!! You can take the ferry (small boat) from the campground to MK.It is great.Also you can get on the monorail at the MK and it will take you to the TTC where you get off that monorail and you then get on another to go to Epcot.This is good if you get tired of the buses.Also there is a water taxi at Epcot and MGM where you can go from those parks to the other.Animal Kingdom will take a bus or car.
Do not freak out.Twelve days is wonderful.Please take a few days to enjoy the Fort.There is so much to do and enjoy and I would not want you to miss out on the beauty of it all by going nonstop at the parks.If you are hungry for a good pizza,go to Crocketts Tavern.They have good pizza,wings,nachos,milkshakes.Have a great time.

As mentioned, use the boat launch to get to MK. If you go through the TTC on an EE morning, you may need to show your Resort ID's to a CM in order to ride the monorail. They don't allow day guests to ride the monorail to the MK until ~8:30 AM, keeping the gates locked.

6 days will be plenty of time for a great vacation with your extended family. The 12 days will be just wonderful. Relax - it'll be fun. :D If you don't take it easy, you will be so exhausted by the 3rd day that everyone may get irritable.

Choose just a small handful of "must see" attractions at each park. Do those first. Then you'll avoid missing them and you can relax and enjoy the unexpected surprises you find through the day. With a small number of "must sees," you won't get tense if someone wants to stop and do something you hadn't planned. I remember one trip with friends where they *really* enjoyed the character autographs and picture-taking, even first thing in the morning. I added a couple of character meals to our week's schedule and scaled back our "must see" list of attractions. They didn't get to nearly as many attractions but we all had a great trip.

So relax, keep a couple of key priorities and go with the flow. Remember that you may be planning but you are not responsible for anyone's good time. If they don't enjoy themselves, that's more to do with them than with you. So take off the pressure and just set your mind to enjoying whatever you DO do. :) Often, the things that you think will really make the trip are fun but not what you expect. And the things that you each will cherish are not anything you could have planned. Have fun - it's vacation!!! :D :cool: :D
Camping Griswolds, you can use the monorail for epcot and mk but not for ak or mgm, with them you'll have to catch a bus at ttc or drive your car. Remember you'll have free parking. have fun


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